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UPDATE: HB206 Surveys and Teaching White Privilege to NH Students

The Committee to Study Non-Academic Surveys or Questionnaires Administered by a Public School to its Students met on Weds. Sept. 1st. Below are the notes from that meeting. Please note that the next meeting is scheduled for Monday September 14th, 2015 – HB 206 Regular Meeting
LOB (Legislative Office Building behind the state house) Room 102 at 1:00pm
Subcommittee members:
Senator Kevin Avard
Representative John Balcom
Representative Barbara Shaw
Representative Kenneth Weyler
Representative Rick Ladd
Representative Mary Gile
Representative Terry Wolf

Notes from the Sept. 1st meeting:
A local school board member in NH talked about how a teacher in her district surveyed the students on highly personal questions but had the children stand up and move forward/backwards to show their answers. The teacher took pictures of the students.
She told them this is coming from either the feds/state on mandating humanities. The teacher acknowledged that this is social justice education.
There was no parental notification and not a survey you will find “online”.

Some of the questions students were asked:
Do you think you might be transgender, pansexual?
Are you related to slaves?

Children were able to see how their friends answered.
At the end of the activity, the “white/successful” children ended up in front.
This was to alert children to privileges they have. The goal was to teach, where does hate come from?

Superintendents are using a LOOPHOLE in the federal law PPRA because the surveys are “voluntary”. “It seeks to ensure that schools and contractors obtain written parental consent before minor students are required to participate in any ED-funded survey.” In other words, Superintendents like the one in Bedford said he could administer the invasive surveys WITHOUT PARENTAL CONSENT on children because it was “voluntary” versus “mandatory.”

The problem is that 12 year old children will often times think they are taking some kind of a test and not realize it’s something they can refuse. Young children also want to please the teacher and do not feel comfortable refusing the surveys. Parents contend that even if it’s voluntary, they have a right to see the surveys and approve/disapprove.

The Rutherford Institute was also brought up as a good source on parental rights and surveys: https://www.rutherford.org/publications_resources/john_whiteheads_commentary/do_parents_rights_end_at_the_schoolhouse_gate As you can see, grant funding was the objective versus parental rights:
Moreover, instead of acquiring written consent from parents, which is required under federal law, before subjecting students to these invasive surveys, MMS officials relied on so-called “passive consent,” by which parents are presumed to have given their approval if they do not return the opt-out form sent home with students. When challenged by a parent over this passive consent practice, a representative with the local social services agency administering the survey stated that the reason the “passive consent” system was adopted and why the method of obtaining consent would not be changed is that the agency needs a 98% participation rate in the survey in order to qualify for future government grants. In other words, recognizing that the participation rate would be 30% or less if a system requiring actual written parental consent were employed, test administrators adopt the fiction that a failure to respond is tantamount to parental consent in order to achieve the numbers needed to qualify for grant funding for their activities.

Remember it was Rep. Terry Wolf (R) from Bedford who opposed written consent from parents when administering surveys to students.

We hope that as the legislators move forward with this study committee, they will see the need to close the loophole in the federal law and require written parental consent. When greedy Superintendents seek to secure grant funding and purposely withhold information from parents, then it’s good for the state to step in and return local decisions to the parents.

URGENT MEETING: Parental Rights on Surveys

If you recall, there was an effort to help pass important legislation last session that would have required PARENTAL WRITTEN PERMISSION before the school could SURVEY your children.

Rep. Terry Wolf worked hard to remove “written permission” from the original bill. She along with the survey company representative succeed and the original bill was watered down.

In the new bill that was passed, they are now going to set up a “Study Committee”. It’s important to again, attend the meeting where select legislators will meet to discuss whether this is important or not.

AS it stands, parents do have the right to “opt out” their children on these invasive surveys, however we know that often times, parents are not aware that they are being given and they have no idea the kinds of questions being asked of their children.

