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Time for a Good Old Fashioned Boycott New Hampshire!

BIA has been an ACTIVE and VOCAL supporter of Common Core in NH. They’ve actively lobbied AGAINST PARENTAL RIGHTS.

The BIA is the Chamber of Commerce and the National Chamber has received LARGE $$ donations from the Gates Foundation who is the $$ behind Common Core.

Below is a list of individuals serving on the Board at the BIA.
Feel free to distribute this information.

What can you do?
Contact these companies and tell them you do NOT want the BIA supporting dumbed down standards in OUR public schools. Tell them that we will actively BOYCOTT their company/products and expose their anti-public school /parental rights agenda.

Board of Directors

Sharron McCarthy, Chair
President/Publisher, McLean Communications

Val Zanchuk, Chair-elect
President, Graphicast

Donald Welch, Past Chair
President, Globe Manufacturing Co. LLC

Karl Heafield, Treasurer
Principal and Past Managing Partner, Baker Newman Noyes

Scott Ellison, Secretary
Partner, Cook Little Rosenblatt and Manson

Jim Roche, President, Business and Industry Association of NH

Donald Baldini, AVP and Senior Legislative Counsel
Liberty Mutual Group

Todd Black, SVP External Affairs and Customer Relations

Kevin Callahan, President and CEO
Exeter Health Resources Inc.

Joseph Carelli, President NH/VT
Citizens Bank

Cheryl Coletti, VP Business Development
Boston Asset Management

Richard Couch, Chairman of the Board
Hypertherm Inc.

Tim Dining, President
Sealite USA LLC

Linda Fanaras, President
Millennium Integrated Marketing

Suzanne Foster, Vice President and General Manager
Medtronic Advanced Energy

Katherine Garfield, President
Robert R. Keller Companies

Bryan Granger, SVP, Compliance and Administration
C&S Wholesale Grocers Inc.

Lisa Guertin, President and General Manager
Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield in NH

Pamela Hall, President
Normandeau Associates

Randall Labnon, General Manager
Town and Country Inn and Resort

Todd Leach, Chancellor
University System of New Hampshire

Stephen LeBlanc, Executive Vice President
Dartmouth-Hitchcock Health

Paul Markwardt, VP/Deputy General Manager
BAE Systems

John Morison, Chairman
Hitchiner Manufacturing Co., Inc.

Joseph Murray, Vice President of Public Affairs
Fidelity Investments

John Olson, President
Whelen Engineering Inc.

Bill Quinlan, President and COO

Teresa Rosenberger, President
Devine Strategies

Timothy Sink, President
Greater Concord Chamber of Commerce

Thomas Sullivan, VP of Newport Operations
Sturm, Ruger and Company Inc.

Ray Tice, Chief Financial Officer
Lindt and Sprüngli

Alexander Walker, SVP for Operations & Strategic Development
Catholic Medical Center

Steven Webb, Market President NH
TD Bank

David Worthen, President
Worthen Industries

NH’s Governor Hassan: The Most Anti-Parental Rights Governor?

Governor Hassan and the Business Industry Association (BIA) are fighting against parental rights in New Hampshire

California has a law that specifically states a parent’s right when it comes to excluding their children from the state standardized assessment.

“Not withstanding any other provision of the law, a parent’s or guardian’s
written request to school officials to exclude his or her child from any
or all parts of the assessments administered pursuant to this chapter
shall be granted.” [Section 852 of Title 5 of the California Code of Regulations
further provides that parents or guardians may annually submit a written
request to the school to excuse their child from any or all parts of the
CAASPP for the school year. See 5 C.C.R. §852(c).]

Just last week Governor Hassan VETOED HB603 which would have clarified your right to exclude YOUR children from the state standardized assessment. California is MORE parental rights than Governor Hassan!

