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Chris Christie LIES!!!

We almost fell off our chairs when we heard Gov. Chris Christie say that Common Core has been eliminated in New Jersey. Does he think parents are complete idiots? It sure seems like it.

We have many examples of states and schools re-branding their “state and local” standards but upon closer examination, the standards pretty much mirror the Common Core standards. This is done as a way to fool parents into thinking the governors or superintendents listened to them.

This is what was done in Indiana under Governor Pence and in Manchester, NH under Superintendent Livingston. They tell parents who are angry and want superior standards that they’ve heard them but the final product shows that parents were patronized and ignored.

Now we have Governor Christie, during a national debate, trying to tell us that they eliminated Common Core in New Jersey? He’s again, playing parents like they are fools.

New Hampshire bureaucrats tell us that schools can use whatever standards they want but then the NH Dept. of Education forces them to use the Common Core Smarter Balanced Assessment. That’s like saying, you can choose any color car on the lot but when you walk out there, you notice they are all red.

What they say is meant to mislead you. But Governor Christie underestimated New Hampshire voters because we look past the political lies and jargon. No Governor Christie, under your tenure children have been subjected to inferior academic standards because you’ve failed to lead your state to quality education reform.

New Hampshire parents are looking for real leadership, not a follower of Obama education reforms.

Our suggestion? Go back to New Jersey and fix the mess you created. Stop trying to fool New Hampshire parents into thinking you’ve done anything to free up the public schools to use quality standards and tests.

If we can’t trust the candidate now, how can we trust them when they are elected?

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