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BIA (Business Industry Assoc.) Lobbying Against Parental Rights In NH

It looks like the BIA (Business Industry Assoc.) stands in OPPOSITION of parental rights in New Hampshire too.
BIA HB 603 Letter

We now have our Governor and a business lobbying group working against parents in New Hampshire.

We continue to encourage business to withdraw from the BIA. The BIA lobbies in favor of the dumbed down Common Core standards for our children and now they are lobbying against parents too.

The BIA & Governor Hassan: CHILDREN FOR SALE!

See the attached letter below from the BIA urging Governor Hassan to VETO SB101.
SB101 prohibited the implementation of Common Core in New Hampshire Schools.

The BIA has been engaged in supporting Common Core in New Hampshire for a few years. They have been actively working against parents and teachers in New Hampshire who want better quality standards.

You would think the BIA would be concerned about preparing students for the STEM programs. (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) However we know the Common Core math standards fail to prepare student for STEM programs in college.
Please listen here to the lead writer of the Common Core math standards

So what does the BIA gain from a dumbed down public school system? Well according to this payment, the Gates Foundation paid $1,910,978.00 to the National Chamber of Commerce for their support of Common Core.

The Chamber has been pushing Common Core ever since.

Your children are up for sale in New Hampshire and it’s not a good thing. Ask Governor Hassan why the Business Industry Assoc. is MORE important than parents, teachers and students in NH.

05072015 BIA SB101 Letter-2