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AFT President Speaks Up For Parental Rights…..

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We at Stop Common Core in NH want to THANK Randi Weingarten for issuing an important statement on a parent’s right to OPT out of the Common Core assessments.
We warned that the reform from the Obama Administration being facilitated by Governor Hassan was NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND ON STEROIDS.

We are now seeing the fallout from this destructive education reform in NH.  When will those who say they support teachers in NH start standing up for them?  Why does the NH DoE and Commissioner Barry continue to fight parental rights?

Randi Weingarten is an American labor leader, attorney, and educator. She is president of the American Federation of Teachers and a member of the AFL-CIO. She is the former president of the United Federation of Teachers.

AFT puts Sect. Arne Duncan on an “Improvement Plan”

The AFT put Duncan on a “Secretary of Education Improvement Plan.” If he doesn’t improve, having been treated fairly, asking him to resign.

Don’t miss the comments from the rank and file teachers at the bottom.


Maine Teachers Turning On Common Core

AUGUSTA – Maine teachers are growing frustrated with the Common Core State Standards, a controversial educational reform that has quietly wound its way into nearly every American school in the past few years.

“Teachers from around the country (including many here in Maine) have expressed concerns about the way the Common Core standards are being implemented and assessed,” wrote Maine Education Association (MEA) lobbyist John Kosinski in a Feb. 19 email to Democratic leaders.

“Frustration is quickly growing among teachers,” Kosinski wrote.

The email, which was sent to Senate President Justin Alfond (D-Portland), House Speaker Mark Eves (D-North Berwick), Sen. Rebecca Millett (D-Cape Elizabeth) and Rep. Bruce MacDonald (D-Booth Bay), was obtained by The Maine Wire through a public records request.

Kosinski did not respond to requests for comment about Common Core and the MEA, but the email says the National Education Association (NEA) is “calling for a review of the standards and their implementation.”

“You can expect the NEA will be calling for greater collaboration with teachers on retooling the standards,” he wrote.

Maine replaced the Maine Learning Results with the Common Core in January of 2011, becoming the 42nd state to have adopted them.

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