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Editorial: Common Core: Unethically Sets Up Teachers & Students To Fail

Our kids aren’t getting dumber. It’s the unrealistic expectations of the Common Core that are the problem.

Editorial in Baltimore Sun about Common Core being developmentally inappropriate.
The Common Core can’t speed up child development

“Demanding that children be taught to developmentally inappropriate standards for language and math comprehension is not a harmless experiment. This exercise in futility wastes the time of teachers and students and unethically sets all of them up to fail. It exacerbates the very problems that the new curriculum is supposed to fix. It leaves boys, whose verbal development for biological reasons already lags behind girls, even further behind and will accelerate the trend of fewer boys going on to college. Even today boys only make up about 40 percent of college students nationwide and their numbers will continue to dwindle.

“The new curriculum standards and testing regimens are motivated by a well-intentioned desire to close achievements gaps that exist between the various socio-economic and ethnic and racial groups. There is a belief that by demanding that all children meet a set of rigid and arbitrarily high academic standards, achievement gaps can be closed and economic opportunities increased for all. The apparent reasoning is that if all children receive the same education and are held to the same academic standards, then all children will have equal opportunity to succeed as adults.”

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Why The Common Core Is Psychologically and Cognitively Unsound

Perfectly Incorrect: Why The Common Core Is Psychologically And Cognitively Unsound

We just stumbled upon a book that caught our attention. It looks like this might be a good book to send to your local Superintendent after you’ve read it.

In fact, it might be a good idea to take it to the School Board and present the book to the Superintendent and then ask them all to read it. Then follow up later with some questions and ask for evidence, data, facts to back up the claim that Common Core is good for your kids.

For instance in the summary on Amazon it says this:
Then, in Chapter 4, the author again demonstrates his research skills when he lays bare much of the deeply flawed pedagogy of the Common Core. For example, one of the trendiest of trends in contemporary education is “collaborative learning.” The problem, however, is that all available research strongly suggests that collaborative learning only works if everyone at the table is an expert to begin with. Otherwise, students end up exchanging ignorance and/or a disproportionate percentage of students end up doing the heavy lifting for the task at hand.

Collaboration is a big fad in the schools right now and much of that comes from the Competency Based ed element in the Obama Redesign. As you can see, we’ve been trying to raise awareness and problems with pushing this kind of pedagogy (teaching method) in the public schools.

Some of this comes from the what was addressed above but some can also come into your school from grant foundations like Nellie Mae.

Nellie Mae and the other progressive education reformers continue to push pedagogical fads that have been around for years. When’s the last time they ever produced independent studies that show any of this improves academic achievement? Good luck finding that.

Complaints we’ve heard from parents:
1) My child ends up teaching their peers, can’t they collect the teacher’s salary?
2) Group learning or group think?
3) So much for rugged individualism in this class
4) Collaboration or collectivism?
5) My child says he’s learning nothing
6) There’s a lot of socialization but little learning going on

Teachers should be free to use the methods they believe work best for their students. Parents should have input if the methods are not working for their children. However when Nellie Mae or an education reform like “Common Core” pushes a pedagogy on teachers, then they are not free to change up their methods as parents and teachers might like.

If federal or grant money is tied to reforming your school, it will make it almost impossible for parents to have their concerns addressed.

Where’s the Leadership Governor Hassan?

Governor Baker in Mass. is holding public meetings on the Common Core Standards and the Common Core assessment (PARCC).

You can listen to Donna Colorio speak on how the scores are DROPPING in Mass. since they abandoned the old and superior Mass standards in favor of dumbed down Common Core/PARCC.

While NH’s Governor Hassan ignores parents, Gov. Baker is engaging them and wanting to hear more.

David “White Privilege” Pook: Profiting Off Common Core

For those of you who’ve researched Common Core know this is a money maker for companies and vendors who are cashing in on the dumbed down education reform.

David “White Privilege” Pook is holding a workshop on CC$$ writing.

CCSS Writing with David Pook
This workshop offers teachers and administrators alike insights into how the Common Core Writing Standards were designed and how to make them come alive in K-12 classrooms. The morning will concentrate on the close connection between the reading and writing standards, and how to generate text dependent writing tasks based on the standards. The afternoon session will delve more deeply into the different types of writing called for by the standards to grasp their similarities and differences, and learn more about how to assess writing using the standards—and how writing will be assessed on Next Generation assessments like Smarter Balanced. Participants will have the opportunity to engage in best practices around generating CCSS aligned writing instruction and assessment, and attendees will receive timely constructive feedback about how to proceed with the opportunities and challenges that stem from adopting and implementing the Common Core Writing Standards. It will take p lace June 5, 2015 from 8:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. at North Country Education Services. Register online at or call (603) 466-5437 (between 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.) or e-mail

Staff from full member schools $125
Associate member schools $145
All others $175

Now we have to ask David “White Privilege” Pook, did you really write the dumbed down Common Core English Standards to end white privilege OR to make $$$ off of the dumbed down reform?
Mr. David “White Privilege” Pook… profiting off “professional development”.

