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NH PARENTS: A Call To Action. What are they doing?

We know parents in New Hampshire want the best education for their children. We also know that the Obama Redesign (with Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards) do not provide that for our children. That is why many parents across the state have started to fight for better standards and testing in our local schools.

We’d like to thank parents and teachers who’ve spoken out and are demanding better in New Hampshire.

We now ask you to send a message to all of the State Reps and Senators in New Hampshire and ask them what they did this legislative session to STOP Common Core in New Hampshire.

E-MAILS including the NH Board of Ed members:(copy and paste),,,,,,,,,,,

You will be pleasantly surprised to know that some of them DID try to support parents by supporting legislation like SB101. Here are the State Reps that supported parents and SB101. Here are the State Reps. who ignored your voice and chose to side with the dumbed down standards.

We ask you to copy the Common Core Math and English flaws listed below and send them to the NH legislators with this message:
Thank the legislators who supported SB101 and remind them that the Common Core Math and English standards have serious flaws that put our children at a disadvantage. Why would those who did not support SB101 continue to support flawed academic standards for our children?

It might also be a good idea to take this list to your next school board meeting and ask your board members what the administrators have done to correct these flaws? Ask for proof.

Whether this is addressed at the state or local level, has anyone attempted to make any of these improvements to the state or local Common Core standards used in your district?

Missing or Delayed in Common Core’s Mathematics Standards

R. James Milgram (Stanford University)

I. Kindergarten through Grade 7

1. CC does not require proficiency with addition and subtraction until Grade 4 (a grade

behind our international competitors).

2. CC does not require proficiency with multiplication using the standard algorithm

(step-by-step procedure for calculations) until Grade 5 (a grade behind standard


3. CC does not require proficiency with division using the standard algorithm until Grade 6

(two grades behind our international competitors).

4. CC starts teaching decimals in Grade 4 (about two years behind the more rigorous


5. CC fails to teach in K-7 key geometrical concepts (e.g., sum of angles in a triangle,

isosceles and equilateral triangles, etc.).

6. Excludes fluent conversion between different forms of fractions: regular fractions,

decimals, and percents.

7. CC fails to teach prime factorization. Consequently, it does not include teaching about

least common denominators or greatest common factors.

8. CC fails to teach compound interest and the associated formula, (x

A(n+l) – l)/(x-l) =
1 + x + x

A2 + … + xAn.
II. Algebra 1: Missing components needed for Algebra II and Calculus

1. Division of monomials, polynomials (only addition, subtraction & multiplication are


2. Derivation and understanding of slopes of parallel and perpendicular lines

3. Manipulation and simplification of rational expressions

4. Multi-step problems with linear equations and inequalities

5. Multi-step problems with four operations between polynomials

6. Multi-step problems involving manipulation of rational expressions

7. Solving two linear inequalities in two variables and sketching the solution sets

8. Solve problems with quadratic expressions (added to CA’s CC standards)

9. Solve problems with equations and inequalities with absolute value (same)


Geometry: Key topics missing include properties of triangles, circles
IV. Algebra

II: Key topics missing include composite functions,
combinations and permutations, structure of logarithms and
conversion between bases