There was OVERWHELMING support for the original bill but Rep.Wolf who said this was a “local” decision in her testimony (what’s MORE local than parental permission?) and the survey representative said if parents were required to give written permission, they would not get the large number of completed surveys.

We heard testimony from one school board member who said a teacher in NH made the students stand up in her class to answer questions. This meant all of the students and teacher saw exactly how the students answered these personal and invasive questions.

Some surveys we’ve seen include questions on whether there is a gun in the home, sexual orientation, religious affiliation, drug abuse, alcohol abuse and so on. (see link below)

It’s important to keep the pressure on our legislators to require an OPT in provision on these surveys. This is a parental rights issue.

DATE: September 2
Time: 11:00 am
WHERE: Legislative office building behind the State House room 102

If you CANNOT make it to the meeting, it’s important to make sure these legislators know that we expect them to support parental rights.

If you know these legislators or live in their district, give them a call or e-mail them
Thank you

Rep. John Balcom: john.balcom@leg.state.nh.us
Rep. Terry Wolf: terry.wolf@leg.state.nh.us
Senator Kevin Avard: Kevin.Avard@leg.state.nh.us
Rep. Barbara Shaw: beshaw3@comcast.net
Rep. Rick Ladd: ladd.nhhouse@charter.net
Rep. Ken Weyler: kweyler@aol.com
Rep. Mary Gile: Mary.Gile@leg.state.nh.us

For more info:
Rep. Terry Wolf Working To Deny Parental Rights in NH
What Are They Asking My Children
NH Gun Owners Beware

Who’s Working Against Parents In NH? We Are Naming Names

This year is proving to be quite the battle for parents who want control over their local schools versus allowing the Feds to run their schools with the help from the New Hampshire Dept. of Education.

We’ve highlighted pro-parent legislation like HB206 and how Rep. Terry Wolf (R-Bedford) removed written consent from parents, in an amendment, when their children are subjected to invasive surveys on controversial issues like sexual activity, gun ownership, drugs, alcohol, etc.

We’ve highlighted how SB101 was vetoed by Governor Hassan that simply clarified that schools do not have to adopt the Common Core standards. Chairman Raffio of the New Hampshire Board of Education also ignored the voices of parents and objected to SB 101. By placing SB101 in to statute, it would have helped parents who want to direct their local schools to use superior academic standards. Here is a list of State Reps who voted against parents (voted nay)

Democrats and a few Republicans have actively worked against parents and we hope we’ve managed to point out who those legislators are.

We’d like to keep pointing out a trend among the Democrats and a few Republicans who consistently oppose parental rights in New Hampshire. We’d also like to point out that you may actually be paying the salaries of lobbyists who also actively lobby against parental rights legislation too.

Let us remind you that just a few short years ago when Governor Lynch VETOED HB542 which gave parents the right to replace objectionable material (at their expense) that was assigned to their child.

Since then a few parents have exercised their right to replace materials that were assigned to their children that they found objectionable.

The law has worked great to help parents but it has also helped the schools too. How? Often times parents have to fight to remove objectionable material from the class and/or school. Now if one parent objects, they can simply replace the material for their children and not disrupt the class if the rest of the parents are fine with the assignment.

Who stood against parents?
1) Governor Lynch
2) Bill Duncan (who was appointed to the NH Board Of Education By Gov. Maggie Hassan
3 The Nashua Telegraph
4) UNH professors
5) NH School Administrators Association (check your school budget, chances are your taxes are paying this lobbyist)
6) The NH School Boards Association (Check your school budget, chances are your taxes are paying this lobbyist)
7) Lobbyists from the NEA-NH
8) NH Dept. of Education.

It’s important to take note of the same faces/lobbyists who continue to actively work against parents in New Hampshire.




Representative Terry Wolf (R-Bedford) Working To Deny Parental Rights in NH

Even in the extremely liberal state of Massachusetts, parents are lining up to demand “written consent” on surveys given to their children in school.

Whether it be on gun ownership, sexuality, drugs or alcohol, parents are fed up with schools gathering information on their children.

