UN Agenda in Our Schools

There is nothing wrong with learning about water shortages and how to mitigate them, if you are planning on becoming an engineer who deals with that sort of thing.

But in middle school and high school, the UN influence is very clearly being promoted in Bedford: they seek to politicize the children and get them to serve the UN’s agenda and its Millennium Development Goals, their worldwide plan for wealth redistribution.

“Just because we don’t have a water shortage here in New Hampshire doesn’t mean that many parts of the world aren’t dealing with water issues,” said science teacher Heather Brunelle. “We tell them all the time, these are going to be the big debates of the next century, over water access, water rights, and the next big global wars will be over water access.”

The faculty hopes this newfound awareness their students have will have a lasting impact, and possibly inspire some to pursue the Peace Corps or other volunteer endeavors.

Volunteer endeavors? What about supporting ones self?

Education is no longer about being successful enough to support oneself, but how to intervene on behalf of private agendas, even those of groups who are NOT our government.

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