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SANBORN Regional School District: SOLD to Nellie Mae

We’ve been warning parents about Nellie Mae’s attempt to buy local control from greedy Superintendents. Just this week local control was SOLD to Nellie Mae.


Remember, Nellie Mae is funded by the Annenberg Foundation. (Think modern day ACORN political activists) The Gates Foundation funds Annenberg. This is how the Feds BUY local control in your schools.

Parents do you have a voice when you see the lousy math curriculum come home with your children? NO
Do you have a voice when everything in class is centered on group learning? NO
Do you have a voice when you get new report cards that make no sense? NO

Why? Because in order to receive this BRIBE, your district administrators had to sign a grant application. In that grant application, your teachers will be told they have to use methods that lower academic achievement (Constructivism or Inquiry based learning)

There are all kinds of strings attached to that $100k and that includes removing power from your local school board members. They wont be able to override bad teaching methods because that power was sold to Nellie Mae.

Nellie Mae is the organization that buys federal control of your schools with your tax dollars along with the oligarch: Gates Foundation.

Ask for a copy of the grant application. Look at what the school is required to do for that BRIBE. Do some research into “student centered” learning. Ask for independent STUDIES that show any academic improvement. (Good luck with that)

Nellie Mae already bought off the Pittsfield schools and look how that turned out.

When parents working in the Pittsfield school district refuse to send their children to the school, that should tell you something.

Parents need to hold greedy administrators accountable for selling off local control. Let your school board members know this is unacceptable.

From Literacy to Indoctrination in the NH Schools: Competency Based Ed

Competency Based Ed (CBE) in NH is based on the old and failed Outcome Based Ed (OBE) fad. This rehashed failed fad has offered no independent measurable academic achievement in our schools.

Outcome Based Ed or Competency Based Ed creates the illusion that your children will be “competent” in the core academic subjects. It sounds good to parents when they hear promoters talk about how their children will be “competent” in the core content before their children move on. Sadly no one ever asks, competent in what?

Parents assume being competent means their children will know that 2 + 2 = 4. The history is very different from what parents have been led to believe.

OBE is a failed fad in terms of failing to improve academic achievement. This is why parents should be asking their Superintendent, bureaucrats from the NH Dept. of Ed and members of the NH Board of Education for proof. After several years of CBE in NH, where is the INDEPENDENT PROOF CBE has improved academic achievement?

OBE has been criticized in the past for attempting to change the values, attitudes and beliefs in students. The focus is not on literacy or academic excellence, it’s on workforce skills and changing a student’s beliefs and values.

Competency Based Education is part of the Obama agenda to redesign public education from a liberal arts model to a dumbed down workforce training model.

Marc Tucker, key architect of this redesigned model, attempted to transform education during the Clinton years. The full implementation was derailed however we saw key elements begin years ago. Now the entire agenda has been kicked into high gear from the Obama administration and facilitated through Hassan’s Dept. of Education.

So what does CBE look like in New Hampshire? We’ll provide a few examples of how CBE has been used, not to improve academic excellence in our schools but to indoctrinate students in a belief system that many parents object to.

In Bedford several years ago, a controversial book was assigned to students in their Personal Finance Class. This is a class where parents assume their children would learn about calculating simple interest or learn to balance a check book. However many were surprised to find out that their children were subjected to a political operative’s extreme views on minimum wage.

The book, Nickel and Dimed On (NOT) Getting By In America, met a “competency” and yet only provided students with a politically biased view on minimum wage. This wasn’t a lesson in personal finance, it was political indoctrination through Competency Based Education.

From The Blaze
“We found the book provided valuable insight into the circumstances of the working poor and an opportunity for students to demonstrate mastery of the ‘Financial Impact’ competency,” the committee reported.

In Rochester one parent expressed anger on social media when her child came home with a “competency” based assessment that was nothing but a soft propaganda piece on video games. Since Bill Gates and the TECH Industry profit the most off of this education reform, is anyone surprised that they want their product message embedded in your child’s curriculum?

Rochester Competency

Rochester Competency 2

This Obama redesign facilitated by Governor Hassan’s Dept. of Education is not about elevating the academic content in our schools. This is another attempt at “social justice” education brought to us by the same people who’ve tried these failed fads over the last two to three decades.

