Consider that you are being ruled over by unelected, appointed cronies of whatever party is in power at the time. Those individuals may not even be qualified for the dubious positions may they hold.

In particular we are referring to current SSB Chair Tom Raffio, who claims he knows of NO bias in the public schools (yes he put that in writing), and John Lyons, former SSB Chair who admitted when appointed he knew nothing about the job but would ‘learn’.

What would happen if a conservative program were suggested to be installed as a permanent part of the public school curriculum? Perhaps the teaching of the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the proper role of each in America should be included as well as the promotion of the UDHR, a document that proposes a policy that is in direct conflict with our Bill of Rights, and other UN efforts to overtake US sovereignty?

“New Hampshire is the right size to be an incubator for all these new programs” Lyons stated.

We beg to differ. We think that not only is it wrong to force children to be part of a political campaign, but it is illegal to do it with taxpayer monies.

Please read more from this 2010 article from the Coalition of NH Taxpayers which reveals what John Lyons wanted to do to your children.

UN Political Agenda Proposed for Public Schools