It seems as if Governor Hassan will not have town-hall meetings where parents can discuss their concerns with Common Core. Now her Commissioner of Education, Virginia Barry refuses toVirginia Barry (Refuses to Visit) letter to Manchester School Board 4-8-15 meet with our elected board members in a public meeting.

We want PUBLIC meetings on Common Core. We want our Governor and her appointed Commissioner to attend public meetings where we can voice our opinions. Why are they hiding from parents and now our elected board members?

Call Governor Hassan’s office (603)271-2121:

1) Ask her to sign SB101 which was passed by the NH House and Senate.
2) Ask her to start holding public town-halls so parents can start a dialogue with her on Common Core
3) Ask her to direct Commissioner Barry to meet with our local school board members publicly so parents can attend. Closed door/private meetings with our Superintendents or board members do not offer parents information that they should hear.

Common Core is being thrust on our schools and no one in the Hassan Administration wants to hear from parents. This is unacceptable.

Virginia Barry (Refuses to Visit) letter to Manchester School Board 4-8-15