We hope Governor Hassan and Commissioner Barry will issue a STRONG stance against the bullying of any teachers in New Hampshire who publicly speak out on the problems they are seeing with Common Core.

We’ve had some courageous teachers in New Hampshire speak out against Common Core and it is necessary to support these teachers. Parents need to hold their school administrators accountable if there is any kind of bullying against these courageous teachers.  You can do that by going directly to your local school board if you are aware of any bullying against teachers.  Writing letters to the editor of you local papers and contacting you local elected officials can also be helpful.

We need to stand together to support the teachers who are willing to share the information that puts our children in a harmful situation.


Arizona teacher says Common Core views led to retaliation

Published December 03, 2014

PHOENIX –  A Tucson teacher who says he suffered retaliation from state Department of Education staffers because his opposed Arizona’s new Common Core standards is suing the state.

The lawsuit filed by the Goldwater Institute in Maricopa County Superior Court Tuesday seeks to have teacher Brad McQueen reinstated to state testing committees and notes placed in his state file removed.

The suit says McQueen was removed from his committee roles earlier this year after he spoke out against Common Core and its accompanying tests in a newspaper story. Goldwater attorney Kurt Altman says the removal and notes placed in his file violate McQueen’s free speech rights.