The failures in Kentucky coming to New Hampshire next?

Warning to Representative Mary Gile (D) and the other Reps who think following Marc Tucker (the Common Core GURU) is a good idea. Take a look at what’s happening in Kentucky.

Representatives Mary Gile (D), Rick Ladd (R) and Terry Wolf (R) invited legislators to come and listen to Marc Tucker explain his vision for redesigning public education in New Hampshire. For some strange reason, a man with no track record of success appoints himself as an expert on education reform, and our representatives think he deserves a platform.

If they have no confidence in Commissioner Barry and Governor Hassan, then maybe they should take their complaints directly to them.

We’ve been following Kentucky for many years in order to report on their successes and failures. Being one of the earliest states to implement the Common Core reforms, Kentucky has one of the longest records to analyze. AS we predicted, the outcomes are not good.

Early results of Common Core in Kentucky show little success. Who has been cashing in on this reform in Kentucky? National Center on Education and the Economy. (NCEE) Marc Tucker’s consulting group.

Let’s not forget that consultants (or snake oil salesmen) have been in a position to cash in on education reforms. Think of the slick and sleazy used car salesman who shows you that shiny red car but never opens the hood so you could see the old and trashed engine.

These guys make a killing off of the taxpayers. Taxpayers would be wise to start combing through their school’s budget to see what they are paying consultants and ask why you are also paying six figure salaries to administrators.

NCEE has been cashing in the Common Core reforms. Marc Tucker was part of the Common Core development team along with test makers, all of whom would cash in on the latest education reform.

This has been a cash cow to the testing, technology and consulting industry. Crony capitalism would be an understatement.

Now let’s look at the results.

In Something Rotten to the Core they report, “If there is any place where Common Core should be soaring it is Kentucky, which has had more time to implement and adapt to the standards than any other state. But a batch of results released earlier this year indicates that students are not doing better in most grades — and in some cases even worse.”

While Marc Tucker makes a killing off of taxpayers, we have to suffer with the dumbed down Common Core standards and dumbed down Competency Based Model. This is all done for greed and profit. This reform has benefited corporate elites who have used their political influence like an oligarchy.

Is Marc Tucker’s DISASTER coming to New Hampshire Next