Fox News in Boston recently covered a hearing where Mass. parents demanded written consent from parents when their children are given surveys and questionnaires. One parent said of the students subjected to the Youth Risk Behavior Survey, “they need counseling after being subjected by this questionnaire.”

Another parent said this during her testimony, “I was sick to my stomach. I couldn’t believe it. I was shocked.”

So why is it so hard to get similar legislation passed in New Hampshire?
Representative Terry Wolf (R) of Bedford testified in opposition of HB206 and then added an amendment that removed written consent when schools administer surveys or questionnaires.

A representative from a survey company also testified against HB206 claiming that they’d get less participation in the surveys if parents actually saw the questions that were being asked.

A LARGE number of parents came out to testify in support of HB206 but again, we see legislators more concerned about pleasing a few people than parents in New Hampshire.

One parent in NH testified that a teacher required students stand up to move forwards or backwards when answering embarrassing questions. This gave all of the people in the room a clear picture on how the student answered the question.

Rep. Wolf testified that this is a local control issue and the State shouldn’t pass HB206. What is MORE local than the parents? As Chair of the Bedford School Board she also worked to deny parents “written consent” in Bedford. Now Rep. Wolf wants to make sure that all parents in New Hampshire do not have that opportunity in the name of “local control.” Does that even make sense?

HB206 has been watered down thanks to the efforts of a few people. The Senate votes on HB206 next week and will most likely follow the House version that was amended by Rep. Wolf and removes written consent from parents.

At the hearing in Massachusetts, newly elected State Rep. Rady Mom (D-Lowell), an immigrant from Cambodia who had been sent to a Khmer Rouge camp with his family as a young boy, was particularly shocked at the testimony, and said to one of the mothers after she spoke:

I’m just thinking of the questions being asked and I’m saying to myself, wow, this is what they did at a communist country where I just came from. This is amazing. This is what they’re trying to accomplish at our schools? I will look into it more. Thanks for coming.

At what point will the voices of parents be the strongest voice in public education? When the focus is on doing what’s best for the “State” versus what’s best for the children and parents in our local schools, we all lose in New Hampshire.

HB206 as originally filed with written consent
The Wolf Amendment to remove written consent from parents

NH Gun Owners BEWARE

Surveys given to students have caused quite an uproar in New Hampshire. Children have been questioned about their sexuality, drug and alcohol use, their families and all kinds of personal information. HB206 attempted to put in some parental control when schools survey your children.

We reported in earlier posts that HB206 required written consent from parents before schools could survey your children. This would allow for parents to look at the survey and make sure they were ok with the questions that were being asked.

Rep. Terry Wolf (R) from Bedford worked to remove written consent from parents when HB206 came to the House Education Committee. Wolf along with the survey company representative didn’t think requiring written consent from parents was necessary.

The company representative testified that if parents actually read the survey, less would participate.

Parents then took their anger to the Senate Education Committee where they demanded that written consent be added back to HB206.

Unfortunately their concerns fell on deaf ears and the Senate Ed Committee voted to amend HB206 to a study Committee. That’s where Bills go to DIE.

Local control means supporting parental rights. HB206 supported transparency so that parents would be informed on what information was going to be collected on their children.

We call upon the GUN OWNERS in New Hampshire to write or call their NH Senator and request that HB206 be passed as originally submitted. That means requiring written consent from parents before a school can survey their children.


If you think this is unnecessary, we ask you to take a look at this article where students were asked about whether their families owned guns.

“Here’s some of the perspective from parents and students regarding the survey:

April Heath used Facebook as her sounding board after she says her daughter was given the questionnaire at school. In her post, she says her daughter was asked her if her parents owned guns; it also asked for the student’s opinion on the legalization of marijuana, abortion and what her religion is.”

It is unacceptable for schools to be collecting this information on your children without your knowledge OR written consent.

