Even Common Core math politicized

Of more concern than the program’s “academic inferiority,” the report said, is the National Council for Teachers of Mathematics’ “repeated goal of promoting politically charged themes of social justice in schools nationwide.”

“This approach often challenges children to change their political opinions to match those espoused by their teachers,” the report said.

An NCTM publication encourages math teachers to take a “sociopolitical turn” in their teaching style.

Radical math supporter Rochelle Gutierrez explains: “A shift toward focusing on social issues has allowed us to uncover the importance of students and teachers needing to belong to something larger and for changes in one’s identity to serve as evidence of learning.”

Common Core is a program of national standards created by Washington for all schools to follow. It is promoted in advertisements as “voluntary,” but the threat of losing federal funding makes it coercive, critics have said.

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