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Why the NH DOE Commissioner Barry Needs To Be Censured

Why The NH DOE Commissioner Virginia Barry Needs To Be Censured
by John Lyscars

To David, John, Gregory, Bill, David, House Education, Emma, Molly, Virginia, Gary, Kevin, Helen, Tom, Cindy, Nancy…

Good Morning Senator Boutin,

I have copied the state legislators who have a keen interest in the future of NH education of our children and am hopeful that you and other Senators and Representatives can reign in some of the unelected positions within the NH Department of Education. Please let me explain.

Last night, at a Hooksett School Board meeting, I made the following motion, and while making the motion I clearly stated that the motion did not put the Superintendent or School District in any path of violating the law.

Motion: “Upon a parent or guardian submitting a notification to the Hooksett School District to refuse their child participate in the Smarter Balanced Assessment Test, the Hooksett School District is responsible for bringing that child to an alternate location with supervision for the duration of the testing period. Furthermore, no penalties will be assessed to children who do not participate in the Smarter Balanced Assessment Test.”

Unfortunately, the Superintendent had included in his updates the following Technical Service Advisory from Commissioner Barry…


…which included scare tactics to be employed against the parents and elected school board members, and because of this, the motion was defeated, with most of the arguments stating that the Board did not want to put the district or the Superintendent in a position of violating the law.

As a life long citizen of New Hampshire, USAF Veteran and elected Hooksett School Board member, I am calling on those in the Senate and House who value the protection of children and parents ultimate rights to refuse the Smarter Balanced Assessment Tests for their child to formally censure Commissioner Virginia Barry and any other officials who are not elected by New Hampshire constituents, and who participate in these types of tactics, to remind them that irresponsible and heavy handed statements carry a great deal of weight down here close to the children and parents, and that irresponsible scare tactics will not be tolerated by our elected legislative body.

Respectfully Submitted,
John Lyscars
Founder – H.E.L.P. – Higher Education Lifts People

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”
~Martin Luther King Jr.

RALLY for PARENTAL RIGHTS in New Hampshire


Let’s meet in the LOBBY of the Legislative Office Building at 9:00 AM on Thursday, March 5th, 2015.

NH Commissioner of Education Virginia Barry is using Technical Advisories to intimidate parents. Barry believes her directives SUPERSEDE a parent’s fundamental RIGHT to direct the education of his child.

House Education Committee votes on House Bill 603, protecting a parent’s right to REFUSE to allow their child take the Smarter Balanced Assessments without penalty, at 9:45 AM March 5, 2015 in the Legislative Office Building, Room 207.

Please email the House Education Committee: HouseEducationCommittee@leg.state.nh.us
Tell them to PASS HB 603 to respect parents right to REFUSE.

Why should parents be forced to allow their children take an assessment that is SHROUDED in SECRECY? Parents should be able to REVIEW and INSPECT copies of previous assessments from 2013 or 2014. Yet parents are not allowed to do so.

Many are concerned about the dispositional questions, measuring student values, attitudes and beliefs, that are on the Smarter Balanced Assessments.

Others have PRIVACY concerns with the U.S. Department of Education receiving “student level” information from these assessments.

Regardless of the reason, parents have the RIGHT to REFUSE!

CALL TO ACTION on NH Senate Bills SB81 & SB82

To NH Parents, Taxpayers & School board members:
SB81 and SB82 restore local control and reign in the over-reach we are seeing from the Commissioner and the NH Board of Education members.  (note: all are POLITICAL APPOINTMENTS and are NOT elected)

It’s important for school board members to CONTACT the NH SBA and make sure they are at the hearings next week to offer testimony supporting both bills.  Remember WE pay the salaries of the NH School Boards Administration through our taxes that go into the School Budget and is paid through dues.  (Check your school budget for a line item of Dues paid to the New Hampshire School Boards Association)

SB81 essentially allows the NH BOE to make rules AFTER the people have spoken through their legislators. ie…instead of the BOE taking what the NH DOE hands them from the US DOE and implements RULES, instead they will have to listen to the PEOPLE.
That’s a simple one if you go and look at Ed.306 (over 90 pages of RULES) that came from the NH Board of Ed last year. Within that 90 pages plus you can clearly see the Obama Ed agenda now put into rules schools must follow.

It’s important that EVERYONE again, supports this legislation and request the NHSBA to also support it.

SB82 is similar. It reigns in the APPOINTED Commissioner of Ed. She is NOT ELECTED and her power is limited in Statute. She does NOT speak for the people and should not be acting as if she guides the Superintendents. WE hire them through our ELECTED local board members and WE PAY THEIR SALARIES.

Private meetings with Superintendents where NO notes are taken and nothing is public violates the public trust and is an over-reach.

It’s important that EVERYONE contact the Senate Ed Members and request that the NHSBA do the same.

Contact the Senate Education Committee :  john.reagan111@gmail.comnancy.stiles@leg.state.nh.usmolly.kelly@leg.state.nh.usdavid.watters@leg.state.nh.us, Kevin.Avard@.leg.state.nh.us