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Governor Hassan’s Education Failure: Common Core

Has anyone noticed that Governor Hassan, in her campaign for U.S. Senate, hasn’t addressed the important issue of Common Core? I suppose if you were running for a seat in the United States Senate, you wouldn’t want to bring up this controversial issue either. Especially since she is the facilitator in New Hampshire and has saddled our public schools with this mess.

As she leaves the corner office in Concord, she leaves a legacy of dumbed down standards for our kids, and continues to ignore parents who want something better.

In this recent article from Utahns Against Common Core, Lt. Governor Spencer Cox addresses the concerns raised by parents in Utah:
“Over the past year, I have listened intently to the growing chorus of concern with regards to the adoption of Common Core standards. While there is clearly a great deal of misinformation being disseminated on both sides of this issue, there are legitimate concerns that I share with those opposed to the Common Core. As I have listened, and researched, it has become clear to me that, although well-intentioned, the conflict, discord and divisiveness associated with these standards is doing more harm than good. Unfortunately, we have lost the focus on what matters most–our students and making sure our teachers have the resources and tools necessary to provide a world-class education. As such, today I announce that I am withdrawing my support for Common Core.”

Has Governor Hassan addressed parents who’ve brought their concerns forward? NO
Has Governor Hassan provided any evidence that Common Core has improved the quality of education in NH since it was adopted in 2010? NO
Has Governor Hassan held a town-hall with parents so she could hear the problems parents have had to face with Common Core? NO

New Hampshire prides itself on local control in education but Governor Hassan doesn’t want to hear from local parents and residents who are having serious issues with this current education fad.

There is a petition that has 1765 signatures on it calling for eliminating Common Core in New Hampshire. That goes ignored by Governor Hassan. Governor Hassan is AWOL on one of her biggest failures: public education.

Parents, teachers and students deserve better than Common Core and we deserve better from Governor Hassan.

Gov. Hassan or Gov. Kasich: What’s the Difference?

This was just reported in by a parent in NH:

Gov. John Kasich​ was in Derry today and was questioned by a home-school mom on Common Core. Gov. Kasich then defended Common Core in Ohio by saying it’s all about local control. He said that the state set the standards and the curriculum was set by local districts.

It is just amazing how these politicians will SPIN (ok let’s face it) LIE about this issue.

Gov. Kasich is a HUGE SUPPORTER of Common Core and we know it. He has fully implemented the federal reforms in the state of Ohio.

This is what Governor Hassan tells parents too. We have local control with Common Core. Does anyone even believe this lie anymore?

This is outrageous and it’s important to NOT be fooled. If you want more proof, visit the Stop Common Core in Ohio face book page and ask those parents directly how much local control they have in their school districts. Here is another one from Ohio you can look at.

Here is the web site: Ohioans Against Common Core
Gov. Kasich needs to admit this HUGE mistake he made instead of rehashing the same talking points as our failed governor.

Gov. Hassan’s Model School Is “Broken”

We’ve reported on parental concerns from the Pittsfield School district. (See the links below) However Governor Hassan has continued to hold Pittsfield up as the model school in New Hampshire based on the numerous federal reforms they’ve put in place.

On July 25th, the Concord Monitor ran a front page article on a student who graduated ill prepared for college or the workplace. Many of us have been warning parents about the federal reforms and the lack of focus on literacy. It comes as no surprise that students and board members are discovering there is a real problem in Pittsfield. We just wonder when the Superintendent and our Governor will wake up.

If you recall, Pittsfield handed control over to the Nellie Mae Foundation. Nellie Mae (think community organizers like ACORN) then came into the school to tell the teachers how to teach. Reporters and parents should file a Right to Know Request if they want to see what the school has to do in order to get Nellie Mae grant money. It should also be noted that all of this funding originates with the Gates Foundation and the Federal Government. In other words, the Feds are running your school in Pittsfield.

So how’s what working out for you?

In spite of the praises from Governor Hassan and the Superintendent who pats himself on the back at public hearings before legislators, it sure looks like the graduates are acknowledging it’s not working well at all.

‘Pushed out’: Pittsfield high school graduate returns to confront school board

Taylor Edwards, graduate from Pittsfield explains:
**“I felt like I could barely read things or understand when people are talking with me, or that I’m supposed to, like, sound smart in front of people, and I hardly can say half the words that I can say, so it’s hard for me.

**“I’m basically here to say that when I was going to high school here, I was basically kind of pushed out in a way. I wasn’t really helped out with my reading in a nutshell, really.”

****As for Nilsson, he said he plans to follow up at the school board’s meeting next month to see what progress has been made.

