SAU 47 Jaffrey / Rindge Cooperative School District: Here Comes A Survey

The NH DoE continues to push schools to administer non-academic surveys to your children.
This survey will be given May 6th – It is the Youth Risk Behavior Survey and it is given every two years.

Below is the letter that was mailed to parents this week which explains the survey and provides the parental opt out form.
The survey was not provided to parents but we’ve included a link to the survey so parents can see what will be asked of their children.

If you Google “YRBS NH” you will get all kinds of information regarding the survey.

Non-academic survey

Students have been known to add their name/unique pupil identifier number to these surveys.

The information gathered can identify the child taking the survey.

NO information is given on where all of this data will go or how long it’s stored.

NO information is given on the programs that will come from this survey and whether the programs are effective. ie…where’s the PROOF that programs from the CDC are effective at reducing risky behavior? Often times they are not effective at all.