Common Core Rewrites U.S. History with an Anti-American Bias

Common Core “architect” David Coleman is now head of the College Board. The CB has redesigned the AP US History course to be a revisionist, leftist propaganda piece (it omits most of the Founding Fathers, emphasizes all the negatives of American history and few of the positive, etc.).  Below is a list of articles explaining the problem. This course goes into effect this fall, unless we can get enough pushback from the states to demand a delay. The CB claims to be rewriting all the AP courses and so, through these courses, will be able to infect private schools with the preferred national curriculum even if they don’t adopt Common Core.

Articles Identifying Problems With New AP US History Framework (response to the College Board’s defense against the preceding article) (Dinesh D’Souza apparently picked this one up and tweeted it) (this from scholar Peter Wood)