I think the school system up here is broken, and they’re not into the basics of learning. They’re trying to go above and beyond the basics, and you can’t go anywhere until you have the basics. You need your arithmetic, your reading, your writing,” he said.

Pittsfield Math: Common Core Math (Does it make sense?)

Pittsfield Under Attack From NGOs, Foundations, and PR Firms

Pittsfield, NH Parent Speaks Out Against Common Core

Pittsfield Listens: How to LOWER Academic Achievement in the School

Pittsfield NH School: Success or a BIG FAT LIE

Pittsfield Under Attack By NH Listens

Ayers Aligned Group Working In Pittsfield

NH Listens Coming To a Town Near You

The Radicalization of NH Teachers and Children

Math Education via Common Core in NH Claims More Children As Victims

NH’s Governor Hassan: The Most Anti-Parental Rights Governor?

Governor Hassan and the Business Industry Association (BIA) are fighting against parental rights in New Hampshire

California has a law that specifically states a parent’s right when it comes to excluding their children from the state standardized assessment.

“Not withstanding any other provision of the law, a parent’s or guardian’s
written request to school officials to exclude his or her child from any
or all parts of the assessments administered pursuant to this chapter
shall be granted.” [Section 852 of Title 5 of the California Code of Regulations
further provides that parents or guardians may annually submit a written
request to the school to excuse their child from any or all parts of the
CAASPP for the school year. See 5 C.C.R. §852(c).]

Just last week Governor Hassan VETOED HB603 which would have clarified your right to exclude YOUR children from the state standardized assessment. California is MORE parental rights than Governor Hassan!

Why is HB603 needed when many parents in New Hampshire excluded their children this school year?
Many parents were given false and misleading information from their school administrators when trying to exercise this fundamental right.
Is the Nashua Superintendent Misleading Parents?
What To Do When Your School Administrators Mislead You

Administrators used a technical advisory from the New Hampshire Department of Education that misled many parents into believing they had no right to opt out of the Smarter Balanced Assessment.

For whatever reason, many administrators did not share the technical advisory that indicated that there were no New Hampshire laws preventing parents to exclude their children from this annual assessment.

By signing HB603 into law, there would be no confusion.

Not only is California protecting the rights of parents through state statute, parents are now demanding that their Department of Education INFORM parents that this law is on the books and they have this right to REFUSE.

What has New Hampshire’s Governor done? NOTHING to protect or inform parents of their fundamental rights.

WE continue to ENCOURAGE you to CONTACT the New Hampshire State Representatives and Senators and ask them to OVERRIDE Governor Hassan’s VETO of HB603.


Taken from the California petition and slightly CHANGED to fit NH :
There are probably as many reasons for parents and guardians to opt their children out of these tests as there are children. These include:

1) College-bound children already face a round of tests that determine their child’s college readiness – including, but not limited to, the SATs, the ACTs and various Advanced Placement Exams.

2) This computer-based testing program lacks a proven track record. The secrecy and non-transparency of the tests is a factor here. These tests have not been proven to be fair, reliable, valid and unbiased. There are unanswered questions about cut scores and whether the tests are developmentally appropriate.

3) Children with learning disabilities are being tested on material that is beyond their IEP (Individualized Education Program), whereas parents and guardians of children enrolled in accelerated programs are subjected to tests on material already covered in previous years.

4) Concern about about the privacy and security of the tests. Many object to the fact that private, for profit corporations are data mining their children with few specifics about how these companies can use this information in the marketplace. Others are concerned that the testing companies routinely monitor schoolchildren on their social media to uncover discussions about the tests. These vendors ARE NOT covered by the FERPA law.

5) Children who are sick, emotionally disturbed, suffering from personal or family trauma are already experiencing too much stress. Testing is one more stressor and it is unlikely that the test results will reflect their children’s abilities.

6) Tests have only served to narrow the curriculum — de-emphasizing the so-called ‘non-testable’ subjects that include the arts, PE, vocational studies, foreign languages, recess and other important components of a comprehensive education. Many do not like the fact that these high stakes tests have created an atmosphere of ‘teaching to the test’.

7) Time and money spent on the testing programs which extend beyond the administration of the tests. They see allocations for test prep materials, teacher training programs, tech support, and most significantly, expensive educational technology diverting money from other essential programs.

Governor Hassan Vetoes Pro-Parent Legislation AGAIN!

Governor Hassan is on her way for being the most anti-parental rights Governor we’ve seen in New Hampshire for a long time.

Today Governor Hassan vetoed a parental rights Bill (HB603) which declared that a student exempted from taking the statewide assessment by the student’s parent or legal guardian shall not be penalized. The bill also requires a school district to provide an appropriate alternative educational activity for the time period during which the assessment is administered..