Contact the NH Senators TODAY and tell them:
2) Vote AGAINST the HB206 Amendment to send it to a study committee and the Wolf Amendment to remove parental consent.

You can also use this e-mail address and your e-mail will be sent to ALL of the NH Senators: Senators@leg.state.nh.us

Or you can contact them individually:

Jeff Woodburn (d)
(603) 271-3207

Jeanie Forrester (r)
(603) 271-4980

Jeb Bradley (r)
(603) 271-2106

David Watters (d)
(603) 271-8631

David Pierce (d)
(603) 271-3067

Sam Cataldo (r)
(603) 271-4063

Andrew Hosmer (d)
(603) 271-8631

Gerald Little (r)
(603) 271-4151

Andy Sanborn (r)
(603) 271-2609

Molly Kelly (d)
(603) 271-3207

Gary Daniels (r)
(603) 271-2609

Kevin Avard (r)
(603) 271-4151

Bette Lasky (d)
(603) 271-3091

Sharon Carson (r)
(603) 271-1403

Dan Feltes (d)
(603) 271-3067

David Boutin (r)
(603) 271-3092

John Reagan (r)
(603) 271-4063

Donna Soucy (d)
(603) 271-3207

Regina Birdsell (r)
(603) 271-4151

Lou D’Allesandro (d)
(603) 271-2117

Martha Fuller Clark (d)
(603) 271-3076

Chuck Morse (r)
(603) 271-8472

Russell Prescott (r)
(603) 271-3074

Nancy Stiles (r)
(603) 271-3093

Did the NH Senate Education Committee FAIL Parents Again?

A LARGE number of parents came out to support HB206. This bill requires school districts to adopt a policy regarding student participation in non-academic surveys or questionnaires.

HB206 had bi-partisan support among the sponsors, but Rep. Terry Wolf (R) representing Bedford, testified in opposition to requiring parental consent before surveying students.

The House amended HB206 and removed written consent from parents before a school could administer a survey. Wolf’s amendment.

More parents attended the hearing on HB206 before the Senate Education Committee to request that “written consent” be added back to the original bill and passed.

Unfortunately their testimony fell on deaf ears because the Senate Ed. Committee then passed an amendment to send the Bill to a study Committee. (That’s where legislation goes to die)

Now we are getting news that the standardized tests also include surveys. Students who took the PARCC Common Core Assessment in Ohio were treated to another survey their parents did not know was being administered. They did not have access to the questions that would be asked of their children, they were not notified and they have no idea where this information will be sent.

HB206 goes before the FULL Senate for a vote SOON. Please WRITE the NH Senators NOW and tell them that the STUDY COMMITTEE is UNACCEPTABLE. Parents want their rights to be UPHELD, not undermined.

TELL THEM TO PASS HB206 in the ORIGINAL FORM that includes WRITTEN CONSENT from parents before a school can survey students. Tell them that a study committee is unacceptable. Senators@leg.state.nh.us

Village of Morrow, Ohio
One School Board member calls for action to unite the school board with parents who are concerned with PARCC Testing. Weigh in and show your support on the issue of the PARCC testing. Since many parents have choosen to opt-out of the test, we know it is of interest to you. School Board Member, Tony Niemesh presented some insightful comments at the board meeting.
In light of the recent development regarding a “student survey” at the end of the PARCC assessment that is in direct violation of board policy, I am highly concerned about our ability as a district to continue to administer these assessments in their current format.
With many parents across the state and in our own district choosing to “opt-out” of these assessments, many due to concerns over student privacy and “data mining” I find it particularly disturbing that PARCC and the ODE would choose to add a student survey to the end of this assessment in light of growing District and Parent concerns.

