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A List of NH State Representatives Who Voted FOR Your Children

Last year HB1508 was introduced in the NH House.  The Democratic majority voted AGAINST this legislation and against YOUR children and teachers.  Here is a list of State Reps who VOTED  FOR YOUR CHILDREN and TEACHERS.
It’s important to SUPPORT these legislators IF they are running again.  Please share this information with your neighbors, friends, family, teachers, school board members, etc.
Remember to VOTE on Nov. 4th  You can check and download your ballot here: sos.nh.gov or get one from your town/city clerk.
Scroll down to the end of the list for a link to the legislators who voted AGAINST your children.
Candidates on the ballot who voted on HB 1508, getting the state out of Common Core
 State Senate
Gary Daniels (District 11)
George Lambert (District 18)
Belknap County
Herb Vadney (district 2)
Robert Luther (district 3)
Frank Tilton (district 3)
Dennis Fields (district 4)
Mike Sylvia (district 6)
Guy Comtois (district 7)
Carroll County
Gene Chandler (district 1)
Karen Umberger (district 2)
Mark McConkey (district 3)
Glenn Cordelli (district 4)
Karel Crawford (district 4)
Bill Nelson (district 5)
Cheshire County
John Hunt (district 11)
Coos County
Laurence Rappaport (district 1)
Herb Richardson (district 4)
Leon Rideout (district 7)
Grafton County
Jeff Shackett (district 9)
Brad Bailey (district 14)
Hillsborough County 
Neal Kurk (district 2)
Bill O’Brien (district 5)
David Danielson (district 7)
Keith Murphy (district 7)
Larry Gagne (district 13)
Will Infantine (district 13)
Steve Vaillancourt (district 15)
Emily Sandblade (district 18)
Dick Marston (district 19)
Ralph Boehm (district 20)
Frank Byron (district 20)
Dick Barry (district 21)
Dick Hinch (district 21)
Jeanine Notter (district 21)
Tony Pellegrino (district 21)
Phil Straight (district 21)
Peter Hansen (district 22)
Shawn Sweeney (district 23)
James Coffey (district 25)
Jim Parison (district 25)
Jim Belanger (district 27)
Don LeBrun (district 32)
David Murotake (district 32)
MIchael Garcia (district 34)
Robert Haefner (district 37)
Shawn Jasper (district 37)
Lynne Ober (district 37)
Russell Ober (district 37)
Jordan Ulery (district 37)
John Burt (district 39)
Laurie Sanborn (district 41)
Andy Martel (district 44)
Merrimack County
Dan McGuire (district 21)
JR Hoell (district 23)
David Hess (district 24)
Frank Kotowski (district 24)
Carol McGuire (district 29)
Rockingham County
Bruce Hodgdon (district 1)
Joe Duarte (district 2)
Kyle Tasker (district 2)
Kathleen Hoelzel (district 3)
L. Mike Kappler (district 3)
Al Baldasaro (district 5)
David Lundgren (district 5)
Betsy McKinney (district 5)
Sherman Packard (district 5)
Brian Chirichiello (district 6)
Beverly Ferrante (district 6)
Bob Fesh (district 6)
David Mills (district 6)
John O’Connor (district 6)
James Webb (district 6)
Mary Griffin (district 7)
Walter Kolodziej (district 7)
Charles McMahon (district 7)
Bob Elliott (district 8)
Anne Priestley (district 8)
Joe Sweeney (district 8)
Jeffrey Harris (district 9)
Dan Itse (district 10)
Betsy Sanders (district 12)
Ken Weyler (district 13)
Debra DeSimone (district 14)
Norman Major (district 14)
Mary Allen (district 15)
Adam Schroadter (district 17)
Patrick Abrami (district 19)
Tracy Emerick (district 21)
Pam Tucker (district 23)
Jeffrey Oligny (district 34)
Richard Gordon (district 35)
Strafford County
John Mullen, Jr. (district 1)
Robbie Parsons (district 1)
Joseph Pitre (district 2)
David Bickford (district 3)
Steven Beaudoin (district 9)
Laura Jones (district 24)
Sullivan County
Skip Rollins (district 6)
Joe Osgood (district 10)

A LIST of NH State Representatives Who Voted AGAINST Your Children

Last year HB1508 was introduced to the NH House.  IT would have terminated Common Core in NH.  However the Democratically controlled HOUSE defeated that Bill and voted AGAINST your children and teachers.  KEEP this information handy as you VOTE on November 4th.
Please send this LINK to your neighbors, friends, teachers, parents, and anyone else who cares about the quality of education OUR children receive in the public schools.

You can check and download your ballot here: sos.nh.gov or get one from your town/city clerk.

