WARNING to PARENTS: NH House Ed Committee Votes AGAINST Parental Rights


HB303 would have put into statute a law that would prohibit dispositional testing and written consent for psychological treatment.  The MAJORITY voted YEA to KILL this important legislation.  (See above picture to note who voted YES to KILL your parental rights)

HB303 goes to the full NH House this week for a vote.  It’s important to write the House Representatives and tell them to OVERTURN the Committee recommendation to KILL this BILL.

Parental rights are NOT being upheld and it’s important for the Representatives to vote AGAINST the Committee Recommendation to KILL HB303

VOTE AGAINST the Committee recommendation to KILL (Inexpedient to Legislate) HB303
Parents should give WRITTEN consent before a school administrators performs a psychological assessment on YOUR children.

SEND the NH House of Reps. an email today: hreps@leg.state.nh.us