Letter: Education Hijacked

Letter: Education Hijacked
Posted: March 04, 2016
by Deirdre Clemons, Naples

Most colleges promote anti-American, pro-Marxist themes.

However, unbeknownst to parents, education reforms over the last 40 years in K-12 have also shifted from teaching academics (basic facts and classical literature) to teaching “politically correct” concepts through social and emotional methods.

This explains why many who are 40 and under love socialism. It explains our low ACT scores (Florida is 45th of 50), and why we are not allowed to see Florida’s new FSA test. If parents saw the “test,” we would see that it does not measure academic knowledge; rather, it measures inculcation of desired attitudes and beliefs. It is an “education of equity” for a 21st century global society.

Common Core (aka Sunshine State Standards) was brought to us by Bill Gates and UNESCO through the National Governor’s Association (a lobbying group) and the Council of Chief State School Officers. In 2015, Congress passed the Every Student Succeeds Act, requiring UNESCO’s “universal design for learning,” a global “master curriculum” promoting globalism and “social justice” by using climate change to shape global citizens. To succeed, materials must demote American values, undermine the Constitution, and detach children from faith and family. (Representatives from 21 countries met in Dubai to discuss implementing Common Core in their countries also.)

This explains why our youth cannot answer questions about U.S. history or our republic form of government, yet join groups (Occupy Wall Street) so full of emotion, and yet so brainless (social/emotional learning). The “education experts” are in control, the same ones who love Marx and hate America’s Constitution, free markets, and Judeo-Christian foundation.

Education has been hijacked, at all levels, right under our noses.