Hollis-Brookline Political Activists: Now Recruiting Students for Common Core Forum

Hollis-Brookline is now recruiting National Honor Society members to “volunteer” at the Pro-Common Core forum on the 16th which is also finals week.

The original e-mail states, “Mrs. Shanley is looking for help during the Common Core presentation”.  

Mrs. Maryanne Shanley is very involved with the School Board and Budget Committee and is also the HBHS PTSA President.

It makes you wonder who asked Mrs. Shanley to solicit National Honor Society volunteers for the Common Core event.

Adults should leave kids out of these political issues instead of using them as political pawns.

The voters have already spoken on this issue but it seems like a few of the Representatives and political operatives in the district can’t bring themselves to accept the will of the people.

——– Original Message ——–

Subject: Attention Seniors-to-be…..
Date: Fri, 6 Jun 2014 08:15:50 -0400
From: [Hollis/Brookline Student]
CC: Roy, Kristen kristen.roy@sau41.org
Hi everyone,
If anyone is looking for last minute hours, Mrs. Shanley is looking for help during the Common Core presentation on Monday the 16 from 7-9 to direct people to the auditorium, pass out cards, and such.  If you are interested please email me or Ben by Monday the 9.

[Signed by Hollis/Brookline Student]