It was through a grant from the Nellie Mae Foundation (funded by Gates and the U.S. Dept. of Ed) that facilitated CBE in New Hampshire.
Screen Shot 2015-05-23 at 1.09.56 PM

The biggest loser in this reform is the children. Your child is now being denied quality academic content in favor of content that seeks to change your child’s attitudes.

Whether it be political or consumer attitudes, one thing is for sure, your children are being used as pawns instead of educated.

This is the legacy of Governor Hasan, the New Hampshire Board of Education and legislators who continue to support reforms that turn our schools away from a focus on literacy.

The RADICALIZATION of New Hampshire Teachers and Children

We’ve been warning about the Obama redesign in public education taking place in our New Hampshire Schools. There is a fundamental shift from public schools focused on literacy through a liberal arts education, to a workforce development model. This model has been the goal of Marc Tucker since he wrote his letter to Hillary Clinton.

This is the dumbing down of public education from one that focused on educating the child so they would be able go in a direction of their choosing, to training human capital for the workforce.

This has been a goal for many years and certainly started with prior reforms that were put in place by the U.S. Department of Education.

It’s important to remember, these education reforms do NOT focus on literacy. That is why it’s important to know who is involved and what they are doing in our New Hampshire Schools.

We’ve called attention to the Nellie Mae Grants that are coming into schools like Pittsfield.

Organizations like Annenberg, funded in part by the Gates Foundation, come into our schools to help radicalize students and teachers. They offer grant money through the Nellie Mae Foundation to greedy Superintendents who care more about money than they do your children.

If you are a parent in Pittsfield, here’s a suggestion. Send a “Right to Know” request to your Superintendent and ask him for ALL of the paperwork they had to submit to receive grant money from Nellie Mae. Then look at what your school has to do in order to get that money.

Are the parents calling the shots? NO. Parents are not asking for the teaching methods Nellie Mae requires. Are the school board members calling the shots? NO.

Keith Catone came into the Pittsfield Schools and the Manchester Public Schools but we wonder how many parents know how he wants to radicalize your teachers and children. Annenberg and Catone do not promote reading the classics, mastering math facts, etc. Instead they want to push radical political agendas.

Screen Shot 2015-04-06 at 6.53.45 PM

Catone who came out to speak to the parents in Pittsfield a while ago, failed to mention his personal goal of radicalizing teachers and students. He didn’t mention how Annenberg focuses on political agendas like “equity and social justice” versus LITERACY.

In the abstract it says:
Drawing from a larger portraiture study of four teacher activists connected to a grassroots teacher organization called the New York Collective of Radical Educators (NYCoRE), this paper sheds light upon teacher activism by primarily addressing the following question: How do teacher activists understand and explain the development of their approaches to teaching and activism? In becoming teacher activists, each of the participants in this study experiences sharp moments of apprehension about her reality and her ability to change it. From these moments, they derive their own purpose for what they do as teacher activists. Their identities as teacher activists are deeply autobiographical, drawing upon their pasts to give shape to their purpose in the present.

Is this what the NH DoE wants for our public schools? After all, the NH DoE is accepting Nellie Mae grants too.

Let’s look at this organization called New York Collective of Radical Educators (NYCoRE) Do you think that maybe they care about your child’s academic education? We WISH.

No they are a radical political organization focused on radical political agendas through curriculum development in YOUR schools.

When Manchester or Pittsfield invites Annenberg radicals to work closely with the administration or teachers, parents take note. Their focus is not on making sure your kids are reading at grade level or mastering math facts.

No, this is what they want your school to focus on:
Screen Shot 2015-04-06 at 7.05.18 PM

Screen Shot 2015-04-06 at 7.06.12 PM

Screen Shot 2015-04-06 at 7.07.05 PM

Screen Shot 2015-04-06 at 7.08.31 PM

All of this can be found by going directly to their web site.

The radicalization of students in the New Hampshire public schools is coming directly from Annenberg (think ACORN) and through the NH Dept. of Ed.

It is the Governor who sets the agenda for public education in this state. It is Governor Hassan’s department of education that continues to facilitate the dumbing down of our public schools.

If parents want their schools to go back to focusing on the basics and return to math that is logical and makes sense, then it’s up to them to speak up.

Governor Hassan is failing the students in New Hampshire and until parents demand better, the focus will be on dumbed down workforce training and radical political indoctrination.

What can you do to stop the radicalization and dumbing down in New Hampshire Schools?

