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Common Core is a Path to ILLITERACY

Everyone, including the NH DoE, has acknowledged there is too much testing going on in the schools and not enough learning.
We’ve presented information on the dumbing down in the NH schools through Competency Based Ed.
The Common Core Math and English standards are not internationally benchmarked to the highest performing countries and do not reach the level excellence in the standards that were developed in states like Massachusetts or California.

The elite private schools in NH will not touch Common Core because they know the parents paying tuition will never tolerate this dumbed down agenda.

Here is yet another example of an assignment that seeks to push a political agenda on the students versus education them.

This is not an education, this is an indoctrination.
Common Core and their supporters are creating a path to ILLITERACY for your children and the evidence is overwhelming!!!

Another Stupid Idea: Student Led Conferences

Maybe we should just let the Feds run our schools.  After all they are controlling what food is served, what tests we use (that drives the curriculum) and how to evaluate our teachers.  Those are just a few reforms brought to us by the U.S. Department of Education vs local parents.  (Remember, we are supposed to be a locally controlled state)

Today we see that a school in NY is changing parent/teacher conferences to Student Led Conferences.  See the letter sent home to parents below.  

Student Led ConferenceThis was posted in a forum by a parent and here were some of the replies from other parents:

  1. it’s unbelievable the stress these little ones will experience being put on the spot – if they are shy or introverted or……..6 uughhhh!
  2. that’s because the kid is teaching himself pretty much!
  3. Oh my God how friggin stupid
  4. I would leave my child at home and explain that I – the parent – want and expect a parent/teacher conference.
  5. We had student led conferences also (for the 1st time) this year. It accomplished nothing because they had my son read off a questionnaire he filled out. He is in itinerant support but mainstreamed for HFA. It didn’t allow me time to address issues with the teacher because we were allowed 15 minutes. We actually ran long and had 30 but it didn’t allow me to talk with the teacher. Our notice said the principal wanted “student led” conferences. I didn’t realize it was a common core idea.
  6. Unmitigated stupidity.
  7. UUUGGGHH!!! What I would like to do( but would not put my son in that predicament) is prep my son and tell him to tell me at the conference how Common Core is taking up so much time and how he is forced to prepare for a test he is not taking…and how fast paced it is and why they should not be doing compensation mental multiplication the same week there are doing estimation multiplication!!!

Thinking this is limited to NY, we found out today that no, this is also happening in some NH schools.  Read a note from a parent in NH:

In our middle school here at Kingswood, there is a team called VISTA. Our middle school students are on Teams. We have 2 7th grade teams and 2 8th grade teams. VISTA is a combined 7th and 8th grade team. They don’t follow what the other teams do at all. I have teacher friends on the other teams and they say VISTA is almost like a charter school. 

Anyway, my child was on VISTA team and they had student led conferences. In my opinion, it was a joke and my daughter thought so to.  So these student led conferences do exist at least here at Kingswood. My other child attends Crescent Lake Elementary and they have the traditional Parent/Teacher conferences. 
Just wanted to pass that along.

TEACHERS are SPEAKING, Governor Hassan Continues to Ignore Them

LISTEN TO THESE TEACHERS. They are counting on PARENTS to fight this reform effort. Many face a HARSH reaction from administrators if they go public.

This is a video from NY teachers. You need to know that NY is ONE year ahead of NH on administering the Smarter Balanced Assessment.

NY teachers & administrators once supported Common Core, UNTIL the testing began. Now they have called for the resignation of the State Education Commissioner and are actively campaigning against Governor Cuomo.

This new assessment (Smarter Balanced Assessment) will be given to NH students in the Spring of 2015.
Listen to what the NY teachers are saying about the SAME tests we will be giving in NH.