School Superintendent Bolgen Vargas is now backtracking from a shocking email wherein a high level school official asked principals to find out which teachers were using their classrooms as ‘political soapboxes’ in instructing them and their parents about their right to opt out of testing.

He said: “I have heard from parents that a small number of teachers may have gone further, using class time or school resources to recruit students and parents to refuse the test. This would violate education law and is something the District would be required to address. I know that many of you may have seen an email from a member of my team about this topic. If that email was interpreted as intimidating or offensive in any way, I apologize. Rest assured that no actions will be taken against any teacher or administrator engaged in the difficult work of educating our children simply because they expressed their views.”

But as many of us know first hand, DON’T COUNT ON THAT BEING TRUE. Even in the 1990s teachers were tracked, spied on, and put on ‘teams’ to monitor their behavior, even while being forced to promote the UN political agenda via the curriculum. Teachers who did not follow the party line were forced to leave or outright terminated.

The offending email read thusly:

“Chief of Schools Beverly Burrell-Moore sent the email Monday afternoon to principals she supervises. The email asks them to share names of teachers who have encouraged parents to refuse to allow their children to take state exams.

Per your building, please identify teachers who have sent letters or made phone calls to parents encouraging them to opt out their children from the NYS Assessments. Also, identify teachers who you have evidence as utilizing their classrooms as ‘political soap boxes.’ I need this updated information no later than Tuesday morning for follow-up,” the email states.”

As anyone who reads this blog or the blog knows, our schools have been hotbeds of socialistic indoctrination for decades, requiring teachers to use their classrooms as ‘political soapboxes’ and teach the party line or be tossed out as ‘ineffective’. They have for years blatantly violated education law by instituting International Baccalaureate which suggests our government is not sovereign, and mandating Common Core and the tests that go with it, which is illegal for the federal government to do.

Now teachers are openly being targeted for letting parents know what their rights are concerning testing.

As we see here, this injustice began in the university system, and has now trickled down into the lower grades.

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