1) Call Governor Hassan and tell her to STOP Common Core & STOP the Obama redesign workforce model through Competency Based ed: (603)271-2121

2) Tell your local NH State Representatives and Senator to STOP all of this in our schools and stop using our children as political pawns

3) Work to elect local board members, and other political legislators committed to literacy and academic excellence in our schools.

4) Keep this issue in front of presidential candidates as they visit New Hampshire. Ask them if they support or oppose Common Core in our Schools.

5) File “Right to Know” requests and look at the grant money flowing into your school.

6) Attend local school board meetings and demand better quality academic standards for your school.


OH MY: Look at who’s assisting the teachers in the PACE program

There are two organizations that will be working with NH teachers and will be developing the new PACE assessment program in New Hampshire. Here is some information on those organizations and the people behind them.

Remember, the NH DoE is telling us that these are “local” assessments developed by our teachers. Local assessments that have to be validated by the NH DoE (that’s hardly local control folks!) and that the teachers will be working “closely” with these organizations to develop the assessments.

The Feds now control our local schools and the State facilitates it.


Scott Marion (Exec. Dir. of NCIEA, a non-profit developing PACE with the NH DoE) and Rye School Board member:

“Competencies are statements of critical knowledge, skills, and often DISPOSITIONS that go beyond content standards. They reflect fewer and bigger major ideas of the discipline than more discrete content standards. High quality assessment systems are needed in order to support inferences related to student learning of competencies, especially if the competencies (learning targets) reflect major concepts and skills of the discipline. That is, we need multiple assessments to accurately assess student learning of these complex sets of knowledge, skills and DISPOSITIONS. Further, these assessment systems must include the types of tools capable of measuring students’ learning of these cognitively complex domains. More bluntly, performance-based or similar types of assessments must play a central role in the assessment system.”

George Will explains what “assessing” dispositions means: “Many education schools discourage, even disqualify, prospective teachers who lack the correct “disposition,” meaning those who do not embrace today’s “progressive” political catechism. Karen Siegfried had a 3.75 grade-point average at the University of Alaska Fairbanks, but after voicing conservative views, she was told by her education professors that she lacked the “professional disposition” teachers need. She is now studying to be an aviation technician.”

Folks, through the PACE assessments they will be grading your child’s dispositions. That’s not only subjective, that has nothing to do with testing academic knowledge.

In this video if you fast forward to 1:24:00 you can listen to a parent confront Scott Marion on his condescending opinions towards parents who have concerns over the Common Core Standards.

In Marion’s presentation to parents in NH, he also defends the Common Core/ Smarter Balanced Assessment. The same assessment that we are now being warned about.
“The Smarter Balanced Common Core Mathematics Tests Are Fatally Flawed and Should Not Be Used. An In-Depth Critique of the Smarter Balanced Tests for Mathematics”

Scott Marion was just appointed Executive Director of the National Center for the Improvement of Educational Assessment in Dover, NH. This non-profit organization just landed a very lucrative role in the development of NH’s Performance Assessment for Competency Education (PACE) program, which is aligned to Common Core standards. This PACE program is part of an existing pilot program in four school districts and also featured in the NH Department of Education’s 2015 No Child Left Behind WAIVER application. If approved, Scott Marion’s company could provide Common Core aligned assessments to every New Hampshire school district. Why would Scott Marion bite the hand that feeds him? It’s hardly surprising that he defends Common Core.

2) Here’s the other non-profit organization that is developing the PACE program with the NH Dept. of Education, the Center for Collaborative Education:

***** Quality Performance Assessment: Since the fall of 2008, CCE has partnered with the NELLIE MAE Education Foundation to explore the power of performance assessments to transform student learning and teacher practice. In the process, CCE established the Quality Performance Assessment Initiative (QPA), a collaborative effort to design a performance assessment model that measures students’ critical thinking, problem solving and communication skills—the activities required by the COMMON CORE State Standards, and that are required for college and career readiness.

In its initial phase, the QPA team has worked closely with a diverse group of 20 schools to build teacher assessment literacy, strengthen and document local assessment systems, and implement common performance assessments across schools. This work has led to creation of a set of COMMON CORE-aligned performance tasks, with teacher materials and student work samples that have been field-tested in schools. The experience and insights of educators have also yielded field-tested professional development models and tools to support the use of performance assessments.

Funded by GATES, Nellie Mae and the US DOE

Dan French, Executive Director, Former Director of Instruction and Curriculum for the Massachusetts Department of Education, and special educator. Ed. D. from UMass./Amherst. Author of 1998 Phi Delta Kappan article, “The State’s Role in Shaping a Progressive Vision of Public Education.”

