Grand Jury Charges against Gov./ Superintendents, etc. over Common Core implementation

Will NH be next?
School Board Members, BE CAREFUL.

The People’s Grand Jury Under Common Law in Dixie County FL Files Two True Bill Presentments Charging Government Officials of Bribery, Jury Tampering and Obstruction of Justice

Bribery in relation to the implementation of Common Core

A True Bill Presentment was issued with charges of Bribery in relation to the implementation of Common Core. The document names the following involved in the criminal activity:

Superintendent of Schools for Dixie County, Mark Rains
Dixie County School Board:
- Timothy Alexander
- Cheryl Pridgen
- Chuck Farmer
- Paul Gainey
- Dwayne Rollinson
Former Governor Charlie Crist
Governor Rick Scott
Pam Stewart, Florida Department of Education
Bill and Melinda Gates and their Foundations
Pearson (book publishing)
General Electric Corporation

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