Gatsas and Raffio In Denial

Unfortunately Mayor of Manchester Ted Gatsas (who seems unaware of how his teachers are being trained) and State School Board Chair Tom Raffio (who denies there is any bias in public schools in NH) are either in cahoots or in denial about what is going on in the City of Manchester’s and Town of Pittsfield’s public schools.

These two locations have partnered with Annenberg Institute which isn’t pushing academics, but social justice, on our students as a valid mode of learning.

Annenberg is advertising this movie β€” Vision to Victory: An Education Roadmap for a New Mayor β€” which seems only to be the vision to victory of their socialist movement’s complete takeover of our country using our children as pawns.

If you live in Manchester or Pittsfield, ask the school boards there what they think they are doing?

Watch the trailer..

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