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NH Commissioner Barry Finally Agrees To Meet With The Manchester School Board

Finally Commissioner Barry has decided to meet with the Manchester School Board next Monday night, reversing her previous opposition to PUBLIC meetings. NH BoE Chairman (and lobbyist) Tom Raffio will join the Commissioner, since she didn’t want to meet alone with Mayor Gatsas.

Let’s make the Commissioner accountable to the people. Let’s have an open discussion on her new Waiver proposals.

How is that going to affect Manchester students and the rest of the state?

SAU 47 Jaffrey / Rindge Cooperative School District: Here Comes A Survey

The NH DoE continues to push schools to administer non-academic surveys to your children.
This survey will be given May 6th – It is the Youth Risk Behavior Survey and it is given every two years.

Below is the letter that was mailed to parents this week which explains the survey and provides the parental opt out form.
The survey was not provided to parents but we’ve included a link to the survey so parents can see what will be asked of their children.

If you Google “YRBS NH” you will get all kinds of information regarding the survey.

Non-academic survey

Students have been known to add their name/unique pupil identifier number to these surveys.

The information gathered can identify the child taking the survey.

NO information is given on where all of this data will go or how long it’s stored.

NO information is given on the programs that will come from this survey and whether the programs are effective. ie…where’s the PROOF that programs from the CDC are effective at reducing risky behavior? Often times they are not effective at all.

How Long Has This Been Going On?

Elementary School Children Forced to Yell Vulgarities at a Life-Size Paper Man, While Ripping Him to Shreds––in the Classroom

April 16, 2015
Keith A Katsikas Jr.

New information has been found that corroborates the claims in this article. See new link at the bottom of this article.

The details of what happened to the young children of Hallsville Elementary School (275 Jewett Street, Manchester, NH) on April 15, 2015, has some parents shocked to the point of taking their children out of the public school system completely, and left the Assistant Principal Ms Auger, cold with dread and a sincere disbelief that this could happen in her school.

When confronted by the parents of one of the students involved, the teacher of said student, Mr Ryder, confirmed that the events did happen exactly as the student claimed and that he could not stop it since the Principal of the school, Ms Christi Michaud, had ordered it to happen, making it something that he had no choice but to go along with. Ryder claims it was completely out of his control, though he had a smug look on his face and smiled a lot while he told the story.

According to students, and confirmed by at least one teacher, these are the events that took place in Mr Ryder’s 4th grade classroom on April 15, 2015, at approximately 12:30 pm:

It was right after lunch. The children were settling into the seats, preparing for the rest of the school day activities, when a stranger enters the room. The students have never met or seen this women before, but the teacher welcomed her in. Her name was Laurie Evens, and she was from Webster Guidance. Her purpose was to teach a lesson on bullying. The woman proceeded to setup her display: a life-size paper man that she taped to the wall, a small blue basket, and a handful of paper clippings.

The woman passed out the small pieces of paper to the class and told the young children that they had to write down a swear word (or phrase). It had to be a swear and it had to be something that someone has said to them in the past. She then collected the pieces of paper from the students into her blue basket and mixed them up.

“Now, I’m going to pick one of you, and when I pick you, you will have to come take a slip of paper from the basket.” She told the children that they had to read whatever was written on the paper out loud, so the entire class could hear. “Say it like you mean it,” she declared. The children had to yell the vulgarities at the life-size paper man. The woman then instructed the children to rip a piece of the paper man off: like his hand, his finger, an ear, etc… She then proceeded to demonstrate by pulling a piece of paper out of the basket, shouted the phrase at the paper man, and ripped off one of his fingers. She then turned to the class and picked the first child to get up to do the same.

Many of the children protested, saying that they did not want to read the swears (such as “F#@K YOU!”, “You Gay Whore!”, and “You F@#KER!”) out loud. But they were told that they had to do it. The only option those kids were given was to pick a different paper, but they had to do it. They were not given the option to just sit down and not participate.