I find it unacceptable and inexcusable that PARCC and ODE would put Districts in the position of defending these assessments and practices to our community, only to then deliberately add this survey to the end of the assessment without our knowledge. If PARCC and ODE wanted some feedback on the assessment then they should have asked teachers and administrators. If they wanted to gather information from kids, the survey should have been provided to us in advance, or it should have been optional. I believe these assessments serve a minimal purpose for a number of reasons:

1. they are designed by private corporations who stand to profit greatly from their implementation
2. They are designed to drive instruction at the local level and they come with a $750 million dollar penalty to ODE from the Federal government, which seriously clouds the judgement and motives of those mandating them.
3. Of the 26 States who were initially part of PARRC approximately 10 remain.
4. This assessment has not been found to be valid or reliable especially given the number of parents who are “opting out”. Without the scores of the “opt out” population, our district scores will be incomplete and inaccurate.

We as a District and taxpayers are footing the bill for these assessments, in turn we should be treated as the customer, to learn that my Supt. was bounced back and forth between ODE and PARCC who’s customer service approach seems to be to point the finger at the other, and for them to refuse to share the survey questions with us I find inexcusable.

Pearson and the State DOE have been ineffective, un-cooperative, and in the case of this survey, at best mis-leading, and at worst deliberately deceptive. This District and the board have made significant efforts and strides to gain the trust of the taxpayers since returning to local control from Financial Insolvency, and with the level of mis-trust surrounding these “assessments”, the actions of the DOE and PARCC and Pearson only work to dissolve the trust between the community, the local school district, and the Board.

Our Superintendent has taken a stand, our parents are opting out and taking a stand, and I believe now is time for us to take a stand and say “NO MORE!!”.
This board should never direct our administrative leaders to impose any curriculum or assessment on its students that directly violates board policy, serves a minimal meaningful educational purpose and return on investment, and funnels tax dollars and resources away from classroom teachers and students to private companies and entities.

The policy of this Board and the privacy of our students should be paramount. The time has come for us to take back local control of our school system and the resources our citizens have entrusted to us. It’s time for this board to tell Pearson and the DOE that we welcome the opportunity to partner with them to continually improve the quality of education each child receives here in Little Miami and across the State of Ohio, but that we will no longer stand for the idea of them dictating the terms to us, especially when those terms fly in the face of sound educational practice, are built on a foundation of political and financial motives, violate the privacy of our students, and undermine the authority of Local Boards of Education.”

NH Parents: Your “Parental RIGHTS” Are Under Assault Again

Parents your voices were silenced in the Senate Education Committee yesterday but you have one more opportunity to change that.

HB206 required school districts to adopt a policy regarding student participation in non-academic surveys or questionnaires. The original Bill required districts to obtain written consent from parents before they could survey your children on personal information including sexuality, drugs, alcohol, etc.

Parents from across the state wrote the committees and testified in support of this important legislation. Rep. Terry Wolf-R from Bedford watered down the language by removing written parental consent through an amendment in the House.

The watered down version passed the House and moved to the Senate Education Committee where more parents came out to support HB206 but demanded that written consent be added back.

We are sorry to report that in the Senate Education Committee, the entire Bill has been amended to a “study committee.” A study committee is where legislation goes to die.

We encourage you to scroll through one of the invasive surveys that was recently given to students in Bedford. http://www.girardatlarge.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/04/Attitudes-Behaviors-Survey-1.pdf

The State does not have the right to walk into your home and gather information on your family without your consent. Why do they think they have the right to gather information on your family through your children without your consent?

There is still an opportunity to overturn this decision. Write your Senator and then send a copy to all of the senators (Senators@leg.state.nh.us) asking them to vote NO on the Study Committee Amendment and support an amendment that restores written consent to the original Bill.

Tell them it is their duty to uphold parental rights in New Hampshire.

