This was reported to us as having happened to a teacher from NH as far back as the late 1990s.

The situation is not getting better. It’s very Orwellian and as if we live in a country where we must conform to government political bias or not have a job. If you speak out against bad education policies you will be punished and even fired, and someone who drinks the Koolaid hired in your place.

Our NH teacher reports that she was even followed and ‘spied’ upon day in and day out, with every little move marked in a folder, INCLUDING the fact that one day when she was very busy, she DARED to eat lunch at her desk for 20 minutes instead of eating in the teachers room with the rest of the teachers.

Can you imagine being called into the principal’s office and questioned for that? They didn’t even want her to deviate from the group on her own free time. Sounds like the gulag to us.

It’s as if we now live in Cuba, North Korea, or Communist China…

Deborah Vailes has been teaching junior high in Louisiana’s Rapides Parish School District for the past twelve years. She is passionate about helping special needs children become better readers. Little did she know that an early morning post critical of the Common Core Curriculum on her personal Facebook page would lead to disciplinary action, suppression of her right to free speech, retaliation from school officials, and possible loss of her job.

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