Parents in New Hampshire have already begun refusing to let their children take the seriously flawed Smarter Balanced Assessment. Let’s not forget that it was Governor Hassan’s inept Dept. of Education that signed on to the Smarter Balanced Assessment.

Many parents took time to address the New Hampshire House and Senate Education Committees in support of HB603. It was important that parents had a law they could point to when informing their local school district that their children would not be taking the assessment.

Once again, Governor Hassan ignored those parents and instead VETOED this important legislation.
What were her reasons?

According to her press release she said:
House Bill 603 would create a student opt-out option from the statewide assessment process. This bill would conflict with current state educational accountability laws, undercut one of the tools that educators use to evaluate K-12 student progress, and jeopardize federal funding for New Hampshire schools.

Governor Hassan seems to be using the excuse that the Federal Government MIGHT withhold federal funding for education if we acknowledge parental rights in state statute.

However if she did a little research she would find that this empty threat has been made over and over again.

Will schools lose federal funds if kids don’t take mandated tests? Fact vs threat.

You can boycott standardized tests without fear of federal penalties to your school

So does this mean that we have a Governor willing to sell your children to the Federal Government? Do we have a Governor who refuses to LEAD New Hampshire and would rather cower to these empty threats? Do we have a Governor who refuses to help the many parents who were frustrated by their school administrators who misled them into believing they did not have the right to refuse these tests?

What we are seeing from Governor Hassan is not only a lack of leadership but an unwillingness to stand up for the parents in New Hampshire.

Parents are URGED to write the New Hampshire Senators and Representatives and ask them to OVERRIDE Governor Hassan’s veto of HB603 and SUPPORT the parents in New Hampshire!!


The BIA & Governor Hassan: CHILDREN FOR SALE!

See the attached letter below from the BIA urging Governor Hassan to VETO SB101.
SB101 prohibited the implementation of Common Core in New Hampshire Schools.

The BIA has been engaged in supporting Common Core in New Hampshire for a few years. They have been actively working against parents and teachers in New Hampshire who want better quality standards.

You would think the BIA would be concerned about preparing students for the STEM programs. (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) However we know the Common Core math standards fail to prepare student for STEM programs in college.
Please listen here to the lead writer of the Common Core math standards

So what does the BIA gain from a dumbed down public school system? Well according to this payment, the Gates Foundation paid $1,910,978.00 to the National Chamber of Commerce for their support of Common Core.

The Chamber has been pushing Common Core ever since.

Your children are up for sale in New Hampshire and it’s not a good thing. Ask Governor Hassan why the Business Industry Assoc. is MORE important than parents, teachers and students in NH.

05072015 BIA SB101 Letter-2

Governor Hassan is Killing Math Education in New Hampshire

NH parents. Today Governor Hassan vetoed SB101 which would have prohibited the State Dept. of Ed and Board of Ed from forcing schools to use the Common Core Standards.

Please share this video with parents across New Hampshire and let them know, this is the kind of curriculum the Governor supports in our local schools.

Governor Hassan IS KILLING the Math Education in New Hampshire.
Look here for the State Reps in NEW Hampshire who also voted against SB101 …and against parents in New Hampshire

BREAKING NEWS: Governor Hassan Vetoed SB101

Elections have consequences.
A large number of parents showed up last year and now this year to oppose Common Core in NH. SB101 clarified that schools do not have to adopt the Common Core Standards.

The representatives of the people in the NH House and Senate listened to the people and passed SB101. However here is a list of State Reps. who voted against SB101 in the NH House.
Today, Governor Hassan refused to listen to the mothers and fathers in New Hampshire who want higher and better standards for their children.

Yesterday one of her staffers said that the NH DOE has repeatedly stated that Common Core is optional to districts. The FACT that districts across our state have been told their federal funding is at risk if they don’t adopt Common Core is irrelevant to her. She is against parents and believes in top-down mandates.

Please sign this petition to GET Common Core Out of New Hampshire and when electing a Governor, President or even a school board member, make sure they are committed to fighting for parents.

Governor Baker To Engage Parents; Gov. Hassan No Where To Be Found

Some Governors are showing they want to hear from parents. Governor Hassan does not.

This is a post from the good folks in Mass. who are fighting Common Core. To improve public education parents must get involved. They have to show up to meetings, write letters, make phone calls and fight for their public schools.

Keep calling your legislators and Governor Hassan and let them know that Common Core and the Competency Based Education in our schools are not good for our children!!

Shanon McNamara Dahlstrom
April 21 at 6:44pm

Hello everyone. Please read.

