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JOYCE CRAIG, Candidate for Mayor: BAD For Manchester?

They say a politician’s campaign advisor says a lot about the candidate so let’s take a look at a candidate for Mayor in Manchester, NH.

Joyce Craig (D) has decided to run for Mayor in Manchester. Who did she ask to be her co-Chair on her election committee? Rep. Mary Heath who represents Manchester Ward 7……..
““I am honored to have Alderman Bill Cashin, Representative Mary Heath, Dave Allen and Kerry Schleyer as co-chairs of my campaign for Mayor of Manchester. I look forward to working with them. It’s time to move Manchester forward.”

How is Rep. Mary Heath on the issue of Common Core and parental rights? Unfortunately NOT GOOD at all.

Let’s look at her voting record this past year and you will see a consistent record of supporting the dumbed down Common Core Standards (rejected by parents in Manchester) and in opposition to parental rights.
We encourage you to go through her entire voting record.

Rep. Mary Heath voted AGAINST
1) SB101 (A SENATE BILL) AN ACT prohibiting the state from requiring implementation of common core standards.
2) HB276 (A HOUSE BILL) This bill prohibits the state board of education from adopting a rule requiring a school district or any public school to implement the common core state standards. The bill also requires a school board that elects not to implement or participate in the common core state standards or other minimum educational standards to adopt and implement educational standards that meet or exceed those standards.

***NOTE: Some State Legislators had a preference for one over the other however Rep. Heath opposed BOTH.

3) Rep. Heath voted to KILL HB302 which would require the department of education to submit all grant applications to the house of representatives committee concerned with educational issues for a public hearing and comments.

***NOTE: A vote against transparency since so many of these grant applications identify the local and state power in education that is given up for money.

4) Rep. Heath voted AGAINST Manchester’s Rep. Sullivan’s Bill supporting parental rights. HB332AN ACT relative to school district policy regarding objectionable course material. This bill requires school districts to provide advance notice to parents and legal guardians of course material involving discussion of human sexuality or human sexual education.

5) Rep. Heath voted against HB578 AN ACT relative to state board of education compliance with unfunded federal education mandates. This bill prohibits the state board of education from adopting rules that require a school district to comply with a federally mandated curriculum, method of instruction, or statewide assessment program which is not fully paid by federal funds.

It’s important to note that Rep. Heath’s record is NOT Joyce Craig’s record. However it certainly raises red flags that parents should be concerned about.

A suggestion would be to ask Joyce Craig to explain where she stands on all of these votes? With Rep. Heath and against parents in Manchester? IF she opposes Rep. Heath and stands with parents, why would she ask Rep. Heath to be her campaign manager?

There are other candidates in the race for Mayor in Manchester. It’s important to also note that Mayoral candidate Patrick Arnold (D) attended several school board meetings with parents who opposed Common Core but chose not to speak up on their behalf. That certainly causes us to wonder, where’s the leadership from Patrick Arnold?

Are the democrats willing to challenge and even fight for the parents in Manchester on this important issue? Or are they going to run a campaign that is more about political pandering but then do nothing to help the situation in Manchester if elected?

Parents need to ASK the tough questions of all of the candidates. What are they willing to do if elected?

So far their actions leave many of us thinking, things may actually get worse if they are elected.