Tracing the Origins of Today’s Education

School to Work; Goals 2000; Outcome Based Education

The following excerpt from the Congressional Record neatly summarizes and exposes the origins and intents of OBE, STW, and Goals 2000.

HON. HENRY HYDE in the House of Representatives THURSDAY, MAY 15, 1997

Mr. HYDE: Mr. Speaker, no one doubts that education is a vital importance to our country. The question that must be answered is what role should the Federal Government play in supporting education? We have seen more and more legislative efforts to increase the Federal, as opposed to the local role, and this trend concerns many Americans, including myself.

As we engage in debate, it is useful to understand the context, the historical background, of some efforts to increase the central government’s intrusion into what has been a largely local responsibility. Dr. D.L. Cuddy, a former senior associate with the U.S. Department of Education, has written an interesting historical commentary on the school to work concept which I believe warrants the attention of Members.

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