“Parent Refusal” Policy for the STATEWIDE Smarter Balanced Assessment

The NH DOE has the “Parent Refusal” Policy for the STATEWIDE Smarter Balanced Assessment located on their website under Accountability/Assessment:

NH Alternate Assessment based on Alternate Achievement Standards: Participation Criteria, Guidance & Forms


It’s true, that “Parent REFUSALS” are NOT approved by the State, nor do they have to be.

But, PARENT REFUSALS of the Statewide Smarter Balanced Assessment will be listed as “did not participate for OTHER reasons”, which is a reason not included as 1 of the 5 approved special considerations – on the Statewide Assessment Results.

Interesting that the NH DOE only included the parent refusal participation criteria policy on the same page as the NH Alternate Assessments Special Considerations page, which at first glance, makes it look like the Parental REFUSAL policy for the Statewide Assessment is somehow only for students with Special Considerations – “needs” in Items 1 though 5.

But, the Parent Refusal policy is actually found in the title as Participation Criteria on this page that I have provided for you and where the actual link is located to get you to the second page where you will find the paragraph about PARENT REFUSALS, etc.


Request for State Approved Special Considerations (SASC, 2014-15)

If parent refusals were only for disabled or qualifying Special Consideration students, it would be discriminatory to totally exclude students who don’t have special needs and to not be included in the “Parent Refusals” participation criteria. MAKES NO SENSE! How silly would that be.

Please know, that a parents’ fundamental right to REFUSE the Statewide Assessment can be exercised in NH whether the student has special needs to be considered or not.

The NH DOE just doesn’t want all of the parents of NH to know that. Just another reason to REFUSE. Why is the NH Department Of Education and District School Superintendents trying to deceive the parents into believing that it’s against the law to refuse the Government Assessment? NO State Statute (RSA) can supersede a parents Fundamental Right to direct the education of their child.

If a parent wants to REFUSE the STATEWIDE Government Assessment (SMARTER BALANCE) of their child, they should just choose any Smarter Balanced Assessment REFUSAL Notification Form, SIGN IT, and SUBMIT it to the child’s school principal.

Easy as pie : )

Just in case:
Parents (you) should also make a point to go back after submitting the form to the school principal and check with the child’s teacher and the principal before testing begins in March 2015, if they have any intentions to Assess (test) your child, anyway, after you have submitting the form to them. Maybe they just need to be reminded to pay strict attention to your Legal Statement exercising your right to REFUSE this assessment for your child, and your signature – indicating the “REFUSAL”.

To avoid any mistakes from happening by teachers perhaps assessing anyway, the child should be taken to the library or another room to read a book, write, or do homework, with proper supervision while testing is going on in the classroom.

Please NOTE:
NH is a COMPULSORY ATTENDANCE State and it is illegal for any teacher or School Administrator to advise or force a parent to keep your child home anytime during the several weeks of the Assessment period because of your “REFUSAL” to have your child assessed – whether they be half or whole days doesn’t matter. Parents should not be inconvenienced with time-off from work.

ED. Comm. Virginia Barry should not have promised the Federal Government 95% participation rate for the people of NH.

Saw-rryy Virginia : ) I hope you won’t meet your quota for the Feds.

And, “We The People” of NH won’t put up with NH School Superintendents and Assistants (cronies) who intimidate and bully parents and our elected School Board members either.

Also, Virginia, please find another job. Your rudeness to the people of NH and deceptive practices are not appreciated.

NH Citizens, please forward this email to folks in your email address book who you know would appreciate receiving this important email news.