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TED CRUZ’S Proposed S 306: How Does It Work?

by Anita Hoge

His Scary Federal Education “Choice” as a Civil Right, His Fake Repeal of Common Core, and His Phony Support of Homeschools Revealed

PROBLEM: Ted Cruz forces Common Core onto every private, religious, and homeschool in his proposed S 306 with Federal Choice (which is NO choice at all).

Please read:

Supporters of Ted Cruz have been blinded by his words. Study what he has written. When one makes the comment, “…the first time that a private school takes a penny of federal money, those federal strings come along with the federal dollars (IDEA, Section 504, Title I, Title IX, etc.). It is those federal programs that force private schools to lose the very reason they are private,” it shows they have little insight into the entire agenda.

With S 306 a private school does NOT accept “federal dollars,” they accept the “federal child.” The money “follows the child.” When an ESA is packed full of government money in a scholarship or voucher, the word government is erased from the money when it is handed to the new school of choice that enrolled the federal child…it just becomes money that is transferred from parent to school…it’s about the child. So the real agenda totally escapes some. A private or religious school must accept the “federal child.” All federal kids have the availability to move to a new school. This is the Title I civil rights and eliminating the “zip code” issue that both Obama and Ted Cruz talk about.

But, ESSA is the federal monitoring machine that enforces “public school choice” accountability for the government’s investment. That ESA money pays for more than tuition to go to the school of your choice. It also pays for “direct student services” which follow and stick to the federal child with the money right into that private or religious school. Title I identifies the child to move to any school. IDEA identifies the child for psychobabble intervention services. This is what “follow the child” means. Common Core standards are for individual children that also “follow the child.” It’s the law of the land. It may not be legal, but the legislation was passed. Many people miss that control. That’s why the NCES state longitudinal data systems/data mining/data sharing/FERPA fiasco created the unique national ID…to monitor know, “follow the child” right into the workforce. Cruz supporters are blinded by their candidate. Read Pennsylvania Moratorium on Data:

What about homeschools? We didn’t see mention of that section of Cruz’s bill.

As far as all of the other candidates running for president, you believe that Cruz is the one who believes they will stick to the Constitution. I believe otherwise. You better read through ESSA and take better notes on the state sovereignty issue and then study what Cruz plans to do. No one has explained more precisely than Barack Obama and Ted Cruz what they will do to our Constitution. Cruz explains in S 306 how he plans to do that. No other candidate has been as clear as to what their motives truly are. Ted Cruz wrote it like he meant it. Control.

Other candidates have shown their willingness to do the same, just not so blatant: all governors know the agenda, so that eliminates Christy, Jebbie, Kasich. They are all part of the agenda. Fiorina is part of the data mining federal government machine. Rubio leans toward choice, vocational Ed and charters. Carson, supports choice. Trump same thing. But Common Core and Choice are buzz words. We have no idea what these last three will do to uphold the Constitution and protect our future as Americans. But if they knew about Cruz’s agenda, would they support the same thing?

I can tell you what I do know. I do know that S 306 was written by a traitor.
S 306 was written by an establishment insider. That insider is Ted Cruz.

Re-read the last few paragraphs of my small article on Ted Cruz again, again, and again. It’s hard to retract something as blatant as Ted Cruz’s openness to do away with Representative government and say he’s for the Constitution.

PS: Cruz just wrote a bill that gives DC scholarships to ALL children. What do you think of that? Is this the first pilot for per pupil expenditures with Title I portability in ESSA?

John Kasich, Rolling Over for the Feds, Obama

John Kasich
Rolling Over for the Feds, Obama

On education, on child and family privacy, and on standing at the constitutional line against federal intrusion, Gov. John Kasich has a poor record.

• Kasich is an unapologetic cheerleader for the low-quality, highly defective Common Core Standards pushed onto the states by President Obama. Among other defects:
o Common Core English standards dictate a severe reduction in classic literature in favor of dumbed-down “informational texts” and even fail to provide for the teaching of cursive writing.
o Common Core math locks children into a slowed-down progression that, by 8th grade puts them over a year behind their peers in high-performing countries. Furthermore, it fails to prepare them for studies in science, technology, engineering and math, and fails to prepare them for admission to competitive public and private universities.

