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When School Administrators Bully Children…

Mom says third-grade daughter banned from school party for Common Core opt-out <—read full story here.

We heard from parents around New Hampshire that their children were being excluded from rewards and parties when they refused to let their children take the Smarter Balanced Assessment.

We would advise doing the following:
1) Document everything. Ask for clarification from the administrators on what they have planned.
2) If they are excluding children, take this information to a public school board meeting and notify your elected board members.
3) Invite the media to attend that school board meeting and have your written testimony available to give to the reporters.
4) Ask the local board members to implement a policy on bullying by school administrators.
a) Ask for a safe area for your children while testing is going on
b) Ask for quality education materials/assignments for children not taking the test
c) Include all children in activities or rewards for testing
5) Follow up with letters to the editor in your local paper on what happened and how the local board handled your request.
6) Above all else, ALL parents need to support a good policy and discourage this type of behavior by school administrators whether they allow their children to take the test or not.