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Message to Gov. Pence: LEAD Indiana OUT of Common Core & the Rebrand

NH residents take note:
The pressure is on GOV. PENCE from IN. HE is supposed to run for President but activists across the country (and in NH) are criticizing him for REBRANDING Common Core.

The Indiana legislature passed legislation that required the state to enact evidence-based internationally-benchmarked standards – a requirement that precludes the Common Core. However, Governor Pence’s administration instead ignored evidence and the leading experts and engineered a “cut-and-paste” rebrand of the Common Core.

AND from New Hampshire:
Anne Marie Banfield, with Cornerstone Action in New Hampshire, commented on the lack of leadership by Republicans now on education.  “The grassroots in New Hampshire are fully educated and opposed to Common Core. Any governor seeking a presidential nomination had better show that they led their state out of Common Core or anything that mirrors it.”

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Listen to the interview with Ann Marie Banfield from Cornerstone Action in NH.



Politico: Common Core repeal costs Oklahoma its NCLB waiver

GOV. PENCE of IN has been a great Conservative voice in the past. However he’s been a complete failure in IN when it comes to leading IN out of Common Core.

YES, they did repeal Common Core in IN, however they simply did what Gov. Mike Huckabee suggested and REBRANDED Common Core and called it IN state standards.

This is unfortunate because PRIOR to Common Core, IN had some of the BEST standards in the country. What a HUGE disappointment for the parents in that state.

Gov. Pence is supposed to run for President, and if this is what he’s willing to do to FOOL parents, NH residents need to keep this in mind. We don’t want Obama’s Common Core, we want something BETTER.

So what do the TYRANTS at the U.S. DOE do to states who reject Common Core? They pull back their ILLEGAL No Child Left Behind Waiver.

However they didn’t pull IN’s waiver back, they gave them a 1 YEAR extension. This is how KING’s operate, not elected representatives of the PEOPLE.

OK, had their waiver pulled.

Now think if EVERY Governor rejected the ILLEGAL NCLB waivers and told Obama that he can no longer use the ILLEGAL waivers to coerce states. Obama would have to go back to Congress and yes, possibly REPEAL NO Child Left Behind.

Obama wants NO part of repealing the law when he can USE it against Governors.

Where is the LEADERSHIP from Governor Hassan?

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Common Core repeal costs Oklahoma its NCLB waiver


Is Governor Pence (Indiana) Pulling a “Fast One” on Parents?

We will attempt to keep you as informed as possible on how potential Presidential candidates are doing on the issue of Common Core.  Since we’ve heard Gov. Pence is looking at possibly running for President, this information needs to be shared with everyone in New Hampshire.

The new scheme is to fool parents by drafting NEW standards that look like the old Common Core Standards.  DO NOT be fooled.  This is unethical and will not be tolerated by parents who expect better.

Was Board Member Andrea Neal just a “tool” in Governor Pence’s Common Core re-branding scheme?

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A question that continues to be asked throughout Indiana is, at just what point should Hoosier parents have realized that their children are still going to be stuck with Common Core?  When should they have seen the writing on the wall that Governor Pence did not intend to fulfill his promise to deliver “uncommonly high standards” that were written “by Hoosiers, for Hoosiers,” but instead was orchestrating a Common Core rebrand?