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Why the NH DOE Commissioner Barry Needs To Be Censured

Why The NH DOE Commissioner Virginia Barry Needs To Be Censured
by John Lyscars

To David, John, Gregory, Bill, David, House Education, Emma, Molly, Virginia, Gary, Kevin, Helen, Tom, Cindy, Nancy…

Good Morning Senator Boutin,

I have copied the state legislators who have a keen interest in the future of NH education of our children and am hopeful that you and other Senators and Representatives can reign in some of the unelected positions within the NH Department of Education. Please let me explain.

Last night, at a Hooksett School Board meeting, I made the following motion, and while making the motion I clearly stated that the motion did not put the Superintendent or School District in any path of violating the law.

Motion: “Upon a parent or guardian submitting a notification to the Hooksett School District to refuse their child participate in the Smarter Balanced Assessment Test, the Hooksett School District is responsible for bringing that child to an alternate location with supervision for the duration of the testing period. Furthermore, no penalties will be assessed to children who do not participate in the Smarter Balanced Assessment Test.”

Unfortunately, the Superintendent had included in his updates the following Technical Service Advisory from Commissioner Barry…


…which included scare tactics to be employed against the parents and elected school board members, and because of this, the motion was defeated, with most of the arguments stating that the Board did not want to put the district or the Superintendent in a position of violating the law.

As a life long citizen of New Hampshire, USAF Veteran and elected Hooksett School Board member, I am calling on those in the Senate and House who value the protection of children and parents ultimate rights to refuse the Smarter Balanced Assessment Tests for their child to formally censure Commissioner Virginia Barry and any other officials who are not elected by New Hampshire constituents, and who participate in these types of tactics, to remind them that irresponsible and heavy handed statements carry a great deal of weight down here close to the children and parents, and that irresponsible scare tactics will not be tolerated by our elected legislative body.

Respectfully Submitted,
John Lyscars
Founder – H.E.L.P. – Higher Education Lifts People

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”
~Martin Luther King Jr.

New Hampshire Teacher Speaks Out Against High Stakes Testing

This was recently posted on a public face book page.  We wanted to make sure that parents were aware of it and want to thank all teachers who are showing real courage by speaking out against the damage of high-stakes testing in our New Hampshire schools
From a Hooksett teacher: Maryann DeLuca Boucher

Dear Mayor Gatsas!

I am writing to thank you for your ROCK SOLID stand on CCSS and it’s unfriendly cohort- SBAC!

I was extremely disappointed to hear that the Board of School voted against your well informed voice and moved forward with the charge to administer SBAC to the children in the Manchester School District!
I thought of you when I saw this article..


It is evident that you remain current on the controversail topics in this educational reform, I thank you for that!
Sadly, the Board of School doesn’t follow your lead. If they did, they wouldn’t be afraid to take a stand on doing what’s best for children.
I stand along side second grade teacher, Kelly Tambouris, and agree wholeheartedly with her position on the over use of assessment- especially High Stakes testing.

Thank you for all that you do for the children of the Manchester School District- you make a difference!

Maryann Boucher
Kindergarten Teacher
Hooksett School District
SAU #15

Hooksett, NH Teacher Speaks Out Against Common Core

My Letter to Bill Duncan and the NH Board of Education regarding Common Core here in NH.

Good Morning Mr. Duncan!

My name is Maryann Boucher and we met briefly at the Common Core State Standards Debate at St Anslem’s College last Monday evening. I was the teacher that approached you after the debate, sharing my displeasure with CCSS in NH and the lack of a Kindergarten Mandate/Full Day program in our state.

Throughout the debate you continually read endorsement after endorsement from NH Educators working with CCSS in their classrooms. You seemed surprised to hear I wasn’t an enthusiasts. I am writing because it’s my professional responsibility to share with you the latest news regarding The Chicago Teacher’s Union and Maine Teachers with respect to their recent opposition to Common Core, see below.



After you read the attached posts, please reflect on the following:

I urge you to look outside our borders and see what will soon be NH’s reality. Do you honestly believe Common Core and SBAC are the resources and tools we need?

I urge you to visit classrooms in our great state that have different demographics (poverty) and witness first hand the developmental inappropriateness of Common Core.

I urge you to do your own research! Learn WHY standards that were predominately in grades 1 and 2 are NOW living in Kindergarten? My classroom door is always open!

I urge you to talk to veteran teachers, and those that are not an “echo chamber” and listen with an open mind and hear their concerns.

I urge you to thoroughly scrutinize Common Core standards and prove their effectiveness and flexibility for our children with learning differences and culturally diversity ( ESOL).

I urge you to ask the professionals in Child Psychology, David Elkind, author of The Hurried Child , The Gisell Institute, and Leslie University why they don’t support Common Core State Standards in the primary grades?

I urge you to produce the evidence/study that illustrates “higher standards” improve student achievement. Great Teachers improve student achievement!

I urge you to take the Smarter Balanced Assessment, if you haven’t already, and share your scores publicly. Then report out on how your SBAC data will help a teacher design instruction to lift your learning. Assessment should drive instruction.

I urge you to find another profession that will be evaluated by someone else’s work. (new teacher evaluation system attached to RTTT Funds)

I urge you NOT to state 16,000 teachers from NEA-NH support Common Core.

I urge you to PAUSE and RETHINK your stand on Common Core in NH and it’s unfriendly cohort, Smarter Balanced.

As the Lorax spoke for the trees, I am an educator speaking for the children.

Thank You! You make a difference in the lives of our children.

Maryann Boucher
Hooksett School District
SAU #15
NH Educator since 1988
“Kindergartners should be blowing bubbles, NOT filling them in!”