After all of the children had yelled vulgarities at the paper man and had ripped the man to pieces (only his head was left stuck to the wall), the woman then told the children that they had to go back up, in the same order that they went to swear at the paper man, and tape the pieces they had ripped off back on and then apologize for what they had said. When the children had finished taping the paper man back together, it looked a mess (as one might expect). It wasn’t even recognizable.

The moral of the story, according to the stranger that visited the class that day, was that when you swear at someone, that person can never be put back together again.

The stranger left the class, leaving the frankenstein’s monster of a paper man taped to the wall for the children to look at the rest of the day.

The 4th grade teacher, Mr Ryder, was very pleased with the lesson and expressed is pleasure to his young impressionable students before moving on to another lesson.

“I think the thing that upsets me the most,” one parent explains, “is that we were not told ahead of time that this type of lesson was going to be taught to our kids. I would have kept my son home that day.”

A grassroots parents movement to have the Principal, Ms Christi Michaud, fired from her position at Hallsville Elementary School (or at least stiffly reprimanded) has begun in full force and a petition that will be sent to the Superintendent of Schools for Manchester, NH has been started and can be found and signed at:

An eyeopening website was just discovered by the family that appears to back up the claims made in this article.

NH Parents: Your “Parental RIGHTS” Are Under Assault Again

Parents your voices were silenced in the Senate Education Committee yesterday but you have one more opportunity to change that.

HB206 required school districts to adopt a policy regarding student participation in non-academic surveys or questionnaires. The original Bill required districts to obtain written consent from parents before they could survey your children on personal information including sexuality, drugs, alcohol, etc.

Parents from across the state wrote the committees and testified in support of this important legislation. Rep. Terry Wolf-R from Bedford watered down the language by removing written parental consent through an amendment in the House.

The watered down version passed the House and moved to the Senate Education Committee where more parents came out to support HB206 but demanded that written consent be added back.

We are sorry to report that in the Senate Education Committee, the entire Bill has been amended to a “study committee.” A study committee is where legislation goes to die.

We encourage you to scroll through one of the invasive surveys that was recently given to students in Bedford.

The State does not have the right to walk into your home and gather information on your family without your consent. Why do they think they have the right to gather information on your family through your children without your consent?

There is still an opportunity to overturn this decision. Write your Senator and then send a copy to all of the senators ( asking them to vote NO on the Study Committee Amendment and support an amendment that restores written consent to the original Bill.

Tell them it is their duty to uphold parental rights in New Hampshire.

Talking points:
1) VOTE NO on the AMENDMENT to send HB206 to a study Committee
2) Introduce and SUPPORT a floor Amendment that adds written consent to HB206
3) Vote to support HB206 with a floor Amendment that restores written consent
4) Their duty is to uphold our parental rights NOT undermine them

Parental RIGHTS Under Attack By Nashua Teacher

A Nashua teacher wants to undermine PARENTAL RIGHTS and eliminate the OPT OUT of objectionable materials in public school law. She’s working with the AFT union to ELIMINATE a law which protects parental rights.

Ultimately, these decisions should come from the parents. We’ve seen enough examples where teachers and schools exchange real science instruction for political indoctrination.

We encourage parents to engage their school administrators and teachers in an honest discussion on all subject material, however the decision still needs to be made by the parents.

In this case, the student remained in the class but the teacher still wants to remove the rights of the parents to be the one who makes this decision. That’s WRONG.

RSA 186-11 IX-c. Requires school districts to adopt a policy allowing an exception to specific course material based on a parent’s or legal guardian’s determination that the MATERIAL is OBJECTIONABLE. Such policy shall include a provision requiring the parent or legal guardian to notify the school principal or designee in writing of the specific material to which they object and a provision requiring an alternative agreed upon by the school district and the parent, at the parent’s expense, sufficient to enable the child to meet state requirements for education in the particular subject area. The name of the parent or legal guardian and ANY SPECIFIC REASONS disclosed to school officials for the objection to the material SHALL NOT BE PUBLIC INFORMATION and shall be excluded from access under RSA 91-A.