in Common Core’s English Language Arts and Literacy Standards
Presented at National Principals Leadership Institute (NPLI)
Sandra Stotsky*
July 13,2014
I. Missing Standards
1. No standard on the history of the English language
2. No standard on British literature aside from Shakespeare
3. No standard on authors from the ancient world
4. No standard on selected pieces from the Bible as literature so that students can learn
about its influence on English and American literature
n. Overall Deficits
1. Stress on writing, not reading
2. Stress on reading informational texts, not complex literary texts
3. Reduction in opportunities to develop critical thinking
4. Reduction hi literary study in the K-12 English class to 9 of 19 reading standards
5. No list of recommended authors, literary movements, literary periods
6. Poorly written standards
lH. Murky, badly written standards, not fewer, clearer, deeper
For example, a literature standard for grades 9/10 asks students to: “determine a theme or
central idea of a text and analyze in detail its development over the course of the text, including how it
emerges and is shaped and refined by specific details; provide an objective summary of the text.”
This poorly constructed and self-contradictory sentence is a jumble of at least three different
activities: determining a theme, analyzing its development, and summarizing a complete text.
IV. Literacy standards for history
1. Inappropriate exemplars for informational reading in high school history classes.
2. Inappropriate literacy strategies for the study of history: a non-historical approach to
the study of historical texts. The study of history requires, among other things, the use
of skills like contextualization, sourcing, and corroboration. These skills differ from
those used in literary analysis.
* Sandra Stotsky is professor of education emerita at the University of Arkansas, where she
held the 21st Century Chair hi Teacher Quality. She served as Senior Associate
Commissioner at the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education
from 1999-2003, where she was hi charge of developing or revising all the state’s K-12
standards, teacher licensure tests, and teacher and administrator licensure regulations. She
served on the Massachusetts Board of Elementary and Secondary Education from 2006-2010,
on the National Mathematics Advisory Panel from 2006-2008, and on the Common Core
Validation Committee from 2009-2010. She was one of the five members of the Validation
Committee who would not sign off on the standards as being internationally benchmarked,
rigorous, or research-based.

Representative Terry Wolf (R-Bedford) Working To Deny Parental Rights in NH

Even in the extremely liberal state of Massachusetts, parents are lining up to demand “written consent” on surveys given to their children in school.

Whether it be on gun ownership, sexuality, drugs or alcohol, parents are fed up with schools gathering information on their children.

Fox News in Boston recently covered a hearing where Mass. parents demanded written consent from parents when their children are given surveys and questionnaires. One parent said of the students subjected to the Youth Risk Behavior Survey, “they need counseling after being subjected by this questionnaire.”

Another parent said this during her testimony, “I was sick to my stomach. I couldn’t believe it. I was shocked.”

So why is it so hard to get similar legislation passed in New Hampshire?
Representative Terry Wolf (R) of Bedford testified in opposition of HB206 and then added an amendment that removed written consent when schools administer surveys or questionnaires.

A representative from a survey company also testified against HB206 claiming that they’d get less participation in the surveys if parents actually saw the questions that were being asked.

A LARGE number of parents came out to testify in support of HB206 but again, we see legislators more concerned about pleasing a few people than parents in New Hampshire.

One parent in NH testified that a teacher required students stand up to move forwards or backwards when answering embarrassing questions. This gave all of the people in the room a clear picture on how the student answered the question.

Rep. Wolf testified that this is a local control issue and the State shouldn’t pass HB206. What is MORE local than the parents? As Chair of the Bedford School Board she also worked to deny parents “written consent” in Bedford. Now Rep. Wolf wants to make sure that all parents in New Hampshire do not have that opportunity in the name of “local control.” Does that even make sense?

HB206 has been watered down thanks to the efforts of a few people. The Senate votes on HB206 next week and will most likely follow the House version that was amended by Rep. Wolf and removes written consent from parents.

At the hearing in Massachusetts, newly elected State Rep. Rady Mom (D-Lowell), an immigrant from Cambodia who had been sent to a Khmer Rouge camp with his family as a young boy, was particularly shocked at the testimony, and said to one of the mothers after she spoke:

I’m just thinking of the questions being asked and I’m saying to myself, wow, this is what they did at a communist country where I just came from. This is amazing. This is what they’re trying to accomplish at our schools? I will look into it more. Thanks for coming.

At what point will the voices of parents be the strongest voice in public education? When the focus is on doing what’s best for the “State” versus what’s best for the children and parents in our local schools, we all lose in New Hampshire.

HB206 as originally filed with written consent
The Wolf Amendment to remove written consent from parents

NH Senate Ed Committee Votes Against HB603 & Against NH Parents

New Hampshire parents, once again your rights are under attack by the Senate Education Committee.

The Senate Education Committee today voted 3 to 2 against parental rights (HB603) in New Hampshire. HB603 :
This bill declares that a student exempted from taking the statewide assessment by the student’s parent or legal guardian shall not be penalized. The bill also requires a school district to provide an appropriate alternative educational activity for the time period during which the assessment is administered..