Scroll down to the bottom for a link to the State Reps who voted FOR your children…

It is important to NOT send these legislators BACK to Concord:

Voted AGAINST HB 1508; opposed getting out of CC
State Senate
Linda Tanner (district 8)
Donna Schlachmann (district 23)
Chris Muns (district 24)
Belknap County
Ruth Gulick (district 1)
Lisa DiMartino (district 2)
David Huot (district 3)
Ian Raymond (district 4)
Beth Arsenault (district 9)
Carroll County
Tom Buco (district 2)
Syndi White (district 2)
Susan Ticehurst (district 3)
Tom Lavender (district 5)
Cheshire County
Paul Berch (district 1)
Tara Sad (district 1)
Lucy Weber (district 1)
John Mann (district 2)
Daniel Eaton (district 3)
Timothy N. Robertson (district 6)
Gladys Johnsen (district 7)
Cynthia Chase (district 8)
Richard Ames (district 9)
Douglas Ley (district 9)
Marge Shepardson (district 10)
Henry Parkhurst (district 13)
Bruce Tatro (district 15)
Larry Phillips (district 16)
Kris Roberts (district 16)
Coos County 
Robert Theberge (district 3)
Yvonne Thomas (district 3)
Grafton County
Linda Massimilla (district 1)
Rebecca Brown (district 2)
Susan Ford (district 3)
Rick Ladd (district 4)
Mary Cooney (district 8)
Suzanne Smith (district 8)
Wendy Piper (district 10)
Chuck Townsend (district 11)
Patricia Higgins (district 12)
Sharon Nordgren (district 12)
Susan Almy (district 13)
George Sykes (district 13)
Andrew White (district 13)
Carol Friedrich (district 16)
Catherine Mulholland (district 17)
Hillsborough County
Marjorie Porter (district 1)
Gilman Shattuck (district 1)
Jon Manley (district 3)
Kermit Williams (district 4)
David Woodbury (district 5)
Jeff Goley (district 8)
Linda DiSilvestro (district 9)
William O’Neil (district 9)
Jean Jeudy (district 10)
Patrick Long (district 10)
Robert Walsh (district 11)
Ted Rokas (district 12)
Barbara Shaw (district 16)
Bob Backus (district 19)
Brenda Grady (district 21)
Shannon Chandley (district 22)
Robert Rowe (district 22)
Peter Leishman (district 24)
Melanie Levesque (district 26)
Carolyn Gargasz (district 27)
Sylvia Gale (district 28)
Jan Schmidt (district 28)
Suzanne Mercier Vail (district 29)
Mariellen MacKay (district 30)
Cindy Rosenwald (district 30)
Pamela Brown (district 31)
David Cote (district 31)
Mary Gorman (district 31)
Ken Gidge (district 33)
Timothy Soucy (district 34)
Daniel Hansberry (district 35)
Latha Mangipudi (district 35)
Linda Harriott-Gathright (district 36)
Marty Jack (district 36)
Lars Christiansen (district 37)
Charlene Takesian (district 37)
Richard McNamara (district 38)
Evelyn Connor (district 39)
Daniel Sullivan (district 42)
Tim O’FLaherty (district 43)
Jane Beaulieu (district 45)
Merrimack County
Mario Ratzki (district 1)
Scott Burns (district 2)
Leigh Webb (district 3)
Karen Ebel (district 5)
David Kidder (district 5)
Barbara French (district 6)
Geoffrey Hirsch (district 6)
Clyde Carson (district 7)
Caroletta Alicea (district 8)
Howard Moffett (district 9)
Mel Myler (district 10)
Mary Jane Wallner (district 10)
Steve Shurtleff (district 11)
Paul Henle (district 12)
James MacKay (district 14)
Dick Patten (district 17)
Christy Bartlett (district 19)
Dianne Schuett (district 20)
Mary Frambach (district 21)
Alan Turcotte (district 22)
David Karrick (district 25)
Lorrie Carey (district 26)
Mary Stuart Gile (district 27)
Katherine Rogers (district 28)
Rockingham County
James Devine (district 4)
Lisa Whittemore (district 5)
Mary Till (district 6)
John Sytek (district 8)
Bob Nigrello (district 16)
Michael Cahill (district 17)
Marcia Moody (district 17)
Frank Heffron (district 18)
Robert “Renny” Cushing (district 21)
David Borden (district 24)
Tom Sherman (district 24)
Gerry Ward (district 28)
Jackie Cali-Pitts (district 30)
Maureen Mann (district 32)
Patricia Lovejoy (district 36)
E. Elaine Andrews-Ahearn (district 37)
Strafford County
Rachel Burke (district 2)
Bob Perry (district 3)
Dennis Malloy (district 4)
Naida Kaen (district 5)
Timothy Horrigan (district 6)
Marjorie Smith (district 6)
Judith Spang (district 6)
Janet Wall (district 6)
Audrey Stevens (district 7)
James Gray (district 8)
Anne Grassie (district 11)
Pamela Hubbard (district 12)
James Verschueren (district 13)
William Baber (district 14)
Janice Gardner (district 15)
Peter Bixby (district 17)
Peter Schmidt (district 19)
Kenneth Ward (district 21)
Rose Marie Rogers (district 22)
Sullivan County
Sue Gottling (district 2)
Raymond Gagnon (district 5)
Jim Grenier (district 7)
Cynthia Page Sweeney (district 8)
Virginia Irwin (district 9)
John Cloutier (district 10)
[end of list]