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Bedford Schools Have Bad Record of Notifying Parents

When it comes to controversy in the public schools, Bedford’s school district is the poster child.

Now there is increasing evidence that Bedford has had a very bad record of notifying parents about things such as the controversial sex survey recently in the news, as opposed to their attempts to notify parents about other less important item.

Listen more at Girard at Large.

More Fads, Less Learning

You can have ZERO qualifications to become a state school board member because you need only to be appointed by those you know in high places.

In fact, you can even be a FAILED school teacher to become Chairman.

Behold this pair who appeared on Girard at Large and who are promoting yet more fad learning with no data to back up the idea that it will promote college readiness or career readiness.

Listen at Girard at Large

Commentary from educational expert:

Here is what Bramante has been pushing in NH via competency based ed:

Nothing new or innovative. It’s workforce development via Competency Based Ed. that is based on the German education system and now pushed at the state and federal level via Marc Tucker.

Again, more of the workforce training vs focusing on literacy and academic excellence.

Nothing in this proposal addressed the fuzzy math program in the Manchester schools (Everyday Math) that continues to fail students in basic math. However Rich does bring up excellent points about how the basics are NEEDED first.

Shouldn’t Ms Livingston worry about what is going on INSIDE the classroom first, before they scoot them out into an internship?
This is workforce training.

SUGGESTION TO MANCHESTER RESIDENTS… get to your school board meetings!