Talking points:
1) VOTE NO on the AMENDMENT to send HB206 to a study Committee
2) Introduce and SUPPORT a floor Amendment that adds written consent to HB206
3) Vote to support HB206 with a floor Amendment that restores written consent
4) Their duty is to uphold our parental rights NOT undermine them


Senate Schedule 4/14/2015

1) 9:00 AM 4/14 LOB 103 HB 323, relative to the administration of the statewide assessment program.
Please attend this important hearing on testing and OPPOSE HB323.
If you cannot attend, please send an e-mail to: Senators@leg.state.nh.us

* Cements in Competency Based Assessments through state law
* Doesn’t allow “opt outs” for parents if the assessments prove to be problematic
* Adds MORE testing, does not reduce testing
* Makes it difficult for any new Governor to remove CBE from NH schools
* Further dumbs down education instead of focusing on literacy and academic excellence
* Continues to put the State and Feds in control of curriculum instead of local school boards and parents
* CBE is dumbed down workforce training that focuses on dispositions, attitudes and workforce skills vs literacy
* CBE reduces the child down to “human capital” for the state vs. educating the student to the best of their ability

2) 9:20 AM 4/14 LOB 103 HB 603, relative to student exemption from the statewide assessment.
Please attend this hearing and SUPPORT HB603 or write the NH Senators: Senators@leg.state.nh.us
HB603 Protects a parent’s right to refuse the Smarter Balanced Assessment
Read more here: http://nhfamiliesforeducation.org/content/hb-603-protecting-right-refuse-statewide-testing-smarter-balanced-assessments

Many parents e-mailed and attended the hearing on HB206. HB206 AN ACT relative to non-academic surveys or questionnaires given to students that originally included WRITTEN consent from parents before the school district could survey your children.

An amendment offered by Rep. Terry Wolf (R-Bedford) removed written consent and watered down the Bill.
Many parents testified before the NH SENATE Education Committee asking that written consent be put BACK in via an amendment. That has NOT been done and we are hearing that the Senate Ed. Committee will be IGNORING parents and voting against written consent. This is UNACCEPTABLE to the many parents who showed up to testify in support of parental rights.

PLEASE take your time this weekend to CALL the Senate Chair (John Reagan 603-463-5945) on the Senate Ed Committee. Ask him to LISTEN to the MANY parents who want to be fully informed on these surveys.

Here is a copy of a survey given to students in middle school last year: http://www.girardatlarge.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/04/Attitudes-Behaviors-Survey-1.pdf

Talking points:
1) Respectfully discuss your concerns about surveys given to children in our schools
2) The Senators received a large number of e-mails from parents requesting written consent from parents
3) This legislation supports local control in education because it’s the parents who will be notified and informed.
4) How can they disregard the large number of parents who showed up to the hearing in support of HB206 WITH a written consent amendment
5) They should not be protecting company profits for survey companies but supporting parental rights

PARENTAL RIGHTS should be upheld by our elected representatives, not undermined!!! CALL TODAY
You can also call this number and leave a message for the Senate Education Committee members: Phone: 271-3091

URGENT Call to Action : Show UP Tomorrow For Two Important Bills

IMPORTANT BILLS TOMORROW. PLEASE attend the hearings if you can.
Come to the Legislative Office Building BEHIND the State House:

HB 206


AN ACT relative to non-academic surveys or questionnaires given to students.
SUPPORT with AVARD amendment that will require WRITTEN consent from parents on surveys.

9:40 am in room 103 before the Senate Education Committee.
Come into the room and sign the sheet. Sign in SUPPORTING HB206 WITH AMENDMENT.
IF you can get up and speak, please also mark that you are wanting to speak.
Get there about 9:30 to make sure you sign the sheet.

IF you cannot attend this hearing, please send an e-mail (with your address) to the Senators in support of HB206 with the Avard Amendment that requires written parental consent on all surveys

SB101 http://www.gencourt.state.nh.us/legislation/2015/SB0101.html

AN ACT prohibiting the state from requiring implementation of common core standards.
11:15 am in room 207 before the House Education Committee
Come into the room and sign the sheet in SUPPORT.
If you can speak to the Committee, PLEASE do.
You will need to fill out a PINK CARD and turn it in to one of the Members of the Committee.

Get there about 11:00am

If you cannot attend this hearing, send an e-mail to the NH State Reps supporting SB101