As you may or may not be aware, Gov. Baker requested that the Board of Ed in MA hold 5 public forums on PARCC and Common Core.
This was announced on March 6th and you can find the press release here: http://www.mass.gov/governor/press-office/press-releases/fy2015/paul-sagan-to-chair-board-elementary-and-secondary-educ-.html

“The Governor has asked the new Chair to schedule not fewer than five public hearings around the Commonwealth, starting in June, to solicit public comment from local officials, educators, employers, parents and students, specifically on the implementation of the PARCC tests this spring and the impact of Common Core and PARCC on curriculum and instruction.

DESE finally released the dates and locations here http://www.doe.mass.edu/news/news.aspx?id=17901 but made no mention of common core.

What everyone needs to realize is that we only get one shot at things like this. We have no idea how long or hard the battle might be, but we have finally pushed hard enough to have these hearings. Make no mistake about why there are even going to be public hearings; this was the work of Donna Colorio, Common Core Forum, and so many of you that had been reminding Gov. Baker that we needed to change the direction of things. Do you want PARCC? NO! Then you need to BE THERE! Do you want Common Core? NO! Then you need to BE THERE! This isn’t easy. This isn’t even remotely convenient. But this is what we are being dealt. Do the locations and times suck? Yes, most of them do. Are these hearings being pushed and advertised extensively? No. Only a few school districts have mentioned them. So even though these hearings are a step in the right direction, there are major hurdles to overcome. They are banking on the fact that there will be low turnout. DESE is calling in MBAE and the Renie Center and all of the PARCC fellows to be there and testify. Will you be there to counter them? If there is not a good enough turnout then they will use that as a sword against us. So what are you going to do to help stop the progression of these education reforms?

For me, I will be at every one of these hearings. I will have something to speak at every single one. I will be there to listen to what proponents have to say and I will be there to counter them the next time. I know some of these are far. Some of the times are just awful. And I think this was done purposefully and to be convenient to the Board and DESE, not parents and teachers. So I will be there anyway. I need all of you to find a way to be there too. Trust me. I know it is not always possible. But TRY to do everything in your power to get to as many as you can. Even if you do not want to talk, be there to support those who are talking. I do not know how to stress the importance of people being there!

On another note, I want to say something about MCAS vs PARCC, which will be a focus of the hearings. Personally, I don’t want either option. I am mad that the current No Child Left Behind rewrite still includes testing in every grade. However, I believe to effect change it has to be in steps. I do not think the board or DESE will give any weight to a no testing argument at the moment. Since the only chance of a NCLB change still includes yearly testing, then a test is here to stay. I may not like it, and I will still opt my kids out of those tests and continue to push back against this, but it is the landscape we are in. I will tell them why I object to PARCC and what I would prefer to change in MCAS, but I will attack these reforms in stages. You are allowed to make any other argument that you personally believe in. This is my personal plan of attack and view on what can be done. I say this as a potentially strategy at finding a winning path to removing the erosion of education reform but know we may not all agree. Some might want testing and some might not give an inch in removing all testing. I understand both and ask you to come and speak with your heart, whatever it tells you, but PLEASE be there.

We will post event pages for each date. There will be a link for you to provide your contact info for any date you will attend. We will use that info solely to contact you as a group about strategy, stand out times before the event, and any other info that is useful to share. Never hesitate to contact me or Donna Colorio with any questions or issues.


Here are some powerful videos from NY when they had public “hearings” on Common Core. It was amazing to see so many people in each place speaking against CC and PARCC. We need the same thing. So many people clapping and being there in support of what others said. I don’t plan to be combative but I will be there and taking notes and countering things each time. Fitchburg is a week away…

NH Commissioner Barry Refuses To Meet With Manchester’s School Board

It seems as if Governor Hassan will not have town-hall meetings where parents can discuss their concerns with Common Core. Now her Commissioner of Education, Virginia Barry refuses toVirginia Barry (Refuses to Visit) letter to Manchester School Board 4-8-15 meet with our elected board members in a public meeting.

We want PUBLIC meetings on Common Core. We want our Governor and her appointed Commissioner to attend public meetings where we can voice our opinions. Why are they hiding from parents and now our elected board members?

Call Governor Hassan’s office (603)271-2121:

1) Ask her to sign SB101 which was passed by the NH House and Senate.
2) Ask her to start holding public town-halls so parents can start a dialogue with her on Common Core
3) Ask her to direct Commissioner Barry to meet with our local school board members publicly so parents can attend. Closed door/private meetings with our Superintendents or board members do not offer parents information that they should hear.

Common Core is being thrust on our schools and no one in the Hassan Administration wants to hear from parents. This is unacceptable.

Virginia Barry (Refuses to Visit) letter to Manchester School Board 4-8-15