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Senators Ayotte and Shaheen: Supports Data Collection On Your Children

We’ve been warning about the data-mining of our children’s information through the SLDS (Statewide Longitudinal Data System)
Parents need to look at some of their elected officials to see who originally supported this in New Hampshire.

New Hampshire’s grant:

What’s the problem with data-mining information on your children? You can read about that here:

Read about parents having difficulty getting information on what the school/state is collecting on their children here: http://truthinamericaneducation.com/privacy-issues-state-longitudinal-data-systems/in-colorado-parents-are-denied-access-to-their-students-data/

OUR SUGGESTION? Immediately start sending WRITTEN requests to your Superintendent and the New Hampshire Department of Education and ask to see all information that has been collected on your child. Ask them in writing where information on your child is sent. It’s important to do this in writing so everything is documented.

If you run into problems accessing this information, contact Senators Ayotte and Shaheen directly to see if they will intervene on your behalf. Ask them why they would sign off on a data-collection system that gathers information on your child without your knowledge or consent.

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