He used to work for the MA DoE in the mid-1990s and left (you can speculate over the reasons) after attempting to prevent the development of academic standards in both ELA and history/geography. He has no background knowledge in any area. His position at the MA DoE involved student attendance.

Richard Dubuisson, Consultant, has worked in diverse educational environments as a teacher, academic director, and consultant. Most recently, he worked with several high schools in Massachusetts and New Hampshire as a school change coach. Prior to that Richard co-founded Year Up, a college-credit earning, workforce development program in Boston that became a national model. Richard is a former high school math teacher and is committed to school improvement as a path to closing the opportunity divide in this country.

Jacqui Holmes, Program Assistant, has volunteered as a teaching assistant in the Lewiston Public Schools, working primarily with English Language Learners. She recently earned her Bachelor’s degree from Bates College where she studied Latin American History, Women and Gender Studies and Education.

Competency Based Education is a rehashing of the failed Outcome Based Education from the 1990′s. The focus is on dumbed down workforce training and changing values in children versus improving literacy and academic excellence.

It’s important to know who is pushing this in New Hampshire and why. There’s a lot of money to be made off of the local taxpayers.

Pittsfield Listens: How to LOWER Academic Achievement in the School

Recently we exposed the FRAUD perpetrated by our own Governor Hassan as she praised the Pittsfield School District.   We suggest you read the article and do your own research.  We would suggest asking the many parents in Pittsfield who refuse to put their kids in the public school.  Including employees who work for the district but refuse to send their own kids to the school.

A Community Organizing Group (think ACORN) is fully engaged in pushing Obama’s high school redesign in the district.  They’ve participated in community meetings where hardly any residents show up.  They use the Delphi Technique to manipulate consensus among those who think they are actually contributing their opinions.

BELOW is the latest post from Pittsfield Listens.  You will notice they continue to PUSH “STUDENT CENTERED LEARNING” which has lowered academic achievement in cores subjects like math and science.  You will notice they don’t mention that to parents who attend.

Remember, Obama promised in his State of the Union Address to ‘redesign’ our public schools.  His Secretary of Education has even laid out that plan on the US DOE’s web site.

Did the parents in Pittsfield ask for this?  NO  This is a complete TOP-DOWN transformation to Outcome Based Education (OBE) with Common Core (CCSS).

This is how to erode local control.

Pittsfield follows the Feds (NOT parents) and was bought off by the Nellie Mae Foundation (think ACORN) through their Grants.  Nellie Mae Grants push failed teaching methods:  Student Centered Learning aka…Constructivism where teachers = facilitators.

We encourage Pittsfield parents to stop paying for this nonsense and start pushing back.  This is smoke and mirrors and your children are paying the price.

Obama’s redesign has nothing to do with academic achievement or literacy.  This is Workforce Training and it’s helpful to know how they are trying to fool parents into thinking this is good.

Outcome Based Education has failed repeatedly.  Progressives think if they just keep re-naming it (Competency Based Ed in NH) and re-selling it, maybe it will work the next time.

As we can see in Pittsfield, that’s not happening.  Nellie Mae and Pittsfield Listens are simply facilitators of Obama’s redesign but it is a dumbed down workforce training redesign from the Obama Admin.   Pittsfield Listens should be run out of town.  Nellie Mae Grants should be read by every parent and taxpayer in Pittsfield and then rejected.  Read the documents and look at what you had to sell in order to get the Nellie Mae money: Teaching methods that LOWER academic achievement.  (see links below for sources)

Student-Centered Learning 101 at the October Community Connection

Posted October 21

‘Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.’ -William Butler Yeats.

On Thursday October 9, Pittsfield Listens and the Pittsfield School District co-hosted a Community Connection on Student-Centered Learning 101, where community members joined to learn about SCL and how it has positively impacted Pittsfield Middle High School and the greater community.

The evening began with an open reception and dinner, with the opportunity to look at photos, articles, videos and handouts on Pittsfield Middle High School’s re-design and Pittsfield Listens’ community engagement efforts.  We opened the evening together in a circle with a round of introductions- where we learned we were joined by students, parents, staff, superintendent from a district in Massachusetts, home school parent, and community members with no connection to the school except a desire to learn more about the buzz about what’s happening with the redesign in the Pittsfield Schools. Read More…

Additional Parent Sources: