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When Will Conservative Parents Stop The Madness of Common Core?

This video wastes no time getting at the details of Common Core and the general atmosphere and intent of education today where our students are being used as political mules. The speaker connects NGOs who control our government and compares it to what is happening in our schools.

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Ayers-Aligned Group Working in Pittsfield and Manchester

Residents of Manchester NH and Pittsfield NH…

Have you ever questioned why your town or city has allowed the William Ayers-aligned group Annenberg to infiltrate your schools? They once awarded Ayers and Obama a $49M grant to improve Chicago’s schools — how did that work out for you Chicago?

We thought Mayor Gatsas was a conservative. But apparently, unaware of this far-left leaning organization that seeks to change the political views of our students.

Keith Catone of Annenberg is involved in the Granite State Organizing’s Critical Race Theory

Improving education, or electioneering?

Group: Common Core standards violate Constitution

FORT JENNINGS — Members of the Putnam County Common Core group addressed Fort Jennings School Board members and spoke out against Common Core standards during Wednesday night’s meeting.

Lincoln Bramlage, Rose Stechschulte, Stephanie Stechschulte and Glenn Karhoff each explained their views and issues with the common standards, including: it’s funded by Bill Gates; the groups behind Common Core can be thought of as cartel; it promotes psychological damage in students; common core standards are not a curriculum; these standards are being repealed by states; there is a failure rate of two out of every three students; and it violates the 10th Amendment of the Constitution of the United States.

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Private foundations funded push for Common Core

By Margaret Sessa-Hawkins | Maryland Reporter

A handful of large foundations, including the Gates foundation, Carnegie foundation, Helmsley foundation and Hewlett foundation have collectively spent almost $300 million on the advocacy, development and implementation of the Common Core State Standards, analysis of the foundations’ grant reports reveals.

The breakdown of the grants shows that the Gates foundation has given out over $200 million, the Carnegie foundation $47.8 million, Helmsley $20 million, and Hewlett just over $15 million.

Other foundations, such as the Broad foundation, report giving extensively to organizations associated with the planning, development and implementation of the Common Core, but do not cite specific amounts contributed.

Duncan Appointed Despite Controversial Past

CONCORD — Bill Duncan will take his seat on the state Board of Education, despite an aggressive lobbying campaign against his appointment by charter school advocates, home-schoolers, Common Core opponents and the state Republican Party.

The Executive Council on Thursday confirmed Duncan in a 3-2 vote along party lines, with Democratic councilors Chris Pappas of Manchester, (the deciding vote) Debora Pignatelli of Nashua, and Colin Van Ostern of Concord supporting Gov. Maggie Hassan’s nomination of the education activist and former Executive Council candidate.

Unlike Duncan who supports Common Core, his opponents are actually the true “champions” of the public schools because they are for getting the corporations and foundations OUT OF THEM.

He is only too willing to hand educational matters over, illegally, to the feds and their corporate partners.

By claiming support of Charter Schools, Duncan is seen as a hypocrite when he promotes “public” education. Charters are corporately run but still use taxpayer dollars, and are still subject to state and federal rules. At the same time he claims to be for “public” education, he is in fact, supporting Bill Gates, Pearson and other corporate foundations and NGOs that have tried to set the standards and methods for teaching, and are getting wealthy from the monopoly while illegally data mining our children.

Most constitutional scholars, and we agree, challenge the idea that state school board itself is even a legal body under the NH constitution.

Read more… Councilors say flood of calls preceded vote on new education board member

Wealthy Leftist Extremist is Hassan Appointee to School Board

A wealthy leftist activist with extreme views was just appointed to the state school board by Governor Margaret Hassan of NH.

Bill Duncan, a wealthy retiree with absolutely NO qualifications to serve on a state school board, supports Common Core, and in doing so, sanctions and supports (apparently) the pornography and political bias contained within its curriculum.

Duncan is also the plaintiff in a lawsuit against the state for allowing the business tax credit program that allows poor children choice in education.

Public education is being destroyed by the likes of Duncan and his followers… If NH does not oust her radical governor, nothing will change.

Girard at Large weighed in this morning just before the vote, and with Sid Glassner.

“He brings nothing to the table”. ~ Sid Glassner on Bill Duncan

NGA Chair Gov. Mary Fallin Target of Campaign to End Common Core

The National Governors Association is a NON governmental body that had a lot to do with crafting and promoting Common Core. This should have been illegal.

American Principles Project, Eagle Forum, Concerned Women for America, Home School Legal Defense Association and several other grassroots conservative groups launched a campaign urging the Chair of the National Governors Association, Governor Mary Fallin (R-OK), to end the Common Core State Standards Initiative. The NGA, along with the Council of Chief State School Officers, are co-owners of the copyright to the Common Core.

NGA Chair Gov. Mary Fallin Target of Campaign to End Common Core

Who Is the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation?

The Charles Stewart Mott Foundation is funding the NH After School organization.

Some philanthropic foundations as different as Soros’s leftist Open Society Institute and the conservative Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation support projects that represent the intentions of their donors. But too many foundations pursues goals contrary to any reasonable interpretation of their founders’ intent. Surely that is the case with the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation.

How has this foundation changed?

In 2010 thirty percent of Mott grants—149 grants totaling $27.8 million—went to its division called “Pathways out of Poverty.” The Mott annual report describes one of these “pathways” in ways Saul Alinsky would have approved. The goal: “To enhance the power and effectiveness of the community–organizing field in order to strengthen and sustain the involvement of low–income communities in shaping their futures.” The objective: “Strong and effective community–organizing networks at the national, regional and state levels that foster community engagement and positive change in poor communities.”

The foundation devotes much of its resources to advancing these Alinsky-inspired community organizing groups. Among its grantees are the Center for Community Change (a whopping $15,947,700 since 1999); National Council of La Raza ($5,081,000 since 1999); the ACORN-affiliated American Institute for Social Justice ($4,297,500 since 1999); the National Training and Information Center ($4,165,090 since 1999); Pacific Institute for Community Organization ($2,900,000 since 1999); the Gamaliel Foundation ($1,785,000 since 1999); Local Initiatives Support Corporation ($740,000 since 1999); the Alinsky-founded Industrial Areas Foundation ($600,000 since 2000); Midwest Academy ($505,500 since 2000); and Interfaith Worker Justice ($150,000 since 2007).

Perhaps these foundations should be more closely examined before people sign on to their programs.

Read more: Charles Stewart Mott Foundation: From Community Service to Community Organizing

Why Are NH Republicans Supporting Left Wing Foundations in Our Schools?

We have just learned that the Mayor of Franklin NH Ken Merrifield is now associated with NH After School – NHAN

“NHAN is a statewide collaboration, funded in part by the Mott Foundation, created to foster and encourage the development and sustainability of high quality afterschool programming.”

Now look at Chicago’s Acorn

“Finally, we wish to acknowledge Christine Doby of the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation for her vision and leadership in this effort. Cris Doby and the Mott Foundation’s unwavering commitment to community organizing and to asking prescient questions about the impact of community organizing made this research possible.”

ACORN never went away, they just changed a few names but continue to work towards political activism and Progressive “social justice” in public education.

IF you do more digging, you’ll see that Annenberg is also associated with the Nellie Mae foundation. They are already doing damage in many NH schools Why? Because they push practices that lower student achievement and focus on community organizing vs literacy and academic excellence. You can look at their own materials and again, note that they reference Saul Alinsky and the end of page one.

Core Beliefs of Annenberg:

As a mission-driven organization, the Partnership stands behind the following core beliefs:

1. Every student deserves to be held to high expectations.
2. High-quality teaching and learning is every student’s right, every day.
3. A collegiate education must be an accessible and attainable option for every student who has earned a high school diploma.
4. Schools must model civic responsibility, social justice, and multicultural understanding.

Civic responsibility = political activism NOT civic academic knowledge:
Great Schools Partnership

Annenberg in NH schools: New England Secondary School Consortium