Public Schools Have Become Tool for Fascism

The total corruption of our educational system seeks to fundamentally change our lives and our government. Thomas More College has a resource worth looking into.

Beware the Facilitators

Coming soon to Laconia will be PR firm NH Listens-trained facilitators who will help “steer” your discussions during sessions intended to consider YOUR concerns and wishes for their public school system. “LACONIA — The Strategic Planning Committee of...

Girard at Large Calls out Bill Duncan

Rich comments on Common Core advocate and State School Board member Bill Duncan’s comments about opponents of Common Core. Girard at Large [Audio File]

When Will Conservative Parents Stop The Madness of Common Core?

This video wastes no time getting at the details of Common Core and the general atmosphere and intent of education today where our students are being used as political mules. The speaker connects NGOs who control our government and compares it to what is happening in...

Ayers-Aligned Group Working in Pittsfield and Manchester

Residents of Manchester NH and Pittsfield NH… Have you ever questioned why your town or city has allowed the William Ayers-aligned group Annenberg to infiltrate your schools? They once awarded Ayers and Obama a $49M grant to improve Chicago’s schools — how...