Common Core is a Path to ILLITERACY

Everyone, including the NH DoE, has acknowledged there is too much testing going on in the schools and not enough learning.
We’ve presented information on the dumbing down in the NH schools through Competency Based Ed.
The Common Core Math and English standards are not internationally benchmarked to the highest performing countries and do not reach the level excellence in the standards that were developed in states like Massachusetts or California.

The elite private schools in NH will not touch Common Core because they know the parents paying tuition will never tolerate this dumbed down agenda.

Here is yet another example of an assignment that seeks to push a political agenda on the students versus education them.

This is not an education, this is an indoctrination.
Common Core and their supporters are creating a path to ILLITERACY for your children and the evidence is overwhelming!!!

Is New Hampshire About to Make a Big Mistake On New Science Standards Next?

The New Hampshire Board of Ed is starting the process of adopting new Science Standards. How convenient since the new National Science Standards (think Common Core of Science) are next on the list of standards the Feds are pushing states to adopt.

The Next Generation Standards have many problems but that doesn’t seem to bother Governor Hassan in this report from her STEM Commission.

Her hand-picked commission recommends the dumbed down science standards for New Hampshire public schools. So in addition to the controversial dumbed down Math and English Standards our kids are dealing with, it looks like they are about to embark on pushing the NGSS in the next step towards fulfilling Obama’s redesign aspirations.

As you scan through the document put out by the task force, go ahead and look to see if you note any reference to the California Science Standards. The old California Science Standards (from 2000 – 2010) were written by a commission headed by the Nobel prize winner Glen Seaborg and were generally regarded as the best in the country.

Another interesting part of the report is the lack of information on the Common Core Math Standards and how they do not prepare students for programs in the STEM field. YES that’s right, the STEM task force missed the biggest problem with the Common Core math standards.

How does a Governor who says she’s concerned about making sure students have access to STEM education continue to use Common Core math standards that do not prepare students for STEM programs and now recommends the Next Generation Standards that do not include high school chemistry standards?

Is this the best she can do for NH students? We bet the kids attending elite private schools expect better for their students.

It looks like this task force had a predetermined out come and became part of the game many bureaucrats and educators play. Go through the motions and lead everyone to believe that the process was one where the individuals involved would do their best to look at all information before making a recommendation.

First they ignore the glaring problems with the Common Core Math Standards and then there is no reference to the old California Science Standards as the benchmark.

As Governor Hassan continues to facilitate the Obama agenda of redesigning NH public schools into a dumbed down workforce training model, one should note the process they are going through to reach what looks like a pre-determined outcome.

Next the NH BoE to go through the motions to adopt new science standards for NH public schools. Let’s make a prediction now; the NH BoE will come to the conclusion that New Hampshire should adopt the dumbed down Next Generation Science Standards too.

If you like to gamble, let’s just say this is a pretty safe bet.



IF you think it’s bad now, LOOK OUT. We’ve received word that the NH Board of Ed (appointed Board of political cronies… NOT elected by the people) either adopted the Next Generation Science Standards (in secret) or are on their way to formalizing the national SCIENCE STANDARDS in New Hampshire.

If you think the Math and English Common Core standards were bad, the Science standards are WORSE.

IF you want a quality education for your children, you have GOT to speak up.

Here are some articles to read on The Next Generation Science Standards:






Write the New Hampshire Board of Education and tell them NO on Next Generation Standards!
We do NOT want another set of Common Core Science Standards.
WE expect New Hampshire to use the BEST academic standards.

Tell them they NEED to have PUBLIC HEARINGS and to STOP denying the public to weigh in on these standards.


NH Board of Education

Send a copy to Governor Hassan:

And a copy to the House Education Committee:

And a copy to the Senate Education Committee:

Common Core? – The Brainwashing of Kids to Accept Water Scarcity

SAN BERNARDINO CALIFORNIA — The San Bernardino County Superintendent of Schools’ Regional Occupational Program has received a $35,000 grant to support new high school classes that address water issues in California.

The programs are expected to develop new standards-based model curriculum that promote advanced and in-depth study of a targeted content area.

The grant, called the H20 SMART Project, focuses on energy, environmental and utilities industry sector, offering a pathway for environmental resources through two integrated science courses — Water 101 and Water Science/Technology.

WARNING NH: Governor Hassan is about to dumb down Science Education

Dumbing down Math and English wasn’t enough for Governor Hassan and the NH Board of Education.  They are now on the verge of dumbing down the science education in our public schools too.