HB603 would put into statute important legislation supportive of parental rights to opt out of the Smarter Balanced Assessment.

We know the numerous problems with the new Smarter Balanced Assessment (SBA):
1) School Board Member and State Representative David Murotake testified that Nashua teachers said this about the SBA
a) totally grade level inappropriate
b) Seems the test was designed more as a psychological or sociological experiment, not as
a measure of academic learning
c) It is nothing less than child abuse for my special ed students in my classroom

2) According to Rasmussen: The Smarter Balanced Common Core Mathematics Tests Are Fatally Flawed and Should Not Be Used An In-Depth Critique of the Smarter Balanced Tests for Mathematics
3) Dr. Gary Thompson, License Child Psychologist calls the Common Core assessments: Cognitive Child abuse
4) Teacher in NY reports that the Common Core testing is child abuse

There is enough evidence to show that the Smarter Balanced Assessment should be halted in the state of New Hampshire. However since our Governor and her Commissioner ignore these warnings, it is up to the parents to step in if the school administrators will not.

Parents have the fundamental right to guide their child’s education and that is consistently upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court. However in this rush to chase federal dollars, concern for children is no longer taken into account. Yes parents, your children are now subjected to child abuse per trained professionals and medically licensed physicians so we can get our money back from the federal government. TALK ABOUT GREED.

HB603 is a valiant effort to ensure parents will have that right to refuse this abusive testing scheme.

Today April 28th, the Senate Education Committee voted “Inexpedient to legislate” on HB603. That means the majority, three of the five members, voted to KILL HB603 and deny you your parental rights. (Senators Stiles, Watters and Kelly) Why? Well as you can see in this video, Senator Stiles spells it out for you. She’s concerned about losing federal dollars.

Forget that this testing scheme may be harming children.
Forget that the Common Core math assessment is fatally flawed.
Forget that the questions are developmentally inappropriate for your children.
Forget that the Nashua teachers are warning parents about the serious problems with this assessment, Sen. Stiles makes it clear that her concern is over federal dollars.

So is she right? Does New Hampshire run the risk of losing federal dollars? And how much do we get annually from the feds? We all know how high our property taxes are each year and that’s where the majority of your school’s budget comes from.

On average schools receive less than 10% of their budget from the Feds. In other words, you pay over 90% through state and property taxes to your schools but your voice doesn’t matter. The feds pay less than 10% and that’s what Sen. Stiles is concerned about.

Since HB603 would put into statute a parent’s right to opt out of these bad assessments, let’s look at how that has impacted other states. Did they lose federal funding?

According to there is nothing to fear as Sen. Stiles would have you believe.
States, districts and schools sometimes claim they will lose federal Title I funds if parents, students or teachers boycott standardized tests required under No Child Left Behind (NCLB). As far as we know, no school or district anywhere in the country has ever been penalized for failing to test enough (95%) of its students. Further, seven states (Utah, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, Oregon, Washington and California) have laws allowing opt out, and none have been sanctioned. Parents, students and teachers generally should not fear harmful consequences to their schools due to federal law if parents boycott standardized tests.

We’ve heard these threats before but where’s the PROOF? Where’s the proof Sen. Stiles that New Hampshire would lose federal dollars (OUR money) if we were to put in statute the parental rights we already posses?

Why are our elected representatives more concerned about pleasing the federal U.S. Department of Education bureaucrats more than the parents and residents who elect them?

We urge everyone to contact New Hampshire Senators and vote AGAINST the Committee recommendation to KILL HB603 and to support parents in New Hampshire.
HB603 SEC vote


Senate Schedule 4/14/2015

1) 9:00 AM 4/14 LOB 103 HB 323, relative to the administration of the statewide assessment program.
Please attend this important hearing on testing and OPPOSE HB323.
If you cannot attend, please send an e-mail to:

