A parent once contacted the SCCNH blog because that parent was upset that it was revealed on this website an email that showed their child taking part in school curriculum, all of which is subject to public knowledge. The trouble here was, this curriculum was forcing the children to take a political stand and do activism surrounding it. The instance demonstrated what we have been saying for so long; that schools use children as political mules. Apparently this parent approved of their child being used in such a manner.

Such parents are hypocritical when they complain about something that is by law public knowledge but then allow so much data gathering by the schools, data which is then shared with government and commercial interests. The mere act of sending their children to public schools is abusive.

“Special Education Department publishes list grading parents on ‘cooperativeness’

TEWKSBURY- Tewksbury Public Schools face angry parental backlash following the release of private student information online last week. A document included in a 222-page School Committee packet remained online for the better part of a week, before being taken down Monday.

Awareness of the data, which details private information for the out of district placements of 83 students and rates their parents according to their “cooperativeness” with the district, raised outrage on social media over the weekend.

In December the district blamed a projected $2 million shortfall for FY2016 on ‘skyrocketing’ out of district costs, and said that it could not implement a proposed free full-day kindergarten program as a result. That action generated distrust and backlash by the special education community, and this most recent release of data has parents ready to file complaints at the state and federal levels.”

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