• Kasich falsely argues that the Common Core Standards were “written by local school districts,” a statement that has been rightly criticized as incorrect.
o The official list of the Common Core Standards writers includes several testing company representatives and members of special interests groups. It does not, however, contain a single person from the state of Ohio.

• Rather than discussing the substance of the Common Core, Kasich’s response is to ridicule the large and active anti-Common Core grassroots operation in Ohio, even though only 26% of Ohio voters support Common Core.

• On the issue of student privacy, Kasich has exploited, not protected, students and families in Ohio. He created a $250 million fund to provide grants to various educational groups for the creation of the Straight A Fund. Unfortunately, the 350 school districts participating in the program are required to share extensive amounts of personally identifiable data. The Data Sharing Agreement offers no safeguards stating, “[the] School District may disclose Personally Identifiable Information from an Education Record of a student or parent without consent if the disclosure is to organizations conducting studies for, or on behalf of, educational agencies or institutions to improve instruction.”


Agreement for Sharing Data by and between the Ohio State University and Local School Board-

Chris Christie LIES!!!

We almost fell off our chairs when we heard Gov. Chris Christie say that Common Core has been eliminated in New Jersey. Does he think parents are complete idiots? It sure seems like it.

We have many examples of states and schools re-branding their “state and local” standards but upon closer examination, the standards pretty much mirror the Common Core standards. This is done as a way to fool parents into thinking the governors or superintendents listened to them.

This is what was done in Indiana under Governor Pence and in Manchester, NH under Superintendent Livingston. They tell parents who are angry and want superior standards that they’ve heard them but the final product shows that parents were patronized and ignored.

Now we have Governor Christie, during a national debate, trying to tell us that they eliminated Common Core in New Jersey? He’s again, playing parents like they are fools.

New Hampshire bureaucrats tell us that schools can use whatever standards they want but then the NH Dept. of Education forces them to use the Common Core Smarter Balanced Assessment. That’s like saying, you can choose any color car on the lot but when you walk out there, you notice they are all red.

What they say is meant to mislead you. But Governor Christie underestimated New Hampshire voters because we look past the political lies and jargon. No Governor Christie, under your tenure children have been subjected to inferior academic standards because you’ve failed to lead your state to quality education reform.

New Hampshire parents are looking for real leadership, not a follower of Obama education reforms.

Our suggestion? Go back to New Jersey and fix the mess you created. Stop trying to fool New Hampshire parents into thinking you’ve done anything to free up the public schools to use quality standards and tests.

If we can’t trust the candidate now, how can we trust them when they are elected?

For more information we encourage you to look at this:
Gov. Chris Christie’s curious plan to dump the Common Core — but keep the Core test

N.J. could keep nearly 85 percent of Common Core standards

Fact check: Is Common Core “eliminated” in New Jersey?

Chris Christie: ‘We Got Rid of Common Core in New Jersey’

NH Candidate for Governor Chris Sununu, Opposing Common Core

It’s great to see Governor candidates running in New Hampshire making sure voters know they oppose Common Core.

Governor Hassan has disappointed too many NH parents. She’s ignored teachers and hasn’t sit down to listen to her constituents.

It’s important that you let Executive Councilor Chris Sununu know you are grateful that he’s hearing the parents and teachers in New Hampshire.


The Election Results Are In…..It’s NOT Good For Common Core

Rich Girard won a seat on the Manchester School board along with Lisa Freeman. Both are new to the board and outspoken critics of Common Core. They support parental rights and will challenge the status quo.
Parents in Manchester need to stay informed and keep speaking up!!

Doris Hohensee and Howard Coffman both won seats on the Nashua School board too. Doris has been a vocal activist fighting the Common Core reforms and supporting parental rights in NH. Coffman and Hohensee are new to the board and that is GREAT news for the students and parents in Nashua.

While many parents have pulled their kids out of the public schools over Common Core, we continue to encourage them to stay in the game. Keep fighting for a better education for all kids in your district and throughout New Hampshire.

Congratulations to these newest board members and those who were re-elected with the intention to serve the children INSTEAD OF THE BUREAUCRACY!!!!!


IMPORTANT election coming up on November 3rd.
We have compiled a list of School Board candidates to VOTE for! (SEE BELOW)

Richard Girard has done more to educate the public on the problems with Common Core and support parental rights. He is a leader in the community on this issue and is running for the “At-Large” seat.
PLEASE visit his web site and VOTE for Girard.
Please share this information with your friends, neighbors or anyone
else who lives in Manchester.
Richard Girard – at large
JoeLaChance – at large
DebLangton – Ward 2
Ben Gamache – Ward 3
Mark Flanders – Ward 4
LisaFreeman – Ward 5
Larraine Lencki – Ward 6
RossTerrio – Ward 7
JimmyLehoux – Ward 8
Christine Duffley – Ward 12

Note: These are contested races

EXPOSING Christopher Stewart, former Board of Ed member in Manchester

We’ve received NUMEROUS complaints about former Board of Ed member Christopher Stewart when he opposed parents in Manchester who vocalized their opposition to the Common Core Standards. Parents throughout the city attended school board hearings demanding better academics for their children. It was the best example of democracy in action for the children, one could hope for.

How did Christopher Stewart respond? By voting against the parents and maintaining the dumbed down Common Core standards for his school district.

Now Stewart has moved on to another Obama initiative, early childhood education. In other words, Obama wants the taxpayers to fund universal pre-school for all!! Stewart seems to be Obama’s man to get that done in New Hampshire.

Recently Stewart, along with his colleague Meryl Levin who are co-chairs of the Don’t Wait. Educate wrote an article in the Manchester Union Leader calling upon local candidates to sign a pledge supporting this tax initiative.

They refer to studies by saying, “Studies show kids without access to quality early learning programs fall further and further behind as they move through school. They have an increased probability of behavioral issues in class. They are more likely to live in poverty or commit crimes in adulthood.” – See more at: However they provide no studies to back up their claims.

Many children who attend pre-school in New Hampshire enter the public school system only to fall behind the longer they attend public school. If you look at the past standardized test scores, you will see that children in the early grades tend to score higher than the children in the higher grades. In other words, the longer a child remains in the New Hampshire public school system, the further they fall behind. (Source: NECAP standardized test scores)

What did Stewart do when parents in Manchester came to him and asked that the Board vote to develop higher and better quality standards? He voted against them.

How can anyone take him seriously now?

Why is he focusing attention on early education when there is sufficient data that shows early childhood education isn’t effective?

The United States Department of Education called for independent studies on early childhood education. In both of these studies, early childhood education was not effective on student outcomes. Stewart failed to share this information in his article.

Now his organization is targeting candidates who are not foolish enough to jump on his tax and spend bandwagon knowing that with limited resources available, maybe it’s better to invest in fixing our k-12 public schools in Manchester. The district he didn’t support as an elected member of the board.

Who really supports public education? The board member trying to tax you so you pay for a program that has no proven success ? Or the good people who wanted to uplift all children, k-12, in the Manchester school district?

We want to make it clear that we do NOT oppose pre-school for children. In fact, if this is something that a parent feels is good for their child, we stand behind those parents.

However there are many children who do not need to be forced into a pre-school program because Obama and Stewart think a comprehensive approach to pre-school is necessary for all children.

Let parents decide what’s good for their kids.

If Stewart wants to help the children in attend pre-school, why not look to fundraising efforts? Why try to force candidates to support a comprehensive tax and spend policy that has NO track record of actual success?

Obama wants universal pre-school because that is part of the Common Core agenda. Children are now considered human capital for the workforce and getting them into early childhood education is a must. It’s in their literature.

Don’t be fooled by another big government, tax and spender like Stewart. His track record on the Board of School Committee speaks for itself. If he really cared about the quality of education our children deserve, he would have voted in support of the parents.

Hate Common Core? NH has a chance to tell the Chief Architect

We are wondering why two Republicans on the House Education Committee, Rep. Rick Ladd and Terry Wolf, are joining Democrat Rep. Mary Gile, to bring one of the chief architects of Common Core to New Hampshire WITHOUT any critics to counter his propaganda?

If the two Republican Representatives have joined forces with Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders on this important issue, maybe it’s time for them to share that information with the rest of us!

We HIGHLY ENCOURAGE ALL PARENTS, TEACHERS, and ANYONE else concerned about the erosion of local control and the problems with “Common Core,” to ATTEND THIS MEETING.

The House Education Committee invites colleagues in the House and Senate to a day of continuing education entitled “Education Through an International Lens,” to be held Tuesday, November 10th at 9:00 a.m. in LOB rooms 210-211. Speakers will include Dr. Julie Bell, Education Program Director for the National Conference of State Legislators (NCSL), and Mr. Marc Tucker, President and CEO of the National Center for Education and the Economy. Dr. Bell will offer a brief introduction to NCSL and their rationale for a major study on international education. Mr. Tucker will provide an overview of how other industrialized countries compare to the U.S. on various indicators of student achievement, including educational standards, assessments and accountability, time and learning, funding and equity and teaching policy. A panel representing N.H. educators and businesses will follow.
HOSTED BY Reps. Rick Ladd, Mary Stuart Gile, and Terry Wolf

WE ALSO ENCOURAGE YOU TO READ the following articles about Marc Tucker to familiarize his positions on education reform. For instance, his support for ELIMINATING local control in education. Something New Hampshire prides itself on. (Dr. Sandra Stocky replies to Marc Tucker’s last visit to NH: Liar Liar Pants on Fire)

PARENTS need to write the three legislators and ask them WHY they would not invite Dr. Stotsky to this presentation given her close proximity to New Hampshire. Dr. Stotsky who is a resident of Massachusetts has visited New Hampshire many times to offer an expert analysis on the problems with the Common Core standards. Or Dr. Duke Pesta who has also traveled to New Hampshire on many occasions to bring parents critical information on Common Core.

Why would they not want to offer the audience critical information on this education reform? What are they hiding and why are they attempting to keep our elected representatives IN THE DARK on this issue?

ALSO send an e-mail to the State Representatives and Senators and let them know they represent YOU. It’s WRONG to ask YOUR elected representatives to attend a propaganda session with NO balance on this important issue.,

Craig and Arnold prove to be a disappointment in their race for Mayor in Manchester

On September 9th, 2015, the Manchester Education Association hosted a forum for candidates running for Mayor in Manchester. Mayor Gatsas was unable to attend due to a prior commitment. The candidates who did attend were asked questions on education, drug addiction, and other important issues.

Patrick Arnold, Joyce Craig, Alibaba Shaikh and Glenn Ouellette took questions and answered how they would govern as Mayor if elected to that position.

There are many issues in public education that are important however the BIGGEST issue right now is the Common Core reform. This federal reform involves eroding local control in education, data mining on students, mediocre academic standards, and a shift away from academic excellence to workforce training.

As we watched this forum we were surprised by the lack of questions that targeted the federal reform taking place in the Manchester school district. Based on the answers coming from some of the candidates we were also surprised by the lack of concern from them too.

The federal reforms are driving big problems in the Manchester schools as we’ve heard from not only parents but the Manchester teachers too. While there were some good questions asked, we feel this was a missed opportunity to go in depth on what is driving the problems students, teachers and parents are facing in the district.

1) Over testing to meet the mandate of the Common Core “Smarter Balanced Assessment”
2) Revised Manchester Academic Standards that are basically the same as Common Core
3) Personal data collected on students
4) 21st Century Skills or competencies that take away time spent on mastering the academic content.

During the discussion, Glenn Ouellette hit on some important points when he talked about the big problems with the federal mandates. However we noticed the other candidates never really addressed this problem.

Where are the problems coming from in public education and what can be done to alleviate those problems?

Patrick Arnold began by talking about why he was running for Mayor and mentioned that education should be a priority but he felt it was not a priority right now. He talked about leveling the playing field but what does that mean? Does that mean uplifting the children who need it and how does he plan on doing that? He didn’t offer any specific plans. Often times that can mean bringing those who are successful down versus uplifting those who need extra help.

Arnold did manage to take shots at Gatsas during this forum but offered no real plan to fix the problems. Maybe we are supposed to just trust that he can do it better even though he offered no real solutions to the problems that exist.

For instance, we know from the Manchester teachers that the over-testing is a real problem in the classroom. We’ve heard a real problem and yet, not only did he fail to acknowledge that problem, he offered no solution. His solution was to use the pulpit to “inspire and communicate” to the city of Manchester that there is “opportunity.” This was his solution to children of color who are not taking higher level classes.