* Cements in Competency Based Assessments through state law
* Doesn’t allow “opt outs” for parents if the assessments prove to be problematic
* Adds MORE testing, does not reduce testing
* Makes it difficult for any new Governor to remove CBE from NH schools
* Further dumbs down education instead of focusing on literacy and academic excellence
* Continues to put the State and Feds in control of curriculum instead of local school boards and parents
* CBE is dumbed down workforce training that focuses on dispositions, attitudes and workforce skills vs literacy
* CBE reduces the child down to “human capital” for the state vs. educating the student to the best of their ability

2) 9:20 AM 4/14 LOB 103 HB 603, relative to student exemption from the statewide assessment.
Please attend this hearing and SUPPORT HB603 or write the NH Senators:
HB603 Protects a parent’s right to refuse the Smarter Balanced Assessment
Read more here:

Many parents e-mailed and attended the hearing on HB206. HB206 AN ACT relative to non-academic surveys or questionnaires given to students that originally included WRITTEN consent from parents before the school district could survey your children.

An amendment offered by Rep. Terry Wolf (R-Bedford) removed written consent and watered down the Bill.
Many parents testified before the NH SENATE Education Committee asking that written consent be put BACK in via an amendment. That has NOT been done and we are hearing that the Senate Ed. Committee will be IGNORING parents and voting against written consent. This is UNACCEPTABLE to the many parents who showed up to testify in support of parental rights.

PLEASE take your time this weekend to CALL the Senate Chair (John Reagan 603-463-5945) on the Senate Ed Committee. Ask him to LISTEN to the MANY parents who want to be fully informed on these surveys.

Here is a copy of a survey given to students in middle school last year:

Talking points:
1) Respectfully discuss your concerns about surveys given to children in our schools
2) The Senators received a large number of e-mails from parents requesting written consent from parents
3) This legislation supports local control in education because it’s the parents who will be notified and informed.
4) How can they disregard the large number of parents who showed up to the hearing in support of HB206 WITH a written consent amendment
5) They should not be protecting company profits for survey companies but supporting parental rights

PARENTAL RIGHTS should be upheld by our elected representatives, not undermined!!! CALL TODAY
You can also call this number and leave a message for the Senate Education Committee members: Phone: 271-3091

The RADICALIZATION of New Hampshire Teachers and Children

We’ve been warning about the Obama redesign in public education taking place in our New Hampshire Schools. There is a fundamental shift from public schools focused on literacy through a liberal arts education, to a workforce development model. This model has been the goal of Marc Tucker since he wrote his letter to Hillary Clinton.

This is the dumbing down of public education from one that focused on educating the child so they would be able go in a direction of their choosing, to training human capital for the workforce.

This has been a goal for many years and certainly started with prior reforms that were put in place by the U.S. Department of Education.

It’s important to remember, these education reforms do NOT focus on literacy. That is why it’s important to know who is involved and what they are doing in our New Hampshire Schools.

We’ve called attention to the Nellie Mae Grants that are coming into schools like Pittsfield.

Organizations like Annenberg, funded in part by the Gates Foundation, come into our schools to help radicalize students and teachers. They offer grant money through the Nellie Mae Foundation to greedy Superintendents who care more about money than they do your children.

If you are a parent in Pittsfield, here’s a suggestion. Send a “Right to Know” request to your Superintendent and ask him for ALL of the paperwork they had to submit to receive grant money from Nellie Mae. Then look at what your school has to do in order to get that money.

Are the parents calling the shots? NO. Parents are not asking for the teaching methods Nellie Mae requires. Are the school board members calling the shots? NO.

Keith Catone came into the Pittsfield Schools and the Manchester Public Schools but we wonder how many parents know how he wants to radicalize your teachers and children. Annenberg and Catone do not promote reading the classics, mastering math facts, etc. Instead they want to push radical political agendas.

Screen Shot 2015-04-06 at 6.53.45 PM

Catone who came out to speak to the parents in Pittsfield a while ago, failed to mention his personal goal of radicalizing teachers and students. He didn’t mention how Annenberg focuses on political agendas like “equity and social justice” versus LITERACY.

