REFUSE the Smarter Balanced (Common Core) Standardized Assessment

Here is an article about the PARCC in NJ and how parents are just starting to wake up about the nightmare that is Common Core aligned standardized testing. The last paragraph states that the districts are required to have 95% of the student population take the test and the uncertainty of what the ramifications are if they do not meet that number.

We know that here in NH Commissioner Barry is trying to strong arm parents via the district administrations into thinking that refusing the test is not an option. We suggest sending a REFUSAL letter to your child’s school principal this week refusing the SBAT.

If you choose to NOT opt out, we HIGHLY encourage you to sit in on the classes as your children go through the testing.
We are hearing from teachers that the process is taking a real toll on SOME of the children and if your child happens to be one of those kids, you will at least have an option to step in at that point.