Why is HB603 needed when many parents in New Hampshire excluded their children this school year?
Many parents were given false and misleading information from their school administrators when trying to exercise this fundamental right.
Is the Nashua Superintendent Misleading Parents?
What To Do When Your School Administrators Mislead You

Administrators used a technical advisory from the New Hampshire Department of Education that misled many parents into believing they had no right to opt out of the Smarter Balanced Assessment.

For whatever reason, many administrators did not share the technical advisory that indicated that there were no New Hampshire laws preventing parents to exclude their children from this annual assessment.

By signing HB603 into law, there would be no confusion.

Not only is California protecting the rights of parents through state statute, parents are now demanding that their Department of Education INFORM parents that this law is on the books and they have this right to REFUSE.

What has New Hampshire’s Governor done? NOTHING to protect or inform parents of their fundamental rights.

WE continue to ENCOURAGE you to CONTACT the New Hampshire State Representatives and Senators and ask them to OVERRIDE Governor Hassan’s VETO of HB603.


Taken from the California petition and slightly CHANGED to fit NH :
There are probably as many reasons for parents and guardians to opt their children out of these tests as there are children. These include:

1) College-bound children already face a round of tests that determine their child’s college readiness – including, but not limited to, the SATs, the ACTs and various Advanced Placement Exams.

2) This computer-based testing program lacks a proven track record. The secrecy and non-transparency of the tests is a factor here. These tests have not been proven to be fair, reliable, valid and unbiased. There are unanswered questions about cut scores and whether the tests are developmentally appropriate.

3) Children with learning disabilities are being tested on material that is beyond their IEP (Individualized Education Program), whereas parents and guardians of children enrolled in accelerated programs are subjected to tests on material already covered in previous years.

4) Concern about about the privacy and security of the tests. Many object to the fact that private, for profit corporations are data mining their children with few specifics about how these companies can use this information in the marketplace. Others are concerned that the testing companies routinely monitor schoolchildren on their social media to uncover discussions about the tests. These vendors ARE NOT covered by the FERPA law.

5) Children who are sick, emotionally disturbed, suffering from personal or family trauma are already experiencing too much stress. Testing is one more stressor and it is unlikely that the test results will reflect their children’s abilities.

6) Tests have only served to narrow the curriculum — de-emphasizing the so-called ‘non-testable’ subjects that include the arts, PE, vocational studies, foreign languages, recess and other important components of a comprehensive education. Many do not like the fact that these high stakes tests have created an atmosphere of ‘teaching to the test’.

7) Time and money spent on the testing programs which extend beyond the administration of the tests. They see allocations for test prep materials, teacher training programs, tech support, and most significantly, expensive educational technology diverting money from other essential programs.

BIA (Business Industry Assoc.) Lobbying Against Parental Rights In NH

It looks like the BIA (Business Industry Assoc.) stands in OPPOSITION of parental rights in New Hampshire too.
BIA HB 603 Letter

We now have our Governor and a business lobbying group working against parents in New Hampshire.

We continue to encourage business to withdraw from the BIA. The BIA lobbies in favor of the dumbed down Common Core standards for our children and now they are lobbying against parents too.

The BIA & Governor Hassan: CHILDREN FOR SALE!

See the attached letter below from the BIA urging Governor Hassan to VETO SB101.
SB101 prohibited the implementation of Common Core in New Hampshire Schools.

The BIA has been engaged in supporting Common Core in New Hampshire for a few years. They have been actively working against parents and teachers in New Hampshire who want better quality standards.

You would think the BIA would be concerned about preparing students for the STEM programs. (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) However we know the Common Core math standards fail to prepare student for STEM programs in college.
Please listen here to the lead writer of the Common Core math standards

So what does the BIA gain from a dumbed down public school system? Well according to this payment, the Gates Foundation paid $1,910,978.00 to the National Chamber of Commerce for their support of Common Core.

The Chamber has been pushing Common Core ever since.

Your children are up for sale in New Hampshire and it’s not a good thing. Ask Governor Hassan why the Business Industry Assoc. is MORE important than parents, teachers and students in NH.

05072015 BIA SB101 Letter-2