In the abstract it says:
Drawing from a larger portraiture study of four teacher activists connected to a grassroots teacher organization called the New York Collective of Radical Educators (NYCoRE), this paper sheds light upon teacher activism by primarily addressing the following question: How do teacher activists understand and explain the development of their approaches to teaching and activism? In becoming teacher activists, each of the participants in this study experiences sharp moments of apprehension about her reality and her ability to change it. From these moments, they derive their own purpose for what they do as teacher activists. Their identities as teacher activists are deeply autobiographical, drawing upon their pasts to give shape to their purpose in the present.

Is this what the NH DoE wants for our public schools? After all, the NH DoE is accepting Nellie Mae grants too.

Let’s look at this organization called New York Collective of Radical Educators (NYCoRE) Do you think that maybe they care about your child’s academic education? We WISH.

No they are a radical political organization focused on radical political agendas through curriculum development in YOUR schools.

When Manchester or Pittsfield invites Annenberg radicals to work closely with the administration or teachers, parents take note. Their focus is not on making sure your kids are reading at grade level or mastering math facts.

No, this is what they want your school to focus on:
Screen Shot 2015-04-06 at 7.05.18 PM

Screen Shot 2015-04-06 at 7.06.12 PM

Screen Shot 2015-04-06 at 7.07.05 PM

Screen Shot 2015-04-06 at 7.08.31 PM

All of this can be found by going directly to their web site.

The radicalization of students in the New Hampshire public schools is coming directly from Annenberg (think ACORN) and through the NH Dept. of Ed.

It is the Governor who sets the agenda for public education in this state. It is Governor Hassan’s department of education that continues to facilitate the dumbing down of our public schools.

If parents want their schools to go back to focusing on the basics and return to math that is logical and makes sense, then it’s up to them to speak up.

Governor Hassan is failing the students in New Hampshire and until parents demand better, the focus will be on dumbed down workforce training and radical political indoctrination.

What can you do to stop the radicalization and dumbing down in New Hampshire Schools?

1) Call Governor Hassan and tell her to STOP Common Core & STOP the Obama redesign workforce model through Competency Based ed: (603)271-2121

2) Tell your local NH State Representatives and Senator to STOP all of this in our schools and stop using our children as political pawns

3) Work to elect local board members, and other political legislators committed to literacy and academic excellence in our schools.

4) Keep this issue in front of presidential candidates as they visit New Hampshire. Ask them if they support or oppose Common Core in our Schools.

5) File “Right to Know” requests and look at the grant money flowing into your school.

6) Attend local school board meetings and demand better quality academic standards for your school.


NH Democrat Representative Disparages Parents Who Contacted Him With Their Opinions On Common Core

This video is going viral and it SHOULD. It’s bad enough that parents are frustrated by the Common Core aligned curriculum that is destroying any chance at their child’s future in a math field. But now we have a New Hampshire State Representative bothered by parents who contact him and exercise their voice in this democratic process.

SB101 passed the New Hampshire Senate and was recently brought before the New Hampshire House Education Committee. Parents from around the Granite State mobilized by e-mailing the Committee members and testifying in support at the hearing.

There was overwhelming support by parents in favor of SB101 which would prohibit the state from requiring implementation of common core standards. Why? Because parents are fed up with these new academic standards in math and English.

This petition already has almost 1500 signatures calling for the end to Common Core in NH.

Where are all of those parents who want Common Core? No where to be found.

Parents are trying to work for better standards in their local schools only to be told they have no choice but to use them because they are mandated by the state. Parents are then told by the NH DoE that Common Core Standards are “voluntary.”

SB101 clarifies; “This bill prohibits the department of education and the state board of education from implementing the common core standards in any school or school district in this state.”

Schools are still free to use Common Core, however schools can adopt better quality standards instead.

This is available right now which is why Wakefield’s School Board rejected the problematic Common Core standards in favor of the higher and better OLD Massachusetts standards.

By placing this language into statute, there is no confusion and adds clarity to this mess we have in NH.

Today the House Education Committee debated and discussed SB101. During this discussion, Representative Mel Myler from Merrimack District 12 made some shocking comments regarding the parents who contacted him asking for his support.

We remind you of the smiliar comments made by Commissioner Barry about a year ago when HB1508 was brought before the House Education Committee. New Hampshire Commissioner Barry described parents as, “SMALL, LOUD and CONFUSED.”