Maybe it’s time for a PARENTS UNION? Please reach out Ms. Miller and tell her parents rights trump hers.

Focus on evolution, climate change earn Nashua teacher adventure trip through Grand Canyon


Staff Writer

NASHUA – A focus on teaching evolution helped a Nashua High School North science teacher win one of two scholarships in the country for an eight-day rafting trip through the Grand Canyon.

Alyson Miller was awarded the scholarship by the National Center for Science Education along with a teacher in Fresno, Calif.

Miller said she was motivated last year after she had a student whose parents wanted her to opt out of learning about evolution in a high school biology class.

“Taking out evolution is like taking the tree trunk out of a tree,” Miller said. “You’re just left with a pile of leaves.”

Although the student ultimately didn’t leave her class, the policy allowing parents to opt students out of lessons they deem objectionable is state law: Chapter 186:11 IX-C.

“I couldn’t believe this law existed,” said Miller, who said she started looking into the law. She said although it appeared to be prompted by parental objection to sex education in health class, the language allows it to be applied to any course material if parents consider it objectionable.

This year, Miller secured the American Federation of Teacher-Leader grant designed to help teachers make policy changes and began working on finding a way to repeal the law. She’s working with an AFT lawyer to explore how to amend the law now.

“I’m looking to see if the policy has been used, how many times and if it’s been used in a science classroom,” she said.

Miller connected with the NCSE while researching the opt-out policy.

“The National Center for Science Education is kind of a ‘go to’ place for science leaders when you have a question on evolution or climate change,” Miller said. “They were so helpful. They sent back a whole lot of information.”

Miller noticed a posting for the Grand Canyon scholarship.

“I thought that would be really motivating, and a win-win. If I didn’t win the trip, I’d have a lesson plan really finely tuned,” she said, referring to the lesson plan she developed for the application.

Miller has been brushing up on geology in preparation for the trip, although she said experiencing science through nature is the best lesson.

“I’m thrilled to be learning about it,” she said. “I just really would like to bring back to my students something interesting.”

Read the rest of the article by clicking here

The RADICALIZATION of New Hampshire Teachers and Children

We’ve been warning about the Obama redesign in public education taking place in our New Hampshire Schools. There is a fundamental shift from public schools focused on literacy through a liberal arts education, to a workforce development model. This model has been the goal of Marc Tucker since he wrote his letter to Hillary Clinton.

This is the dumbing down of public education from one that focused on educating the child so they would be able go in a direction of their choosing, to training human capital for the workforce.

This has been a goal for many years and certainly started with prior reforms that were put in place by the U.S. Department of Education.

It’s important to remember, these education reforms do NOT focus on literacy. That is why it’s important to know who is involved and what they are doing in our New Hampshire Schools.

We’ve called attention to the Nellie Mae Grants that are coming into schools like Pittsfield.

Organizations like Annenberg, funded in part by the Gates Foundation, come into our schools to help radicalize students and teachers. They offer grant money through the Nellie Mae Foundation to greedy Superintendents who care more about money than they do your children.

If you are a parent in Pittsfield, here’s a suggestion. Send a “Right to Know” request to your Superintendent and ask him for ALL of the paperwork they had to submit to receive grant money from Nellie Mae. Then look at what your school has to do in order to get that money.

Are the parents calling the shots? NO. Parents are not asking for the teaching methods Nellie Mae requires. Are the school board members calling the shots? NO.

Keith Catone came into the Pittsfield Schools and the Manchester Public Schools but we wonder how many parents know how he wants to radicalize your teachers and children. Annenberg and Catone do not promote reading the classics, mastering math facts, etc. Instead they want to push radical political agendas.

Screen Shot 2015-04-06 at 6.53.45 PM

Catone who came out to speak to the parents in Pittsfield a while ago, failed to mention his personal goal of radicalizing teachers and students. He didn’t mention how Annenberg focuses on political agendas like “equity and social justice” versus LITERACY.

