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Senator Stiles (R) and the Democrats in the Senate Vote Against Parents

NH Senator Stiles (R) and the other Democrat Senators in NH vote “YES” to KILL HB 603. This continues to show parents that Democrats in NH along with a handful of Republicans continue to work against them.

Remember to thank these Senators for supporting parental rights in NH.


Teachers Leaving the Democrat Party Thanks to Common Core

We are non-partisan and welcome ANY efforts by legislators to STOP Common Core in NH.  However we will point to the politicians (no matter the party) who support Common Core.

Common Core came in under the Obama Admin. and this reform effort is driving teachers out of the Democrat party.  Democrats are losing their base.
Here is another example:

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Democrat Group Passes Resolution Opposing Common Core

PROVING AGAIN: Democrat Governor Maggie Hassan & the rest of the NH Democrats are on the WRONG SIDE of this issue:

Washington Democrat Group Passes Resolution Opposing Common Core

The Washington State 46th Legislative District Democrats passed a resolution at their meeting on October 16th opposing the Common Core State Standards.  The group requests that the Washington Legislature withdraw from the Common Core State Standards and reclaim state sovereignty in K-12 education.  I was told the resolution was soundly passed.

Below is the resolution as originally submitted to the body, I’ve not been told about any changes.


I Am a Democrat Opposed To Common Core……

We may finally understand why so many Democrats in NH are blindly following Governor Hassan in her un-waivering support of Common Core.
Even if this hurts teachers and students, Democrats across NH are refusing to stand up for what’s right.  The message below may help to explain why there is this cult-like mentality among the Democrats in New Hampshire and a refusal to break free.

I am a DEMOCRAT on the November ballot in Nevada. This is how my party has dealt with my stand against corporate education reform and Common Core. 

They cut me from the slate card. Is there anyone on here who is a National DNC committee person? This seems worthy of a grievance. 

I follow my state party platform, which I served on its committee to ensure corporate ed reform was removed. Then I still get axed from the slate.


Are the Democrats in NH running & hiding from the issue of Education?

Many of us who are fighting Common Core in NH are mothers and teachers.  What we’ve noticed in this latest election is the deliberate exemption on the issue of public education.

The dominant issue from candidates like Jeanne Shaheen, Maggie Hassan, Carol Shea Porter and Annie Kuster seem to be focused on abortion and birth control.

Those issues are certainly worth debating but we wonder why there is almost NO mention of education from these candidates?

Women are not solely focused on abortion.  We care about the quality of education our children need and deserve.

Common Core in New Hampshire is dumbing down the education our children are receiving and parents are noticing it.  However these candidates have yet to hold a town hall where parents can question them on this important issue.

Instead they are telling US what is important in this election.


We know that education is a PRIORITY for Moms and Dads across New Hampshire.  We also know that the Democrats in New Hampshire are failing our children when they refuse to discuss this important issue or even worse, support Common Core.

Common Core is not a LEFT vs RIGHT issue.  It’s a WRONG vs RIGHT issue.

WE welcome any Democrat who wants to cross party lines in NH and support our efforts and we thank the NUMEROUS Republicans who are actively talking about this issue, researching and opposing Common Core.

Voters in November need to take this issue to the ballot.
Our children deserve better than candidates who avoid the topic of education and instead tell us WOMEN what they think we should value.

Let’s send a strong message that we VALUE public education.  WE VALUE our teachers and we VALUE a QUALITY education.  Something that we are NOT getting from those who support Common Core & avoid the issue.