We can also look at past comments from the U.S. Secretary of Education, Arne Duncan who also patronized moms who opposed Common Core as, “….white suburban moms who — all of a sudden — their child isn’t as brilliant as they thought they were and their school isn’t quite as good as they thought they were…”

We’ve got news for the elitists who think they know better than parents, we do know what we are talking about and we still don’t like Common Core.

Rep. Myler’s comments have gone viral now and only add to the problem we are seeing from this top-down approach to education reform. Those who continue to force this on schools marginalize parents who now have to deal with this mess at their kitchen table.

We encourage all New Hampshire residents to call Rep. Myler or send him a respectful e-mail letting him know what you think of his remarks.
Home Address:
PO Box 82
Contoocook, NH 03229-0082
Phone: (603)746-5294

The good news is, SB101 did PASS the House Education Committee. The majority HEARD what the parents said and voted YEA. See the photo below to see how the committee members voted.


Common Core Not Required Per NH House

Under bill approved by House, school districts not required to adopt Common Core

State House Bureau

CONCORD — Local school districts do not have to adopt Common Core education standards under a bill the House approved Wednesday.

House Bill 276 would allow local school boards to adopt their own standards that meet or exceed the state’s adopted standards without approval from the state board of education, according to bill sponsor, Rep. Rick Ladd, R-Haverhill.

He said the state board approved the Common Core standards which makes them the state standards. He said federal money supports testing associated with Common Core, but local school districts can decide on their own assessment testing as long they can show their students are proficient.
But Rep. Mary Heath, D-Manchester, said there is no need for the bill because the state board and the Department of Education do not require local school districts to adopt Common Core.

See more at:

Demand Passage of SB 101

The NH Senate Education Committee just voted to ITL (kill) SB 101, a bill prohibiting the state from requiring the implementation of common core standards.

It’s time to contact your NH State Senator and demand that the Senate PASS SB 101 to openly acknowledge that Districts do NOT have to adopt Common Core State Standards.

Districts may adopt their own standards like Manchester and Wakefield school boards have done.

Constitutionally there is no requirement to adopt any federal standards to begin with. So why is this bill even needed? School superintendents who possess courage and conviction would just say NO to this illegal federal intrusion!

Who Are They Kidding?

Do these public officials think we’re stupid?

Tom Raffio, Chairman of the State School Board, and person who swears he sees no political indoctrination going on in the state’s public schools, objects to this proposed law.

Common Core optional? So why does Raffio object?

A proposed state law making the Common Core school curriculum optional for each school district is unnecessary, claims state Education Board chairman Tom Raffio. Because, he says, the state isn’t requiring it now.


Then why does Manchester, for one example, complain regularly about being threatened with the loss of federal funding if it doesn’t abide by a testing program that is very much tied to Common Core? These are federal (meaning taxpayer) dollars, but the threats have been coming from the state education department bureaucrats that Raffio’s board ostensibly overseas.

Read more…

WARNING NH: Governor Hassan is about to dumb down Science Education

Dumbing down Math and English wasn’t enough for Governor Hassan and the NH Board of Education.  They are now on the verge of dumbing down the science education in our public schools too.

Governor Hassan put together a Committee to advise her on STEM education.  This committee was set up to simply hand her directions to adopt the NATIONAL Next Generation (Think Common Core for Science) Science Standards.

Not only is she FOLLOWING the Obama Administration that is forcing dumbed down Common Core Standards on our children and schools, she is going to push through (and we expect the NH BOE to rubber stamp this one) the Next Generation Science Standards.

IT is CRITICAL that you read through the following information.  Make sure you educate yourself again on WHY this is NOT good for our children and OUR schools.

Then we urge you to contact Governor Hassan and the members of the Board of Education and tell them to STOP pushing dumbed down standards on our kids.

IT’s time for Governor Hassan to DO HER JOB and develop QUALITY state standards that put our children and our schools FIRST.
Email Governor Hassan:
Email NH Board of Education:
Send a copy to the Members of the House:
Send a copy to your State Senator:

Read through these: