Commissioner of Ed to Meet Publicly With Manchester School Committee @ City Hall
May 4 @ 7:00 PM

Commissioner Barry has finally agreed to meet with the largest school district in the state to answer their questions. Since Barry didn’t want to come alone, the State Board of Education Chair Tom Raffio will join her.

Previous the Commissioner refused saying that “A public meeting rarely accomplishes the kind of meaningful conversation necessary to support students and families in these complex times.” This is a public servant who doesn’t understand that she works for us and not vice versa.

Please come and ask the Commissioner about any of your concerns. The public is allowed to bring their questions and speak for 3 minutes (max.) during the Public Comment period at the beginning of the meeting – before the Commissioner engages in Q&Ar with the School Committee.

You might want to ask the Commissioner why she promised the US Department of Education in her most recent Waiver application that she would transition all our public schools over to a Regionally controlled pilot program under her control.

Unless the Senate reverses the Senate Education Committee’s recommendation to pass HB 323 on May 7th, districts will be forced to Regionalize ….. lest NH should lose federal funding. The Senate wants to hand the Commissioner a blank check to re-design our statewide assessment program. Only these new assessments will be weekly and parents won’t be able to Refuse them like they can with Smarter Balanced.

Rich Girard will carry this meeting LIVE for the whole state to listen to this discussion. People can listen on 90.7 WLMW FM and also online at

Manchester City Hall, Aldermanic Chamber 3rd floor . Free parking in the public lot behind City Hall.