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DUNCAN is CONFIRMED and Parents go IGNORED again

The latest appointment to the New Hampshire Board of Ed drew quite a response from parents across New Hampshire.  Parents who support school choice, Charter Schools and oppose Common Core organized a valiant effort to oppose the appointment of Bill Duncan (political activist) the the New Hampshire Board of Education.

Unfortunately, their voices fell on deaf ears again.

Similar to HB 1508, legislation to terminate Common Core in New Hampshire, parents came out in large numbers to oppose Duncan’s appointment to the Board of Ed.

Councilors Joe Kenney and Chris Sununu both commented on how they received an enormous amount of calls and e-mails on this ONE controversial nomination.  They listened and both voted against Governor Hassan’s nomination.

Councilors Pappas, Van Ostern and Pignatelli all supported the nomination.  The vote was 3 to 2 split down party lines.  Republicans OPPOSED and Democrats SUPPORTIVE.

Many parents across the state came out in opposition for various reasons.  Duncan opposes School Choice and is the leading plaintiff in the lawsuit against New Hampshires School Choice scholarship program.  He has also been opposed Charter Schools.

At stopcommoncorenh.org we try to focus on Common Core related issues and also felt this appointment was wrong for New Hampshire because of Duncan’s activism in support of Common Core.

It is time to take a hard look at those who support Common Core in New Hampshire and those who support Common Core activists like Duncan.

There has been testimony from professionals on the developmentally inappropriateness of the Common Core Standards.  This has been confirmed by Licensed Child Psychologists, teachers and Math and English content experts.

However we think it’s important to hear directly from a teacher who sums up what this really means: CHILD ABUSE.

While that is a strong term, if a teacher reports child abuse, it must be acted upon.  So if what we are doing to children in the classroom raises to the level of child abuse as this teacher claims, and the Common Core Standards are developmentally INAPPROPRIATE, what are these people doing to our children in New Hampshire?

Governor Hassan chose the most radical and extreme political activist in New Hampshire to serve on the New Hampshire Board of Education.  Has she given any consideration to the charges that are being leveled in this national debate?  Has she made any kind of statement that things are different in the New Hampshire public schools?  How can they be when almost all of them are using the Common Core Standards and will be subjected to the test that Nashua teachers said were inappropriate for children?

After you watch the video below ask yourself, are these the kind of people we want making decision for our children in our schools?  Or should we elect legislators who are willing to listen to parents and do the right thing? Common Core’s Child Abuse

Share this page with every parent and voter in New Hampshire.  Here are your Executive Councilors