Arnold missed an opportunity to talk about the lack of quality curriculum in the classes and the over-testing that teachers have been talking about. Where does that come from? Reforms like No Child Left Behind and Common Core. If the district is not preparing students of color academically, then there is little opportunity for them to reach those higher level classes.

Joyce Craig said she was proud to lead the fight to override the Mayor’s veto on the teacher’s contract and that Manchester is not living up to it’s potential. She said Manchester needs a leader now. That’s true, the Mayor is a leadership position which makes us question again, where Craig was when parents were fighting for better quality standards than what Common Core was going to offer their children.

Leaders take on challenges for the right reasons. They don’t sit back and refuse to get involved.

Craig talked about every student deserving a quality education and as alderman she worked on the budget and full day kindergarten. Yet she was absent when people from all over New Hampshire attended the school board meetings pleading with the board members to reject the dumbed down Common Core standards. Craig managed to miss an opportunity to show real leadership for better quality academic standards for the students in Manchester.

When asked about how to get students of color in the higher level classes, Craig’s response was to get parents educated about the opportunities in high school. She wants to make sure every child has a clear understanding about their opportunities. She didn’t mention the lack of quality academic content that parents have been talking about for years. That can become the root of the problem for many students when trying to reach higher level classes. If they are not adequately prepared in the academic content, then the administrators in the district failed those students. It is the administrators who have aligned curriculum to dumbed down academic standards and it’s often times up to parents to fill in those gaps. If parents do not have the resources to fill in those gaps, students can and do fall behind. Unfortunately Arnold and Craig seem to have no idea where some of these problems originate and therefor lack solutions to fix them.

Craig said the most important thing in education is a great teacher in a classroom. We would agree with that statement, but when you tie that teacher’s hands through federal mandates and abusive testing practices, you’ve undermined that teacher’s ability to do their job well.

Alibaba talked about the need to make the kids and their parents self sufficient. He wants to make Manchester a sister city to Silicon Valley. His focus was on economic opportunity and talked about making sure immigrant children receive time to qualify for the higher level class.

Alibaba seemed to want to cut through the political posturing and find real solutions but we wonder how long it would take for him to figure out where some of the problems lie. He didn’t mention the biggest problems which are the oppressive regulations placed on the district through mandates that come from the federal reforms.

Glenn Ouellette right out of the gate talked about the failures of No Child Left Behind. He did not hesitate to talk about the problems that come from federal reforms and federal money.

On the question regarding children of color having access to higher level classes, Glenn said that if we teach what we are supposed to teach, everyone will have the same opportunity. This as a good point because it goes after the root of the problem. If Manchester students are receiving a quality academic education, the doors open for all students including students of color. That wont happen with Common Core standards and since the new Manchester Academic Standards almost mirror the Common Core Standards, we are concerned that those doors will remain shut.

Glenn brought up how the federal mandates may be costing the district MORE in the long run. For example, if the district takes in 20 cents per child and has to spend 50 cents per child to meet the mandates,it doesn’t make sense to accept the federal funding. Especially if those mandates do more harm than good.

Glenn said he opposes the federal education reforms like Common Core and the Smarter Balanced Assessment setting him apart from the other candidates on the stage who still haven’t figured out where many of these problems are coming from. The problems with teaching to the test when there are great teachers in the city shows just how convoluted education in Manchester has become.

Glenn Ouellette was the only candidate on that stage who showed up for every school board meeting speaking on behalf of parents in Manchester calling for superior academic standards. He not only took the time to educate himself on Common Core, he showed the leadership the other candidates say is lacking right now. Candidates like Arnold and Craig who keep talking about a lack of leadership failed to show leadership on one of the most important debates in Manchester.

Parents in Manchester need to look past the political posturing when it comes to some of the candidates running for mayor. Money will not fix the problems in Manchester because we know where the problems exist. It’s easy to campaign on more funding for the schools but if these candidates ignore the root causes of the problems you will simply end up paying more for a poor quality of education.

As the election date moves closer, parents need to demand better solutions from some of these candidates. If not we fear taxes will increase but the status quo will remain the same. Demand something better from your next Mayor.

SEE ALSO: JOYCE CRAIG, Candidate for Mayor; Bad for Manchester?