In the abstract it says:
Drawing from a larger portraiture study of four teacher activists connected to a grassroots teacher organization called the New York Collective of Radical Educators (NYCoRE), this paper sheds light upon teacher activism by primarily addressing the following question: How do teacher activists understand and explain the development of their approaches to teaching and activism? In becoming teacher activists, each of the participants in this study experiences sharp moments of apprehension about her reality and her ability to change it. From these moments, they derive their own purpose for what they do as teacher activists. Their identities as teacher activists are deeply autobiographical, drawing upon their pasts to give shape to their purpose in the present.

Is this what the NH DoE wants for our public schools? After all, the NH DoE is accepting Nellie Mae grants too.

Let’s look at this organization called New York Collective of Radical Educators (NYCoRE) Do you think that maybe they care about your child’s academic education? We WISH.

No they are a radical political organization focused on radical political agendas through curriculum development in YOUR schools.

When Manchester or Pittsfield invites Annenberg radicals to work closely with the administration or teachers, parents take note. Their focus is not on making sure your kids are reading at grade level or mastering math facts.

No, this is what they want your school to focus on:
Screen Shot 2015-04-06 at 7.05.18 PM

Screen Shot 2015-04-06 at 7.06.12 PM

Screen Shot 2015-04-06 at 7.07.05 PM

Screen Shot 2015-04-06 at 7.08.31 PM

All of this can be found by going directly to their web site.

The radicalization of students in the New Hampshire public schools is coming directly from Annenberg (think ACORN) and through the NH Dept. of Ed.

It is the Governor who sets the agenda for public education in this state. It is Governor Hassan’s department of education that continues to facilitate the dumbing down of our public schools.

If parents want their schools to go back to focusing on the basics and return to math that is logical and makes sense, then it’s up to them to speak up.

Governor Hassan is failing the students in New Hampshire and until parents demand better, the focus will be on dumbed down workforce training and radical political indoctrination.

What can you do to stop the radicalization and dumbing down in New Hampshire Schools?

1) Call Governor Hassan and tell her to STOP Common Core & STOP the Obama redesign workforce model through Competency Based ed: (603)271-2121

2) Tell your local NH State Representatives and Senator to STOP all of this in our schools and stop using our children as political pawns

3) Work to elect local board members, and other political legislators committed to literacy and academic excellence in our schools.

4) Keep this issue in front of presidential candidates as they visit New Hampshire. Ask them if they support or oppose Common Core in our Schools.

5) File “Right to Know” requests and look at the grant money flowing into your school.

6) Attend local school board meetings and demand better quality academic standards for your school.


Schools release private student data

A parent once contacted the SCCNH blog because that parent was upset that it was revealed on this website an email that showed their child taking part in school curriculum, all of which is subject to public knowledge. The trouble here was, this curriculum was forcing the children to take a political stand and do activism surrounding it. The instance demonstrated what we have been saying for so long; that schools use children as political mules. Apparently this parent approved of their child being used in such a manner.

Such parents are hypocritical when they complain about something that is by law public knowledge but then allow so much data gathering by the schools, data which is then shared with government and commercial interests. The mere act of sending their children to public schools is abusive.

“Special Education Department publishes list grading parents on ‘cooperativeness’

TEWKSBURY- Tewksbury Public Schools face angry parental backlash following the release of private student information online last week. A document included in a 222-page School Committee packet remained online for the better part of a week, before being taken down Monday.

Awareness of the data, which details private information for the out of district placements of 83 students and rates their parents according to their “cooperativeness” with the district, raised outrage on social media over the weekend.

In December the district blamed a projected $2 million shortfall for FY2016 on ‘skyrocketing’ out of district costs, and said that it could not implement a proposed free full-day kindergarten program as a result. That action generated distrust and backlash by the special education community, and this most recent release of data has parents ready to file complaints at the state and federal levels.”

Read more…