STOP the reauthorization of “No Child Left Behind” / ESEA

We only have a couple of days before the U.S. Congress votes on ESEA!
Rep. Frank Guinta (202) 225-5456
Rep. Annie Kuster (202) 225-5206

What to expect if this passes?
Well the draft bills are telling…..The federal government will dictate how and what your children learn from now on.
You will lose your parental right to guide your child’s learning in public school through a local Board Of Ed.
It will be the dumbing down of America.
It will be the “push out” of traditional teachers, in substitution for Chrome Books and $15/hr digital facilitators. (Remember the curriculum will be aligned to what the Feds want and carried through those digital devices)
It will be constant testing and assessment – either through what we see today or on digital real time platforms.
It will be the massive collection of very private data on your children.
It will be the funneling of children into specific career tracks early in their K12 experience.
Did you move somewhere because the schools were great? Forget the investment – EVERY CHILD gets the exact same education. No innovation will be allowed. This is unpiloted, unknown, and unethical.

Do you believe your school or state is not being effected by ‘common core’ right now? If this passes, it doesn’t matter if you live in a state that says it isn’t common core. It is a federal law that will supercede all others.

Please, please, please call your Congressman/woman today and leave a simple message that you want them to VOTE NO on ESEA – if for no other reason than it is irresponsible to take a bill this enormous with such huge implications to the next generation – and try to slam it through in 48 hours with no oversight.

Thanks all!