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The Election Results Are In…..It’s NOT Good For Common Core

Rich Girard won a seat on the Manchester School board along with Lisa Freeman. Both are new to the board and outspoken critics of Common Core. They support parental rights and will challenge the status quo.
Parents in Manchester need to stay informed and keep speaking up!!

Doris Hohensee and Howard Coffman both won seats on the Nashua School board too. Doris has been a vocal activist fighting the Common Core reforms and supporting parental rights in NH. Coffman and Hohensee are new to the board and that is GREAT news for the students and parents in Nashua.

While many parents have pulled their kids out of the public schools over Common Core, we continue to encourage them to stay in the game. Keep fighting for a better education for all kids in your district and throughout New Hampshire.

Congratulations to these newest board members and those who were re-elected with the intention to serve the children INSTEAD OF THE BUREAUCRACY!!!!!


IMPORTANT election coming up on November 3rd.
We have compiled a list of School Board candidates to VOTE for! (SEE BELOW)

Richard Girard has done more to educate the public on the problems with Common Core and support parental rights. He is a leader in the community on this issue and is running for the “At-Large” seat.
PLEASE visit his web site and VOTE for Girard.
(see: http://www.girardatlarge.com/girard-for-manchester-school-board-at-large/)
Please share this information with your friends, neighbors or anyone
else who lives in Manchester.
Richard Girard – at large
JoeLaChance – at large
DebLangton – Ward 2
Ben Gamache – Ward 3
Mark Flanders – Ward 4
LisaFreeman – Ward 5
Larraine Lencki – Ward 6
RossTerrio – Ward 7
JimmyLehoux – Ward 8
Christine Duffley – Ward 12

Note: These are contested races