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NH Democrat Representative Disparages Parents Who Contacted Him With Their Opinions On Common Core

This video is going viral and it SHOULD. It’s bad enough that parents are frustrated by the Common Core aligned curriculum that is destroying any chance at their child’s future in a math field. But now we have a New Hampshire State Representative bothered by parents who contact him and exercise their voice in this democratic process.

SB101 passed the New Hampshire Senate and was recently brought before the New Hampshire House Education Committee. Parents from around the Granite State mobilized by e-mailing the Committee members and testifying in support at the hearing.

There was overwhelming support by parents in favor of SB101 which would prohibit the state from requiring implementation of common core standards. Why? Because parents are fed up with these new academic standards in math and English.

This petition already has almost 1500 signatures calling for the end to Common Core in NH.

Where are all of those parents who want Common Core? No where to be found.

Parents are trying to work for better standards in their local schools only to be told they have no choice but to use them because they are mandated by the state. Parents are then told by the NH DoE that Common Core Standards are “voluntary.”

SB101 clarifies; “This bill prohibits the department of education and the state board of education from implementing the common core standards in any school or school district in this state.”

Schools are still free to use Common Core, however schools can adopt better quality standards instead.

This is available right now which is why Wakefield’s School Board rejected the problematic Common Core standards in favor of the higher and better OLD Massachusetts standards.

By placing this language into statute, there is no confusion and adds clarity to this mess we have in NH.

Today the House Education Committee debated and discussed SB101. During this discussion, Representative Mel Myler from Merrimack District 12 made some shocking comments regarding the parents who contacted him asking for his support.

We remind you of the smiliar comments made by Commissioner Barry about a year ago when HB1508 was brought before the House Education Committee. New Hampshire Commissioner Barry described parents as, “SMALL, LOUD and CONFUSED.”

We can also look at past comments from the U.S. Secretary of Education, Arne Duncan who also patronized moms who opposed Common Core as, “….white suburban moms who — all of a sudden — their child isn’t as brilliant as they thought they were and their school isn’t quite as good as they thought they were…”

We’ve got news for the elitists who think they know better than parents, we do know what we are talking about and we still don’t like Common Core.

Rep. Myler’s comments have gone viral now and only add to the problem we are seeing from this top-down approach to education reform. Those who continue to force this on schools marginalize parents who now have to deal with this mess at their kitchen table.

We encourage all New Hampshire residents to call Rep. Myler or send him a respectful e-mail letting him know what you think of his remarks.
Home Address:
PO Box 82
Contoocook, NH 03229-0082
Phone: (603)746-5294
Email: Mel.Myler@leg.state.nh.us


The good news is, SB101 did PASS the House Education Committee. The majority HEARD what the parents said and voted YEA. See the photo below to see how the committee members voted.


WARNING to PARENTS: NH House Ed Committee Votes AGAINST Parental Rights


HB303 would have put into statute a law that would prohibit dispositional testing and written consent for psychological treatment.  The MAJORITY voted YEA to KILL this important legislation.  (See above picture to note who voted YES to KILL your parental rights)

HB303 goes to the full NH House this week for a vote.  It’s important to write the House Representatives and tell them to OVERTURN the Committee recommendation to KILL this BILL.

Parental rights are NOT being upheld and it’s important for the Representatives to vote AGAINST the Committee Recommendation to KILL HB303

VOTE AGAINST the Committee recommendation to KILL (Inexpedient to Legislate) HB303
Parents should give WRITTEN consent before a school administrators performs a psychological assessment on YOUR children.

SEND the NH House of Reps. an email today: hreps@leg.state.nh.us

SUPPORT HB603 : Give Parents the RIGHT to Remove Their Child From Smarter Balanced


This bill gives parents the right to remove their child from taking the state annual assessment. Thus, reinforcing parental rights as to their control of what their children have access to. The amendment removes part of the bill that was passed earlier this session in HB 206. Other states are allowing parents to exempt their children from testing without any loss in federal funds. The number of students not taking the test should not statistically jeopardize any comparison with other schools.

The picture above gives you information on how the NH House Education Committee members voted on HB603.

You can find your State Representative here.  Send them an e-mail and ask them to SUPPORT HB603.

Note to New Hampshire Parents, You Will Be Ignored

This is a letter a NH parent received from State Rep. Gile who is the current Chair on the NH house Education Committee.  

It’s important to note that Rep. Gile (D) could have helped terminate Common Core last year when there was a vote on HB 1508.  She chose to oppose that legislation leaving parents like this one struggling to help their children with what should be simple math homework. Sadly this was pretty much a partisan vote.  If you click on that link, you can see how the State Reps. voted.  Remember that those who voted YEA, voted YES to KILL the Bill to terminate Common Core.  ie..they voted against parents.

Also note: How could the PISA tests in 2012 have any influence on whether they accepted CC when it was adopted by the states in 2010? 

We chose to leave the parent’s name off of this e-mail…..

Hello (Parent),…..Your letter is very compelling and your concerns about the common core state standards are indeed shared by others. However, you should know that the standards are not federally funded, nor are they mandated by either the federal government or the State of NH. NH is a local control state. The decision to adopt the standards is one made by the local school board, not the state.

The standards were created because of the very poor performance of American students, (15 year olds) who participate in an international examination called the Program for International Student Assessment (PISA). When these exams were first administered in 2000, American students did very well. The exams are administered to students in more than 34 countries every three years. When the results of the 2012 exams were released, American students had fallen further behind again in reading, mathematics and science. The U.S. is now below the international average.

The Governors and Education Commissioners from all over the U.S.(not the federal government) convened and decided to brings together educators from every state (two from NH) to develop these standards. Their concern is America’s economic future and the fact that our graduates are unqualified for many of the jobs that are available. Even in NH, there are companies with high tech and manufacturing jobs available at good salaries and no one with the skills to fill them. This does not bode well for our state or nation’s future.

I am sorry that your little boy who seems very bright is having such a difficult time in school. I have had three children of my own who all graduated from public school. I would suggest that you ask for a parent conference, or speak to the Principal. Further, it may be necessary to speak to a member of the School Board and share your concerns.

I appreciate your email, but there is nothing that the legislature can do to defund the CCSS. It is a local decision.


Rep. Mary Stuart Gile,Ed.D., Chair, Education Committee