Get those refusal letters in ASAP

HERE is a LIST of NH Superintendents: with their contact info.

MAKE SURE YOU GET a reply IN WRITING that they have received your directive and that they will honor it. IF you receive ANY resistance from administrators, this prior post will help you push back.

We found last year that when parents pushed back, their directive was accepted. We had a few that had to hire an attorney to draft a letter. We advise parents go to their local school board meeting and during public comments, let the board members know this is unacceptable. Writing a letter to the editor of the local paper is also advisable if you get any kind of resistance.

Additional info:
Some schools may elect to use the SAT which will be COMMON CORE ALIGNED in 2016. You can also REFUSE the SAT for your children. Many schools no longer require the SAT as part of their admissions process.
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