Governor Hassan put together a Committee to advise her on STEM education.  This committee was set up to simply hand her directions to adopt the NATIONAL Next Generation (Think Common Core for Science) Science Standards.

Not only is she FOLLOWING the Obama Administration that is forcing dumbed down Common Core Standards on our children and schools, she is going to push through (and we expect the NH BOE to rubber stamp this one) the Next Generation Science Standards.

IT is CRITICAL that you read through the following information.  Make sure you educate yourself again on WHY this is NOT good for our children and OUR schools.

Then we urge you to contact Governor Hassan and the members of the Board of Education and tell them to STOP pushing dumbed down standards on our kids.

IT’s time for Governor Hassan to DO HER JOB and develop QUALITY state standards that put our children and our schools FIRST.
Email Governor Hassan:
Email NH Board of Education:
Send a copy to the Members of the House:
Send a copy to your State Senator:

Read through these:

Portsmouth Interviews with Stotsky and Milgram

Common Core — The Portsmouth Interviews

Join us for Common Core — The Portsmouth Interviews — a 5-part series, in which Ann Marie Banfield of New Hampshire interviews two professors who wrote some of the top Math and English/Language Arts K-12 standards in the United States, as well as two other highly regarded education researchers. The shows are 30 minutes each

Video series link…

If the above video does not appear on your device, use this direct link to start the first one, and then find the others in the right hand column on YouTube:

The shows cover the following topics:

Show 1: Background and introduction of Common Core. This is well worth watching even if you already know about Common Core.

Show 2: Common Core Math, featuring James Milgram, Professor Emeritus of Mathematics, Stanford University, and co-writer of the highly regarded California Math Standards.

Show 3: Common Core English/Language Arts, featuring Professor Sandra Stotsky, writer of the Massachusetts K-12 standards, regarded as top in the country.

Show 4: Focus is on the constant testing inherent in Common Core, as well as the collection and sharing of data being collected on our children and families related to Common Core.

Show 5: The cost of Common Core and a discussion about what parents can do about Common Core.


Ann Marie Banfield Bio

The interviewer, Ann Marie Banfield, is a volunteer for Cornerstone Action in New Hampshire where she serves as the Education Liaison. She is a graduate of Franklin University in Columbus Ohio where she earned her Bachelors Degree in Business Administration. She began researching “education” over a decade ago. Her work involves testifying before the New Hampshire Legislature on education legislation where her focus is on academic excellence, literacy and parental rights.

Sandra Stotsky Bio

Jamie Gass Bio

R. James Milgram, Ph.D. Bio

R. James Milgram is a professor of mathematics at Stanford University (emeritus since 2010). He has served on the board of directors for the National Institute for Education Sciences, the NASA Advisory Council, and the Achieve Mathematics Advisory Panel. He is one of the original 25 members of the Common Core Validation Committee, as well as the Common Core Mathematics writing team. From 2002 to 2005, Professor Milgram headed a project funded by the U.S. Department of Education that identified and described the key mathematics that K-8 teachers need to know. He also helped to direct a project partially funded by the Thomas B. Fordham Foundation that evaluated state mathematics assessments. He was one of the four main authors of the 1997 – 2010 California Mathematics Standards, as well as one of the two main authors of the California Mathematics Framework. He was also one of the main advisors for the mathematics standards previous to Common Core in Florida, Georgia, Massachusetts , Michigan, Minnesota, New Mexico, and Texas. Among other honors, he has held the Gauss Professorship at the University of Goettingen and the Regent’s Professorship at the University of New Mexico, and has published over 100 research papers in mathematics and four books, as well as serving as an editor of many others. He currently works on questions in robotics and protein folding. He received his undergraduate and master’s degrees in mathematics from the University of Chicago, and a Ph.D. in mathematics from the University of Minnesota.

Sid Glassner Bio

Over a period of 56 years as a professional educator Sid has been a teacher, principal, adjunct professor, a writer, publisher, a co-founder of an educational think-tank and served for 12 years as a high school board member. Presently, Sid is spending his time writing a book, playing pedagogical gladiator against the Common Core Initiative and appearing on radio as an education commentator.

Sid’s writing has received national recognition and awards. His work on minority groups, written during the Civil Rights period of the 1960s was reviewed in the Scholastic Teacher publication as “the most provocative teaching aid of the year.” Sid wrote the first book on economics for middle school students and has written and published widely in the field of personalized literature-based reading. His work on economics education received the Freedom Foundation Honor Certificate Award. In May of 2013 at Temple University, Sid was honored by being the recipient of the Helen Oakes Citizen Service to Education Award at which he delivered the annual Helen Oakes Lecture.

Please sign this PETITION to stop Common Core in NH.