We’ve been warning parents about Nellie Mae’s attempt to buy local control from greedy Superintendents. Just this week local control was SOLD to Nellie Mae.


Remember, Nellie Mae is funded by the Annenberg Foundation. (Think modern day ACORN political activists) The Gates Foundation funds Annenberg. This is how the Feds BUY local control in your schools.

Parents do you have a voice when you see the lousy math curriculum come home with your children? NO
Do you have a voice when everything in class is centered on group learning? NO
Do you have a voice when you get new report cards that make no sense? NO

Why? Because in order to receive this BRIBE, your district administrators had to sign a grant application. In that grant application, your teachers will be told they have to use methods that lower academic achievement (Constructivism or Inquiry based learning)

There are all kinds of strings attached to that $100k and that includes removing power from your local school board members. They wont be able to override bad teaching methods because that power was sold to Nellie Mae.

Nellie Mae is the organization that buys federal control of your schools with your tax dollars along with the oligarch: Gates Foundation.

Ask for a copy of the grant application. Look at what the school is required to do for that BRIBE. Do some research into “student centered” learning. Ask for independent STUDIES that show any academic improvement. (Good luck with that)

Nellie Mae already bought off the Pittsfield schools and look how that turned out.

When parents working in the Pittsfield school district refuse to send their children to the school, that should tell you something.

Parents need to hold greedy administrators accountable for selling off local control. Let your school board members know this is unacceptable.