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WARNING: Brentwood, Chester, Danville, East Kingston, Epping, Exeter, Fremont, Kingston and Sandown

What did Nancy Steenson do as Board Chair to get rid of Common Core? NOTHING
Nothing except rubber stamp the federal reforms plaguing the Timberlane school district.

Nancy Steenson isn’t fit to be senator for New Hampshire’s 23rd district
Unfortunately for Steenson, her record doesn’t quite match her words. Steenson was a member of the Timberlane school board and then chair of the same school board where her lack of transparency, unaccountability in incivility shone through.
Not only did Steenson completely ignore parents and others in the Timberlane associated towns but she actually shut down public comment on pressing matters.

NO to Steenson for Senate
She is no advocate for free speech or transparency.
Under her leadership the school district was sued by a teacher for a First Amendment violation and had to pay a sizable settlement. Under her leadership the district was sued for violation of our state”s Right to Know law and lost by a unanimous vote in the State Supreme Court. Under her leadership, she tried to impose unconstitutional “School Board Rules” over which the NH ACLU threaten to sue the district. As a result, she had to back away from muzzling other elected members of the board from freely speaking to the press and expressing their own thoughts about district issues.

We encourage you to read both of these articles in full. Parents expect better service than this. NH residents should expect better from their elected representatives.